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PVC Greenhouse – DIY

PVC Greenhouse - DIY

Nick Tamble shows how to make a PVC framed greenhouse.

From the description:

Step by step construction of a 14 x 42 foot temporary greenhouse structure using PVC piping and recycled materials investment about $300 and 14 Man Hours of work. If you are considering a structure to start your vegetables in late winter, consider a PVC Greenhouse to get a jump on Spring!

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. 14 manhours is 1 man working for 14 hours, or 2 men working for 7 hours. There seemed to be at least 2 people on this job continouosly. Toward the end, I think I counted 6 people. Total manhours is the total number of hours worked by everyone who participated on this project. It appears, the greenhouse was built over a time span of 14 hours with multiple people involved. It would be more accurate to say that it went up in 14 hours with 2 to 6 people working on it at any given time,…or calculate everyone’s time and accurately report the man hours.

  2. Why don’t they run water through the main top center pipe, and drill some holes in the PVC for some watering heads, like in the grocery store produce section.

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