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Loner or Community Prepper…Which One Will Live?

Loner or Community Prepper...Which One Will Live?

Oath Keepers promotes Community Preparedness Teams (CPT) for many of the same reasons Southern Prepper 1 encourages people to form groups for self-protection for any foreseeable crisis, be it fire, flooding, or even the breakdown of society.

In this video, Southern Prepper 1 talks about the Loner versus the Community, and who is more likely to survive a SHTF crisis. Which do you think?

If you aren’t involved with a prepper group, it is time to do so. Going it alone is not a viable option.

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Shorty Dawkins


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  1. Very good ,that’s why here in the midlands of SC. we have put together a team strictly for our community’s SC. first.

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