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Prepper Priorities – Most Need Adjusting

Prepper Priorities - Most Need Adjusting

The following video comes from VikingPreparedness, featuring Pastor Joe Fox. Joe was in the military, in Special Forces, and has lots of videos on his youtube channel. In this video he pushes everyone to store more food, not just for yourself, or your family, but for others.

Stewart Rhodes is always talking about having some extra food for others. It is a damn good idea, for you will be helping someone out, while at the same time you are making a friend, not an enemy. Guns and ammo are great, and necessary, but food (and potable water) are the means of survival.

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Shorty Dawkins


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  1. OK, let me get this straight. If I have 16 tons of food, I’m a prepper. Oh yeah, I have a bug out bag, and if I use it to bug out, the 16 tons of food is where?? And where in hades is one supposed to bug out to? The swamp over yonder? And your 16 tons of food is where?
    If every one else is bugged out, shopping shouldn’t be that hard. Go ahead, bug out, by the way, thanks for the vittles!!

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