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Mixed Verdicts on Malheur Protest Trial II

Each defendant was found guilty of at least one charge.

By Bret Roush

  • Count 1) Conspiracy to Impede Federal Officers by Threats of Force or Intimidation
  • Count 2) Carrying a weapon on Federal Property
  • Count 6) Depredation of Federal Property (Only against Jake Ryan)
  • Count 7) Depredation of Federal Property (Only against Duane Ehmer)

If the defendant was not found guilty on count one they could not be found guilty on count two.

Jason Patrick was found guilty on count one, but not count two.

Darryl Thorn was found guilty on counts one and two.

Duane Ehmer was found guilty on count seven.

Jake Ryan was found guilty on count six.

Before the judge returned to the courtroom, Darryl Thorn led the gallery (those that wished to participate) in the Lord’s Prayer.

Matthew Schindler tried to break the tension, “Who is getting tased?”.  US Marshals did not appreciate that bit of levity as one came back into the courtroom to remind everyone that no reactions were allowed.

It was stressed after that there would be no reaction to the verdicts being read, by Judge Brown and again by the courtroom guards.

All of the defendants were released pending sentencing on May 10th.

“This verdict changes nothing on the righteousness of the message.” -Schindler


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  1. Kangaroo Courts! Let’s not forget the fact that the federal government is not constitutionally allowed to own and control land, which was the premise of the protest. Article 1, section 8, clause 17. No statute or act can override this. Our government is rogue, treasonous and criminal, and “destructive to the people”. Sad day. Sadly, the very judge who swore an oath to defend the constitution stood against it and defended the employer, the US government who is breaking the law.

  2. People on Twitter and Facebook are blaming Trump for the verdicts and are now calling him a traitor and a tyrant of a police state because of his support of law enforcement. What do y’all think? I’m interested in hearing others thoughts on this.

    1. Actually these were federal arrests, federal charges, argued by federal prosecutors, in front of a federal judge. I don’t see how local law enforcement can be blamed for something the feds did. Blaming President Trump is even more bizarre. He hasn’t even been in office for two months! Some people are more concerned about their own agenda than the truth.
      I would ignore them.

  3. How is it that the first group was acquitted and this group gets charges. Wouldn’t that acquittal have been a precedent for these folks?

    1. They called in a “Jury Selection Specialist” to pick a sympathetic jury. They did so because of the first acquittal.

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