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Oregon Rep. Walden to stem prosecution of ranchers under federal terrorism statutes

The federal government, whose agencies regularly use prescribed burns – many of which spread accidentally and cause extreme damage to life and property – already enjoy the protections Walden extends to civilian property owners in HR 983.

by Marjorie Haun – March 8, 2017

United States Representative Greg Walden of Oregon has been a lone advocate for the rural interests of his state amid a forest of progressive politicians and radical special interest groups. During the so-called Oregon Standoff, when a group of ranchers protested the convictions of Dwayne and Steven Hammond under federal terrorism statutes in late 2015, Representative Walden took a courageous stand for property rights and balance in cases such as that of the Hammonds.

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The Oregon Standoff was not some random, ‘anti-government’ riot by right-wing extremists. It was a public demonstration against the unjust, overreaching, and cruel treatment of the Hammonds, and other ranchers in Harney County, Oregon, who, for decades, have been harassed, persecuted, and prosecuted by federal agencies. The 2015 sentencing of the Hammonds resulted from their past efforts to control overgrowth and noxious weeds on rangeland through the setting of prescribed burns, 2 of which accidentally spread onto nearby Bureau of Land Management (BLM)-managed land, doing little damage. Over-zealous federal prosecutors in the Obama Justice Department determined that the time previously served by Dwayne and Steven Hammond for accidental–and minor–damage to ‘federal property’ was insufficient. So, using federal terrorism laws to prosecute the father and son ranchers, the federal government opted to make examples of the Hammonds, and sent them back to federal prison to live out the remainder of their mandatory 5-years sentences.

On February 7, 2017, Representative Walden introduced a bill to ensure ranchers and landowners will be protected against such future overreach by the federal government.

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  1. Then the elites and powers at be in the government wonder why law abiding citizens and legal private militia’s are getting angry! Government has become to powerful and over reaching with unjust authority. The Federal Government has over stepped into Constitutional Rights.

  2. Why are the Hammonds still in prison? Walden needs to bring them to the attention of the DOJ to release them.

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