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‘Lefties with Guns’ Up Ante on Protest Conflicts

‘Lefties with Guns’ Up Ante on Protest Conflicts
How many actual rednecks and workers are members remains unclear.

“Protesters arrested for using pepper spray on Trump supporters during march,” CBS News reported Saturday. “The violence erupted when the march of about 2,000 people at Bolsa Chica State Beach reached a group of about 30 counter-protesters, some of whom began spraying the irritant…”

Dust-ups happen. We’ve seen calls for violence against “fascists” and “Nazis” by mob-inciters that resemble nothing so much as the fascists and Nazis they decry. And we’ve seen reactions to bullying, intimidation and assaults exemplified by the emergence of those intent on pushing back, like Based Stick Man.

It should come as no surprise that when the potential for physical conflict exists, those involved will want to position themselves to prevail. So it should also come as no surprise that “lefties with guns” would be emerging at protest demonstrations .

“Gun-Totin’ Left-Wingers Demonstrate at the Arizona Capitol,” Phoenix New Times notes sympathetically. “Is Bloodshed on the Horizon?”

It’s a report about “openly armed to the proverbial teeth” supporters of the Phoenix John Brown Gun Club, self-described as “Working to stem the tide of reactionary recruitment within white working class communities, fight white supremacy, & build liberatory community defense.” That, in turn, references to Redneck Revolt (“Putting the RED back in redneck”).

Basically, their “philosophy” is communist and globalist, against private property, capitalism and sovereign nations. They’re also heavy on self-serving “justifications” that make it seem like they share many of the same goals with patriotic Americans, such as being “for organized defense of our communities” and “against white supremacy” (albeit couching it that way, instead of just saying “against “racism,” is done for pretty obvious reasons, particularly when they let slip with such gems as “Our real enemies are mostly white English speaking Christians”).

It’s no surprise they don’t name their leaders, and that their website is registered via a proxy. Nor is it evident how many actual “workers” and “rednecks” are members.  Likewise, information on the people receiving and divvying up John Brown Solidarity Fund donations (as well as prominent donors, if any) is not made obvious, nor do they appear to be listed as a nonprofit under that name.

It’s curious though, that the one “identifiable” entity, Redneck Revolt’s website designer, Monsoon Media Collective, proudly declares “WE BELIEVE that small businesses support families in our community…” How that squares with anti-capitalist radicals committed to abolishing private property under force of arms remains unexplained, as does how other clients might feel about continued patronage if they knew about the rope Monsoon is helping to sell.

Here’s the thing: The Constitution, a document Redneck Revolt philosophy cannot allow, recognizes their rights to advocate, to protest and defend themselves. They have the right to do so armed, much like the Revolutionary Black Panther Party. What they don’t have a right to do is initiate armed violence to threaten and force their will on those of us who refuse to follow their totalitarian roadmap.

Don’t make the mistake of looking at the people involved and dismissing them based solely on appearance. And as we can see from Redneck Revolt’s “resources” page, a concerted effort is being made to increase and inform their ranks.

Those behind that effort know their Chairman Mao. They know:

Every Communist must grasp the truth; “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”

Anybody notice any of the NRA-bashing gun-grab groups, from the Democrat Party on down, saying word one about “lefties with guns? No? So there may be a convergence of hidden hands and useful idiots?

Is it a coincidence that there’s a comparatively lesser-known quotation wherein goals converge?

We are advocates of the abolition of war, we do not want war; but war can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun.

Or as Fidel Castro asked once he attained power:

¿Armas para que?

UPDATE: A WarOnGuns comment suggests deployment with Airsoft guns by some.


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David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



    1. I have to admit , being left handed when first reading ” Lefties” I was taken aback but then I realized Lefties referred to left leaning politically . If I were a liberal snowflake , I’d need some place to hide with my coloring book so as not to be offended ! The thugs that attack Trump supporters are actually snowflakes in large group usually covering their faces .

      1. The left comes from the dexter vs sinister. Dexter is right and Sinister is left. The left willingly accept the badge of being sinister, thus the left is always evil and the right is pure. Words associated with the right side are generally complimentary or have signified something desirable, but those pointing to the left are quite the opposite. For example, even in modern times, everyone tries to get up on the “right” side of the bed and hopes to stay on the “right” side of one’s boss; that is, if the person is in his/her “right” mind.

        Other languages reflect the same bias in favor of the right and against the left. In Latin, the word for “right” is dexter, from which has come the English word dexterous or dextrous; meaning “skillful”. This is what a person who uses the “right” hand is expected to be. When we greet we shake right handed.

        An ambidextrous person should be even more skillful, since he is described as having two “right hands.

        On the other hand, the Latin sinister is the left hand, that is, the wrong hand. Furthermore, left-handers were thought to be unlucky.

        In Roman augury, or fortune telling, birds that appeared on the left side were interpreted as being bad luck; however, those on the right side presaged good luck. Now, in modern English applications, sinister means evil or ominous. There is plenty of history around dexter and sinister if one takes the time to study it.

  1. Their leader is Dave Strano, an anarchist who was active in the anti-War movement during W’s administration. He was arrested for numerous “protests” including at the conventions in 2004. He was investigated for a terrorist plot to destroy the sole rail line leading to the Lake City, MO ammunition plant as well.

    Last known whereabouts were Denver, CO where he and his wife Josie Shapiro (divorced ~2 years ago) were involved in radical protests against the police department, and against immigration laws. Strano is the administrator for the group’s Facebook page, and is the only person who I could find that has been interviewed about the group, which is decent indication that he runs the show. I could find no information on funding sources. Their budget is likely rather low.

    1. These people are going to get the Civil War they’ve been asking for and they are not going to get the outcome they thought they would be

    2. I can vouch for this as I’ve seen Dave Strano at rallies in Denver that I used to cover as a journalist when I lived there.

  2. Words don’t hide it. The whole article could be summed up with just one word.
    Be prepared to deal with them in greater proportion than they give out.
    Fear for your life and if need be, take theirs.
    They have declared war.

    1. Fully agree – “Criminals”. Not a Lawyer, but I learned in basic college Business Law that one does not actually have to touch someone to be guilty of assault. You touch, no matter how “hard” and it’s Assault & Battery. Wish the millionaires & billionairies — somebody(s) — would set up a fund to do “lawfare” against these un-Americans. Record & identify to monitor/encourage criminal prosecution and civil/tort actions.

    2. This is awfully premature and sounds self-serving to me – like you want that outcome so therefore everything you see fits that narrative. These folks that gathered in Phoenix did not do a thing that we have not been doing at the bazillions of pro-gun, immigration, etc. rallies we have held. They gathered and they openly carried – BFD. Seriously, if you are so wigged out by them doing the same thing we do then you are exactly the kind of snowflake we make fun of. They didn’t do anything criminal (that I know about anyway) nor did they declare war on anybody. You need to chillax

      1. Sorry you don’t recognize the difference. These people are useful tools to take down our constitutional republic. We, on the other hand. as I declare, are an effort to save our republic from what these otherwise criminals are propagating toward. The same groupies you don’t recognize as a threat are the first to cry death to those who disagree with their daily parroting spoon fed to them by the globalist and elitist left. They are the first to throw a rock through your business window, they are the first to burn your lively hood to the ground, they are the first to take up arms and kill you. Do you need an example? If you followed the fraudulent global warming propaganda, those followers of the AGW agenda were free and easy with declaring non-believers to be exterminated. Even posting videos of your head being exploded to get their point across. And as usual the left is all about fear mongering, promoting fear of them because they are throwing the Molotov cocktails, promoting fear of them because they are easily triggered to violence, while we with kindness and patience watch our streets burn by the hand of the left you fail to recognize as evil.

        They have declared war and it is war they are trying to entice, incite and coax us into. They will fail even as they continually up the ante. We are not the nations of old that promoted and collected the weapons from the population, then only to exterminate them. We will not obey any such orders, declaration or law, which is what the useful idiot protesters are being used for; to suck us into a fight, so the criminal politicians have an excuse to go door to door confiscating weapons.

        There is nothing premature when it comes to protecting our republic. We are a free people and are going to stay that way.

        ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

  3. I will be absolutely shocked if any sizable Leftist group initiates violent conflict with guns. We have several advantages over them, not the least of which is that the majority of them have been taught that guns are evil and something they should be afraid of. While there are undoubtedly a few among their ranks with military training, most are afraid of their own shadow. The real shame is that they are all someone’s sons and daughters, and, should things go south and devolve into a civil war, a great many of them will be sacrificed as just so much cannon fodder.

    1. One Vid I saw showed correct finger and muzz discipline. Rules about not underestimating your opposition apply. Negligent discharges could happen that most assuredly could get real ugly quick. Cooler heads have to present in large percentages to have a successful outcome.

    2. At Fort Knox in 1970 one Summer evening I attended their annual Firepower demonstration. The last event — at night — was an Infantry platoon on line supported by two M60 tanks. A simultaneous “mad minute” and Tracer city from all elements. Perhaps a lot of “snowflakes” and radicals would benefit from seeing such an event in the flesh.

  4. Over the last few days, I read a couple of articles stating that George Soros is behind several anti Trump groups. One group is named “Indivisible”, and there was a photo of George and 2 cofounders of the group sitting at a table. Another article mentioned that George was willing to pay $15,000 a month to “A Teams”. Those teams are made up of 3 to 4 individuals who have targets identified, and have all sorts of nasty tricks up their sleeves. These people, and George, are very dangerous people, it seems. Thank the stars in heaven that time is on our side. Time is very short for old George, and he will soon be following his old friend David back to hell.

    1. To expand on what was in the article about George Soros and the INDIVISIBLE anti Trump trouble making group…I took some notes yesterday. This article was on website. The heading of the article was VIDEO=>LEADERS OF TOP ANTI TRUMP GROUP FILMED MEETING WITH GEORGE SOROS. When I clicked on the movie, it would not play at the time, possibly due to high traffic exceeding their bandwidth, or possibly blocked. However, the text of the article mentioned Leah Greenberg & Ezra Levin as being the groups co-founders, who were sitting at the table with Georgie Boy, at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in downtown DC. If we shed enough light on these folks, we can possibly avert any nefarious plots they may cook up.

  5. Dear Stewart Rhodes
    Remember the camera interview with me in my Leawood art studio a few years back. I am not a veteran but I grew up in war torn germany and you made me ” honorary member” of your organization.I listen dayly to INFOWARS Alex.Jones web is dropped every hour on the hour.This is censorship.I am beside my self .We are in Stasi Germany all over again.Have you noticed this? Your organization does great work .Greetings of Liberty Waltraud v.Schwarzbek Artist

  6. We all know what happens when ‘reds’ have superior fire power. Commies have murdered around 150 million around the world. Who will stop them? Who CAN stop them? The US gov doesn’t seem willing to stop them. Why? Could it be that the international communists are firmly at the helm of the US ship of State? I think so.

    1. I sincerely hope not. However I do believe there are many many in the state and fed control centers who are “elected representatives” who have compromised our sovereignty and our Constitution LAW for a watered down collectivist agenda – it all stinks of communism in the long run…..and they can be stopped when their true colors are seen by Americans…..remember 98% of the counties in the US voted against the “progressive agenda”. I think that is an amazing statement. Both for the brilliance of our Founding Fathers and today’s independent (not dependent) population. Yes the commies have murdered millions – which is why they want our rifles. I think they are getting the message here in NY where 98% of long gun owners refused to “register” them with the state under the 2013 “NY SAFE ACT”. The politicians here in NY are controlled by the NYC machine – pure leftists. What are they thinking? We here in Upstate will comply with their UNCONSTITUTIONAL despotic position? Sorry to rant.

    2. You think so because you are one of them and are trying to pass a message of fear and hopelessness. “Who can stop them”? That’s it, keep thinking that way.
      Marxist have never marched down the road where it did not leave piles of
      skulls on the shoulder. I recall a film where about a hundred teenagers, all
      carrying Little Red Books marching down the street to collect a “Teacher” for Trial.
      They went to his abode, jerked him out, held a “Self Confession” Trial,
      and then shot him. Murder. There is one glaring fact always left out.
      Marxists have always marched against an “Un-Armed” population..
      Progressives are pushing us towards a Maoist type “Cultural Revolution”
      Their ideological blindness prevents them from taking an active inventory
      of “Who has got What”? There will be NO Stalinist, Mao, Pol Pot massacre of Americans.
      Americans will shoot them.

  7. It was only a matter of time before these knuckleheads realized their efforts would require escalation.
    The protestors first began with verbal assaults, then to make themselves heard, the destruction of property, both public and private garnered news coverage. Next came physical altercations and then weaponizing with pepper spray and bats.
    When they still got their asses beat, of course they were going to escalate to firearms. What they fail to consider however, is the amount of time conscientious law abiding citizens spend on the range, ensuring proficiency handling their weapon as well as target acquisition and safety, that effect confidence.
    These guys are going to lose again; this time though, they won’t get to come back.

    1. They have grown up in front of a monitor or TV with a video game controller in their hand – and every time they’re on the losing end of whatever war game they’re playing, they simply hit the “reset” button and start over. They haven’t learned yet that in real life, there is no “reset” button….and those of us who’ve been there done that will have no problem adding them to the list of the gone forever…

      1. From one old sailor to another, I could not agree more. As John Ridgeway noted above, we should not underestimate our adversaries, but I can’t, in my wildest imagination, see a movement on the Left that is capable of mounting a violent offensive against the rest of us.

        1. On the surface I agree. However, we were a hair from being ruled by the Hillary regime. The militarization of law enforcement and the arming of many ABC government agencies is the agenda to put down the protectors of our republic, not shoot the instigators of the violent left. That is why we watch the fools show themselves as they are without our interference. Business owners in large cities are not going to tolerate the downtown destruction these fools like to inflict. Let the media and other watch them as they did the following election day. But, as I stated, there are the mercenaries in the ABC agencies that a Clinton type regime would put to use against patriots and others on their enemies list. As for the snowflakes, as others point out, they are nothing and have no stamina. Let them burn and pillage, watch the current Administration lock them up

          ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

      2. Losing? Reset?

        Remember where we were? Here we are. Imagine where we will be…

        The left hasn’t been losing in at least the past 117 years. And they haven’t even started shooting yet. But then again, the left has always been more motivated than your typical “patriot”. Face it, you can’t walk out of your front door without being saturated with leftist ideology.

        How many people did these globalist/fascist/communist ideologues murder, and prevail, in the 20th century?

        Almost forgot.

        Everything your government does, it does to complete the globalist agenda. That is the default mode that your government operates on. Nothing has changed.

        Despite the consteetootion that everyone keeps blabbering about.

        Anyhow, when the bullets start flying, hopefully the “patriot movement” has the good sense to turn off its Mr. Nice Guy image , showing the world, and their opponents, how sweet they really are. Or, you can just lose. The left’s brutality isn’t going to care what the sweet-cheeks thinks.

        1. You are spot on with the left’s brutality. We hear them speak daily of their intent. The 20th century was their teacher to eliminate any notion of patriotism and national identity. Only fight for the global agenda is their mission.

  8. I’d like to see Saul Alinsky brought up in conversation, along with communism. Nanny State & Socialism, phrases just seem too Milquetoasts to get the point across. I also try to work Genocide into every Gun Control conversation I engage in. The real words for the real subject matter seem more dynamic that tep dancing around them.

  9. I SERIOUSLY doubt a single “Redneck” is involved. Every Bush beer drinking, F150 owning, country music loving good ole boy I’ve ever met Loves the U.S. and would never March behind the commie flag.
    Besides as we all know, it’s one thing to own a gun, it’s a whole different elephant to put rounds on target when their snapping by your head.
    Most of these kids have played Ghost Recon and think their all recon or seals.
    They are in for a rude awakening

  10. Do not ever forget that the most potent weapon of the Left is language. They are very good at manipulating language, so do not adopt their word usage. It is manipulative and deceitful. We need to call things what they are and fight back with our own chosen words. Think carefully about what you call things. The Left has turned everything upside down and backwards. Don’t let them get away with determining what words are used. They are collectivists (socialists, fascists, communists). Yes, fascism is a variant of collectivism. The Left are the fascists, and they are using fascist tactics (physical force and intimidation). “Right wing” fascism is a lie of language. Fascism is “left wing”, not right wing. This is an example of the words they have successfully used against you! Fight with your brain first. Physical violence is the last resort.

  11. I emailed many of them and had quite an in depth discussion with most. None of them are from the trades. Some claim military service, but none were in combat that I talked too. All except 4 or 5 of their chapters are one dude in BFE. They ripped off a bunch of ‘white working class’ tag lines and imagery from the far right in attempt to stem the damage they took when the left abandoned the white worker. In my conversations with them there is absolutely no doubt they a marxist front who’s openly stated aim is the violent replacement of the US Constitution.

    1. It’s interesting that self-proclaimed “anarchists” mix quite freely with adherents of the most aggressively authoritarian political system devised, which is so ravenous in its lust for power that no aspect of human existence, regardless of how inconsequential and picayune, is left neither prohibited or mandated.

      These strange rangers can be slippery when interviewed by “normies”, and speak in earnest tones about their deep concern for the working class. But these are highly-political creatures who’s love for a sympathetic audience whom they can impress and enlighten is matched by little.

      Link to Dave Strano discussing Redneck Revolt in July, 2015 with the Cultural Marxism-aligned “Hampton Institute”.

      Here’s the first paragraph. “Following the election of Barack Obama, many folks involved with a spectrum of different anti-racist work were left dumbfounded by the rise of the aggressive and often explicitly racist, white, Tea Party movement. Though the Tea Party Movement had been funded in the millions, enjoyed the enthusiastic backing of Fox News, and was being manipulated by powerful forces on the Right, it was also clear that the Right was comfortably engaging with a sector of the North American working class largely abandoned by the broader Left. In the throes of economic crisis, many formerly enfranchised whites were looking at serious setbacks. In response, the Left, for the most part, smugly responded by dismissing the crazy tea baggers while white supremacists and conservatives moved in to largely uncontested territory. In looking for exceptions, I decided to check out the John Brown Gun Club, a group of white, working-class anarchists who, before the emergence of the Tea Party movement, had been sowing class struggle and anti-racist solidarity amongst mostly white gun enthusiasts in Kansas. Here, Dave Onion interviews long time anti-racist gun slinger, Dave Strano.”

    2. Yes, recall Bush senior in his address to congress “the New World Order” and how the left during the following years proclaimed the constitution as being “out of date” with progress ideology and so forth. We watched and listened. Now we are where we are, with efforts to shut down the internet and any speech the left deems a threat to their progression to topple our republic. A cross roads of increasing violence toward their opposition. They have infiltrated every sector of decency and intimated many. We have a serious challenge before us.

  12. Keep crying you little men, your tears are so sweet to us. You are not the only ones with arms.

    1. Yeah, but we know how to use them.

      We can also afford and maintain (and buy lots and LOTS of ammo for) things other than crap-tier pawn-shop rusty Mosins and SKS’s.

  13. Two things. First, its hilarious that one liberal is harassing another liberal. That’s priceless. Second, it should be a wake up call that not all Liberals are UN-armed. I would venture to say when shit starts to his the fan, they would give up quickly.

    1. You want to know the funniest part? Some guy went through the video and determined out of all those guys, only 2 had real rifles, all the others were airsoft or mil-sim rifles!!

  14. I never underestimate any threat. Even the cleverly veiled ones. What the snowflakes don’t understand, is that there are SO MANY of us veterans and current military service personnel out there, that don’t think the same way the liberal left does. And, we’re fed up with their hypocrisy and pushing their socialist agendas on us. Bring it on snowflakes…if you want your herd to be thinned out to a tolerable level.

  15. No matter whether or not I would like to push the lefties’ faces in, or provide them with free ventilation, it would be EXACTLY what the PsTB/NWO schmucks want.
    We must fight them on a higher level.

    1. Sometimes you can put out a fire with water. Sometimes, like in a wildfire, you have to light a back burn. The only higher level I will fight Libtards from is the top of a building.

  16. Old coot here. I fought for constitutional government my adult life. Believe me, we lost. Our Constitution did not fail us, we failed it.

    The reality is that we are just ‘a knock on the door’ from indefinite detainment without charge or legal defense, theft of our property, even murder; all brought down upon us for any reason or no reason at all.

    These SJWs are no real threat. Our enemy is the globalist-controlled DC with their Nazi Police State, Surveillance State, Welfare State, and Warfare State. Why are we are hell-bent on wasting precious time and resources trying to save an evil system which destroyed our liberty? They won. Get over it.

    Jefferson warned us that the ‘tree of liberty’ would require maintenance. It’s was systematically dismembered and taken to the saw mill on our watch. Incredibly, not one shot was fired. History will record that we patriots were the proverbial frogs in the pot.

    If America’s last gasp is a whimper it is game over. If it ends in chaos leading to anarchy maybe we will be motivated to take the offense. The liberty movement has basically taken a defensive, leaderless approach. So be it. In light of such I recommend: Avoid crowds. Read ‘Patriots’ and act accordingly with a survival mindset. Yes, it probably means moving. (Parents, the two greatest gifts you can give your children are Jesus Christ and schooling at home). No man is an island though. Form a local Oath Keepers’ CBT team or equivalent. 73’s!

    1. The ugly part of this is former Army, Marine, Navy,etc that a pro Democrat are now training these retards to shoot. Yesterday they were metrosexual retards and now they are idiots that can shoot. The fact that they are willing to go to the guns worries me in that with no control over emotions and no common sense we will have more shootings of police and peaceful demonstrators because of this training. My training precludes me of pulling the trigger unless deadly force is necessary. I think these idiots will pull the trigger at a whim.
      Sua Sponte. RLTW

    2. ya I agree Roger D……I mind my own business pay attention to what’s going on around me and prep….I’m a lucky one… far…we live in rural Montana all the libs and snowflakes are north of us…..keep your powder dry…..
      Viper….10/10 onthe side

  17. They called it the “Redneck Revolt?” Their leader didn’t want to talk to media, especially liberal sources?

    Their goal was not to declare a start to Liberal/Progressive revolution, it was to make it appear that good, principled, right leaning individuals were taking up arms and going to the streets. They didn’t want to be outed for what the are, but to besmirch YOUR reputation.

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