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Minute Man Series….Building a Fighting Position.

Minute Man Series....Building a Fighting Position.

If you plan to defend your retreat, you need to prepare some fighting positions. Southern Prepper 1 shows how he took a lot of scrap materials to create a fighting position at his retreat.

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Another fighting position to protect the retreat.

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Shorty Dawkins


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  1. I think I’m at a point where trying anymore seems useless. I’ve spent last 6 year preparing spending every penny on supplies not going to the movies or fun things with the family but making sure we have what we need in a shtf day. No one taught me how to prepare I did the best I could with the research and skills I had and did . I’ve trained my arse off. I’ve tried several times to move out of the crap hole of a state california. We moved to the mountains with the hopes that that would help but it doesn’t easy my stress any. The thing I now know is I should of bought property first then stocked supplies. And for us I’ve learned over the last 2 or so years people don’t really care. Example. All those people I know that don’t have to live in this shite hole of a state telling me get out now get out. Yet no one willing to truly help. Listen I work for what I get I don’t expect hand outs. But I’ve also learned or last couple years people really only care about their families. Here I am willing to risk my arse and life to protect people yet I don’t get it in return. Those of you who really live in good areas and have solid groups. Be thankful cause I lose sleep each night worrying about how to protect my kids and wife. Even knowing I’ve done the best I can to train my arse of put supplies and skills aside. . I’ve learned its easy for a lot of folks to say things if they haven’t or don’t have to be in certain circumstances.. Like I said had I had know what I know now I would of bought property first then stock piked supplies. But hine sight is always 2020. When you can’t build on a rental property and you realize your arse is grass and you will probably be over ran by the masses it sucks. And having to leave my family for months on end to try and earn enough to move out of state where even so called now friends don’t truly help it’s all a friggin joke. When the shtf starts those friends won’t be there if they are not really there now. Mind you let me say it again. I don’t want a hand out. I work for my stuff and my families things. I wasn’t raised to want freebies. But I guess it’s a handout if you expect a friend to be willing to put everything on the line if your willing and have done the same for them. Which I won’t do anymore… Like I said those of you who do have solid groups you can rely on and properties to get away from the dipshite masses be thankful… There’s those out there that wish they could just find a couple decent people… Not sure what to do at this point? Good luck great videos but can’t use a bit of the knowledge…

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