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MAINSTREAM – The documentary film by James Jaeger – Progress Report


How Hollywood Movies and New York Media

Are Promoting the Globalist Agenda

MAINSTREAM Progress Report
08 March 2017


MAINSTREAM - The documentary film by James Jaeger - Progress Report

Dear MAINSTREAM Associate,

We have been making good progress on the editing of MAINSTREAM and to this end I am happy to report that we are done with 16 out of the 25 chapters of the rough-cut. If you are unfamiliar with the term “rough-cut” here is the definition:

DEFINITION: A rough-cut is the first edit of a motion picture. Its purpose is to block out the major elements of picture and sound so that there is a clear continuity to the story line. In terms of documentary films, the major elements are the narration and the interviewee dialog track. Picture may accompany the interviewees, however the interviewee dialog includes many jump cuts. All these, as well as the black picture over the narration, will be covered with b-roll picture in the “fine-cut.” There is generally no music, sound Fxs, transitions, titles or special FXs in a rough-cut. Also, the sound has not been leveled or mixed and there is no color, brightness or contract correction in the rough-cut.

With this in mind, allow me to show you various chapters of the rough-cut, and you can see how MAINSTREAM – How Hollywood Movies and New York Media Are Promoting the Globalist Agenda is shaping up. Go to and you can screen all or part of the following chapters of the rough-cut:

Main Titles


Ch 1 – A Powerful Machine

Ch 2 – Glorious Beginnings

Ch 3 – Structure of the Mainstream Media

Ch 4 – Some More History

Ch 5 – The Paramount Case

Ch 6 – Insiders vs Outsiders

Ch 7 – Birth of the Control Group

Ch 8 – The New Hollywood

Ch 9 – Cultural Marxism Infects Hollywood

Ch 10 – Targeting the Family Unit

Ch 11 – Defamed Populations

Ch 12 – Movies Reflect Their Makers

Ch 13 – A Big Bad Corporation

Ch 14 – The Profit in Violence

Ch 15 – Just Go Away

Ch 16 – A Narrow Spectrum of Speech

Ch 17 – Collectivist Philosophies

Please bear in mind this screening is only for you – a small select group. We are not releasing this rough-cut to the general public. You are getting an early look because you have supported this production or our other productions.

If you like what you see, and wish to help us complete MAINSTREAM, I hope you will consider making a donation of whatever you can afford. Any sum will help and we will acknowledge your donation with a prominent screen credit in the titles of the completed motion picture. Just go to to donate and to get details on screen credits as well as instructions on how to donate by mail, check, MO, cash or anonymously.

As you are probably aware Donald Trump has been battling the Mainstream Media for over a year and this battle is all over the news ad nauseam. Bear in mind, we started developing the script for MAINSTREAM in March of 2015, at least 3 months BEFORE Trump even announced his candidacy for president.

In other words, this production is not FOLLOWING events in the Mainstream Media, it’s LEADING events in the Mainstream Media. And if you watch enough of the clips I have presented above, you will quickly see why.

MAINSTREAM gives the background for the events you see unfolding all over the current Mainstream Media. You will thus will see that this film will provide the public with the REASONS the Mainstream Media is the way its AND it will offer SOLUTIONS to the problem.

Thanks to you, our researchers and experts in MAINSTREAM, we are not only leading current events, some have suggested that the MAINSTREAM production has been leaking out into the public domain and actually stimulating current events. After all, I contacted, directly or indirectly, at least 20 major celebrities in the Mainstream Media and invited them to interview for this film. Don’t these people talk and gossip?

Those contacted include: Steven Spielberg, Mel Gibson, Clint Eastwood, Gary Sinise, Bill O’Reilly, Andrew Napolitano, Gary Oldman, Ben Stein, John Stossel, Michael Medved, Will Smith, Neil Gabler, Paul Haggis, Ralph Nader, Night Shayamalan, Sherry Lansing, Abe Foxman, Bill Donohue and others. All declined to be interviewed or ignored my request, in some cases multiple requests and requests in writing.

In fairness to these celebrities however, I must say, some on this list may never have received my invitation to interview. As we cover in MAINSTREAM, the industry is now controlled by agents, personal managers, lawyers, and other nasty business people who shelter their clients from any and all projects that the Mainstream Media CONTROL GROUP does not authorize. We cover all this in the documentary, especially chapter 15, “Just Go Away”.

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=”″]

Thus by helping us make MAINSTREAM, you will be providing a great service to all Americans – and even people in other countries who do not HAVE the right of free speech.

By supporting the production of MAINSTREAM you will also help guarantee that WE THE PEOPLE are more able to guarantee SPEECH that addresses the “power of the sword” (The Militia System) and the “power of the purse” (The Federal Reserve). MAINSTREAM will go into both of these vital subjects – the Militia and the Fed — and explain how the Mainstream Media vilifies, ignores and/or suppresses them.

Believe me, judging by how much support we have received from Mainstream celebrities and executives, if the current Mainstream Media had its way, your right to keep and bear would be totally GONE and our country would be in even worse financial shape.

Our new documentary, MAINSTREAM, is going to hit very hard on all of these matters. It will also hit hard on the subject of Cultural Marxism and how it targets the family unit and especially your kids. Specifically the movie discusses social engineers at the Frankfurt School and how their “long march through the institutions” has infected Hollywood. And worse, how this indoctrination is being transferred directly into the minds of your kids. As parents, are you okay with Hollywood movies acclimating your children to homosexuality, drugs, porn, violence, atheism, divorce, political correctness and socialism? If you are NOT … help us get MAINSTREAM done ASAP.

On a lighter subject, I am pleased to announce that we have a new narrator, BOB DARLING, on the production. We also have a line up of some great experts which include, but are not limited to:



And lastly, MAINSTREAM is inspired by the following six academic-quality books, books I personally choose out of about 50 top books andtop Industry periodicals. The books that inspired MAINSTREAM are:


by John W. Cones

by Ben H. Bagdikian

by Neal Gabler

Intro by Ralph Nader

by Ethan Mordden

by Michael Medved

MAINSTREAM is going to be our best film ever. Watch the clips, imagine the film done, and I think you will see why. Be a part of this! Help us complete this avant-garde project by donating what you can and giving us some good feedback. If you are of modest means why not donate $100, $250, $500 or even $1000. We will acknowledge you with a prominent Production Assistant, Production Associate, Associate Producer or Executive Producer screen credit, respectively, in the END titles of the completed documentary.

If you are of more means, donate $5,000, $10,000 or $20,000 and we will acknowledge you with a prestigious Associate Producer, Executive Producer or Producer screen credit, respectively, in the MAIN titles of the completed documentary. See the MAIN Titles in the rough-cut play list.

To donate, go to  All of the details are there, including access to the synopsis, script, budget, trailers, expert excerpts and the entire official website.

So if you are excited about the prospect of delivering a blow to the “Media Trolls on the Bridge to Liberty,” help us get MAINSTREAM completed. Watch the 17 Chapter clips of the rough-cut. Share them with family members, friends and associates who are concerned about the movies and media and may be interested in donating. But do this quickly because we can only leave these clips up for about a week.

MAINSTREAM, like our 7 previous films, will be up on the Net as a free public service. Even though we joke that “MAINSTREAM is a film NOT coming to a theater near you” this film COULD go viral, like one of our previous films, FIAT EMPIRE, featuring Ron Paul. In this case, your donations will have made it possible for millions of people to find out how and why the MAINSTREAM MEDIA is promoting the Globalist Agenda, indoctrinating our kids, and destroying the Middle Class. What’s more, MAINSTREAM will outline what can be done about it. Yes, we offer solutions, not just the problems.



P.S. If any of you think that MAINSTREAM will in any way be anti-Semitic, now is your chance to inspect the clips provided here and disabuse yourself of this nasty “fake news.” Also, if you work in the film or TV industry and are afraid that participation in MAINSTREAM will get you blacklisted, think again: this movie speaks to and champions the 95% of the Industry, NOT the 5% of the Insiders subject to the discriminating demands of the CONTROL GROUP.




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  1. It’s scary times! The MSM are all in with the liberals! Can’t wait to see the final documentary. I wish I could contribute, but I am really poor. Lol. True.

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