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Longbow Productions: FBI Reloaded – Bunkerville Trial in Nevada

by Shari Dovale

It was disclosed in a Las Vegas courtroom that the FBI set up a fake production company called Longbow productions. They seem to have been put in place for the sole purpose of entrapping people involved with the Bundy family and the 2014 protest against the BLM.

Five men are accused of various felonies involved with the Bunkerville standoff, with a sixth defendant being named as an FBI informant. Greg Burleson was outed by the FBI on the witness stand this week as a confidential informant that has worked with the FBI since 2012.

Longbow Productions had equipment, fake websites, fake prior productions, …the works. They were to tell everyone that they were filming a documentary about the standoff called “America Reloaded”. The fake film credentials were, hopefully, going to give them access to the very heart of the Patriot’s world.

The undercover agents with Longbow did meet with several people that had attended the 2014 event, as was disclosed during testimony. Several of their “interviews” were played as evidence for the jury. Or more accurately, several “parts” of these interviews were played, as they were selectively fragmented.

The entrapment included feeding alcohol to the defendants in order to get them to loosen their tongues. The more they talked, the more they might incriminate themselves.

Interviews of various defendants showed them to be peaceful men. Scott Drexler went to Nevada because he saw fellow Americans that needed help. Eric Parker told of his fear that he would not make it home, and how he knelt and prayed on the bridge. They only wanted a peaceful ending to the conflict.

Every interview that was shown underscored the peaceful character of the defendants … until they played the interview with the FBI Informant.

Greg Burleson uttered hateful and spiteful words on camera. He made violent threats, including stating that he “came to put some BLM agent Six Feet Under.” He also stated that the others there were not “brave enough for a fight.”

The only violent rhetoric the FBI could play for the prosecution came from their own Informant. Yet, this was being introduced as evidence in a joint trial, against all of the defendants.

The judge tried to tell the jury that some of this testimony was only against Greg Burleson, but, realistically, this cannot be unheard. The jury has listened to it, and the connection was made. And Judge Gloria Navarro has to know that it was completely prejudicial against the remaining defendants.


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  1. Got to admit that was pretty sweet strategy on the FBI’s part to get information, very well thought out. Technically, Burleson was a former informant so I don’t think it counts just yet as a real informant unless he gets off with a warning if he gets a guilty verdict. Plus, and I’ll be honest, anyone who talks to a “documentary” crew or allowing themselves to be photographed in such a situation is an idiot. Hate RT with a passion, but here’s a video of what the defendants should have done, or at least supporters should have shooed them away when they came so that video evidence wouldn’t have been used showing their faces. Also people need to stop filming, taking pictures or communicating of their positions and plans then placing them on twitter and facebook. The feds can read people!

    1. If your not intent on committing crime why not broadcast, communicate your position. The Bundy’s only intent was to live on their ranch and farm when the Fed Gov went on the offense to do them harm they were attacked in their home they did not go anywhere to attack anyone but the Feds did right to the Bundy’s home, only reason Bunds survived was near 2000 liberty loving people stood i the gap and prevented Federal agents of tyranny from massacring them. Getting your position out there informs everyone that you are no threat too.

  2. The Bundy’s did nothing wrong they did not threaten in anyway harm to the federal agents of tyranny that descended upon them, these trials are wrong and stacked like communist tribunals with imagined offenses.

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