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Oath-Breaking Political Turncoat Flores Betrays Gun-Owning Florida Supporters

Oath-Breaking Political Turncoat Flores Betrays Gun-Owning Florida Supporters
New BFFs — meaning she has declared herself to be your enemy.

“In a stunning setback for gun rights supporters, Sen. Anitere Flores, one of the most powerful lawmakers in Tallahassee, declared on the very first day of Florida’s two-month legislative session that she likely would not support any of Steube’s 10 other gun bills, leaving them with little chance of moving forward,” the Sarasota Herald-Tribune reports. “I do not support having guns on campus, I do not support having guns in airports, I do not support having guns in school zones.”

In other words, she does not support the right of the people to keep and bear arms. She prefers so-called “gun free zones,” with prohibitions backed up by the force of law. And that’s curious, to say the least, seeing as how in the last election campaign, Flores’ opponent used her supposed “pro-gun” stance and National Rifle Association grade against her (the NRA Political Victory Fund website, accessible to members only, notes she was given an “A” rating).

It’s little wonder the state grassroots group Florida Carry, with members that supported her campaign based on her promises of fidelity to gun owner rights, has called Flores a “turncoat,” and noted she has been “hailed by Everytown’s ‘Moms Demand Action’ as their new anti-gun Champion in FL.”

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“In the above video, Sen. Anitere Flores (R-Miami) publicly questioned the true intent of the Committee Chairman and bill sponsor Greg Steube about SB-616 (Courthouse Firearms Storage bill),” Florida Carry advised. “She then went on to unleash an anti-gun diatribe declaring her intent to kill all other pro-gun bills in the Senate and to exact revenge on Sen. Steube should he allow SB-616 to be amended as it moves through the legislative process.”

There’s an even more important pledge Flores broke than pretending to be a supporter of gun owner rights, and that’s the oath of office she freely took, but evidently didn’t really mean.

Oath Keepers, by its bylaws, “is a non-partisan association,” and is officially constrained from making candidate endorsements. That does not mean oath-breaking politicians can’t be exposed for the treacherous poltroons they prove themselves to be, and I’m under no constraints as a contributor — on record as speaking for myself — from sharing a political strategy I recommend and would like to see more adopt.

When betrayed like this, gun-owning voters are chided by party apologists that the other candidate is really, really “anti-gun,” and pressured into voting for what they’re told is the”lesser of two evils.” By accepting that cowardly excuse, they truly are wasting their vote on someone who will have no reason to ever take them seriously again, and who will properly view them as gutless fools to be used. Worse, it sets an example where other politicians will see they can get away with betrayal at no cost if defense of principle becomes perceived as too risky. It actually encourages and makes inevitable further defections.

Better to take a loss on one seat, to target the enemy within and set the example for all others that if they cross us, they’ll be taken out.  It won’t take too many such object lessons to convince the rest in that party that they should behave themselves, if not out of principle than out of a sense of political survival.

I look at a self-serving and ambitious creature like Flores, and I’m not moved by reminders of all the “good” she may have done in the past and may yet do again.  The way I see it, a wife or husband may treat you right for the most part, but how many times are you going to put up with being  brazenly cheated on before you accept that it’s over, and that to stay would render you contemptible?

Put another way, would you go on patrol with a supposed brother in arms knowing that, based on results, every so often he will turn his gun on his buddies and shoot them in their backs?

That’s something Sen. Rene Garcia of Hialeah, who the Herald-Tribune article said “shared [Flores’] concerns,” might want to keep in mind. And it’s something Senate President Joe Negron, with an “A+” grade and endorsement from NRA, had better establish control over without delay.

UPDATE: TTAG reports she wants to be the next mayor of Miami, where she will not be dependent on the gun vote and it will suit her purposes to kiss up to the gun-grabbers. Ambitionmeans she wants to climb the ladder, and won’t want to stop there, so never forget.


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David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. Looks like TPTB paid her off too…You know they do own the money machine…They simply print it and buy people off…they’ve been doing it for generations now…

  2. a Miami republican now are those not diametrically apposing definitions that being Miami and republican. Just saying

  3. A few decades ago this woman would have been a candidate for tar, feathers, and a ride out of town on a rail. The people who are presently praising her had better watch their business. If she’ll do it for them she’ll do it to them. She’s proven that she cannot be trusted.

    1. Right on Woody….Im all for bringing back tar and feathers. How many of these crooked bastards would step out of line if they saw a few of their cohorts being tarred and feathered…?? Im serious..!! We really need to bring it back in a big way.

    2. “If she’ll do it for them she’ll do it to them.” – Well put Woody! Traitors betray; they betray everyone, regardless, because the only thing they care about is themselves and their own interests and agenda. They are power hungry and will stop at nothing to satisfy their lust for power.

  4. I hope that Sen. Anitere Flores, realizes that the next DEATH in a Florida “Gun Free Zone”, rests squarely on her shoulders! She probably ‘doesn’t care’…… as long as she can keep ‘climbing the ladder’!

  5. You must learn to recognize the enemy within 10 seconds.
    I’ve never seen this woman before but she is the kind that waits to be rescued.
    Who thought she would support a man or woman legally having a gun?
    Women, children & princess’s rule over you.
    Put HER in the back kitchen, she’s not even good for fronthelp.
    Yes dear, she’s a cafeteria worker only.

  6. “And it’s something Senate President Joe Negron, with an “A+” grade and endorsement from NRA, had better establish control over without delay.”

    David, I whole-heartedly agree. Senate President Negron has the authority to turn that ship around that Flores is trying to run aground. He outranks her. Does he really want to let her keep the helm and have pro-liberty bills sunk once again?

    If he does, the responsibility for that will be all on his shoulders. Was this a setup from the beginning to give cover to timid RINOs who only want to give lip service to us, but not go on record with an honest vote on the bills?

    Flores views it as a win, because she get to pick up the anti-gun vote in Miami for her future run for Mayor propped up by Bloombergian groups and money.

    Will Sen. Negron view it as a win to have these bills go down in flames again?

    Let’s hope he is a man of integrity, and that he will do the right thing.

  7. There seems to be LITTLE difference between Democrats and Republicans today. It is now US vs. the Establishment, those of both parties that have power and will do anything to get the and stay there.

  8. looks like the NRA should do a little more in-depth vetting of the people they give an A rating to…..

  9. If surrendering our inherent God-given rights of self-defense to unarmed TSA employees and school teachers makes us “safe” then eating butter, pancakes and bacon must make us skinny. She needs to be fed to the hogs and, if not, then the NRA needs to immediately rescind her A rating and change it to an F!

  10. The people in her district should declare no confidence in her and demand a new election. There should be a way to remove lying politicians from office.

  11. Evidently this latina thinks she has ALL the power. Time to show her. Primary her and vote her out of office. The mood of the ccountry is swinging back to the conservative side. So start educating the public as to what “gun free zones” mean. IE dead people
    Get rid of her and quickly.

  12. Just another example of a liberal running as a Republican and getting elected lying and cheating to everybody her days are numbered

  13. She is showing her ignorance. What is it about shall not be infringed upon that people like her can’t understand? She will cause gun violence from criminals to go up. When someone is put in a gun free zone they become a victim. Very sad I am glad I don’t live in Florida.

  14. When you join the service and take the oath and you violate your sworn oath, you are court martialed, stripped of rank and lose all benefits.
    Flores broke her oath….lets demand the resignation.

  15. Do to her what Colorado did to have a Re-vote for a new Senator and force her to resign[]Colorado’s was the Governor, who also lied about the same thing and he was re-voted out .You can’t tell people that you believe in something , just to get elected and then do the opposite, it’s against the law and ethics of the position.

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