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Preppers are Crazy

Preppers are Crazy

sootch00 tells us that Preppers are Crazy, but not nearly as crazy as those who refuse to take any preparations. We live in a fragile civilization, dependent on others for our survival. Isn’t it time we took responsibility for our own needs? We need to be more self-sufficient, and less dependent.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. It’s ok for governments to be prepared for their eternal sustainability, but “preppers” are dangerous. Who’s dangerous ???

  2. I have come a long way. In the mid 90’s I rolled my eyes when I saw a prepper news reel, miltia. People are as asleep as I once was. Global propaganda. Before Russaia was over thrown 1917 Russia was with Americans helping us. The highjacked England held a grudge and still playing. I believe they are pittting white race against each other.

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