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What the Poor Need to Consider When Prepping For CHAOS

What the Poor Need to Consider When Prepping For CHAOS

Something to ponder.

The folks who are poor, or just scraping by, who don’t have the financial wherewithal to buy lots of guns, ammo, food and gear, still have options, but they need to get their heads straight about what they can do. Pastor Joe Fox, of Viking Preparedness, has a good video for everyone to look at, for it takes a hard look at what very well might happen if the rule of law breaks down and groups begin forming into tribal clusters. Where do you fit in? Pause to consider how you will survive in a long-term breakdown situation. Will you form your own tribe? Will you join one? Or do you already have one (CPT?).

Those who have developed a CPT group will need to consider who they will allow to join them after things break down. What are the needs of the group? What sort of people will fit in?

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In the above video, Pastor Joe Fox talks of the following video: Tribes

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. The biggest thing missing in the largest (Communist, Socialist, Progressive, etc.) tribes is what?- God and Jesus Christ. Many of the colonies that later became states required elected officials to be Christian- why? Because true christians yield to a Being that loves them and all people and that that Being is the creator of all and all powerful. And most importantly, people of true faith are usually more trustworthy and reliable and possess courage beyond their own, naturally. Personally I have felt of God’s love for me and know without question that if we are on His side, our fate will be infinetly much better here and beyond. That being said, what should we look for in a leader- number one is a clear faith in that God and His son Jesus Christ. If we personally don’t have that faith, we are no better then the bad guys and getting any divine help from on high is pretty remote. So, first and foremost, we need a conviction that there is a God and Christ and that we need to be subservient to Him first. Organizing ourselves into groups should follow the same pattern as Jethro’s advice to Moses (Exodus 18: 13-27). This was a theocracy; the prophet Moses ruled over the people. In a democratic republic, the people pick leaders from the bottom up in a true representive form of government but the organization appears the same from the outside. Adding the element of a faithful populous, you might well have another city of Enoch, which was impenetrable from enemies from the outside not because there was fortifications all around the outside, but humble and fierce devotion to the commandments of God on the inside. If we ignore the counsel that the scriptures have profusely given us, our fate will be worse then the unbelievers for we had been given much– what have we done with that which has been given?

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