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Hawaii Obama Judge Rules Muslim Imam Has Special Constitutional Rights…

Robert Barnes: Hawaii Obama Judge Rules Muslim Imam Has Special Constitutional Rights to Bring Anyone from Terror Countries into America

by Robert Barnes  –  15 Mar 2017

In a ruling issued on Wednesday afternoon, a federal judge, and Obama appointee, prevented the President of the United States from enforcing his own executive order to protect the nation from migrants from terror-riddled countries.

The judge then prevented every other judge and every other state from following the President’s order, the judge making himself a one-man Supreme Court and substitute President.

The judge then held that American universities and immigrants living here can prohibit America from ever limiting immigration from Muslim-heavy countries, claiming the First Amendment gives Muslim-dominant nations a right of immigration to America.

Such arrogance and abuse of authority sound familiar? Such First Amendment favoritism toward Islam sound familiar? Well, Obama did appoint this judge, and a rule of thumb with federal judges is they tend to mirror the psychologies of the man who appointed them.

The judge’s ruling is completely lawless, mirroring Obama’s deep state allies in his shadow government’s attempt to sabotage the Trump presidency. There is no precedent for the court’s order. In fact, every precedent is against the court’s order; just read the detailed logic and scholastic citation of proper governing legal authorities from the decision of a moderately liberal Boston judge who upheld every part of Trump’s prior order.

To give you an idea of how lawless the decision is, just try to find the analogous case the Hawaii judge cites for his ruling; there is none, not one single prior example of another judge ever doing what this Judge did to the extent he did it.

To give you another example of how baseless the court’s ruling is, even liberal law professors and scribes criticized the more limited Ninth Circuit decision that this Hawaii judge goes far beyond. Liberal law professor Turley noted Trump should win a challenge against that ruling. Liberal democrat professor Alan Dershowitz noted the same. Liberal law scribe Jeffrey Toobin conceded the same.

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Obama Paid Surprise Visit to Hawaii 48 Hours Before Hawaii Judge Rules Against Trump Temporary Refugee Ban (Updated)


Barack Obama paid a surprise visit to Honolulu, Hawaii on Monday just days before US District Court Judge Derrick Watson, who presides in Honolulu, ruled against President Trump’s temporary refugee ban from terror states.


Via Pat Dollard and the Star Advertiser:

Coming off a string of high-profile meetings, former President Barack Obama made an unannounced return to Hawaii Monday.

Just three months removed from his last official holiday visit as president, Obama was spotted dining at Buzz’s Lanikai Monday night.

Local Democrats tried “their best to keep it under wraps the whole day.”

Then on Wednesday President Donald Trump’s revised travel ban was put on hold by US District Court Judge Derrick Watson in Honolulu, Hawaii after hearing arguments that the executive order discriminates on the basis of nationality.

Judge Watson believes Somalis and Yemenis have the same constitutional rights as American citizens.

UPDATE: Also — the judge, one Judge Watson, managed to produce a 43-page decision within two hours of the case being filed. Speedy guy, huh!

The Gateway Pundit

3 Most Idiotic Pronouncements From Hawaii Judge’s Decision Restraining Trump’s Executive Order


A Liberal Coup Is In Progress

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  1. As I recall the constitution says something about judges only serving if they are behaving properly. Time to sharpen that tool !! I would say that for a judge to make illegal rulings is not good behavior !!

  2. This sad excuse for a judge also admitted that if Obama or others had done the same thing that it would be fine. That should tell even the brain dead that this is total BS. Im sick to death of these liberal scum bags getting away with things that are way beyond their authority. This judge needs to be disrobed and jailed immediately for violating the very oath that he swore. Since when does a judge from Hawaii have the authority to tell our president he cant do something that is constitutionally and legally sound?
    Had enough yet…??? Lets roll…!!!!

  3. “In a ruling issued on Wednesday afternoon, a federal judge, and Obama appointee, prevented the President of the United States from enforcing his own executive order to protect the nation from migrants from terror-riddled countries.”

    President Trump cannot be prevented from keeping his Oath to PRESERVE, PROTECT, AND DEFEND the US Constitution (Presidents have a higher standard), or to carry out his duties that are in writing and found within “Article 2, Section 3 of the US Constitution: “he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed,…” by anybody serving within any other branch of the government, or office within a branch.

    If President Trump abides by that judges OPINION (they do not create Law, nor do they enforce it), then he must be called to account and someone must teach him the US Constitution and what his duties are under that contract that he is Oathbound to follow. (Obama was NEVER a US President, just a presidential impersonator. the Bush’s and the Clintons’s are criminals and Traitors.)

    The Laws regarding immigration are already in place, that judge is the next one that needs to be removed for NOT keeping the Oath, for committing a felony and Perjury, plus trying to be the “boss” of our government which is usurpation.

  4. The solution is simple. President Trump needs to boot the Senate in the ass and get them moving on confirming the new Supreme Court Justice. Then, the lower court rulings can be overturned and Obama’s Judges ears slapped back.

  5. The president was entirely right in his order. He should ignore these criminal judges and send federal marshals to arrest them for their illegal actions.

  6. The President needs to send federal marshals and remove this judge to gitmo….and DEFY his illegal ruling…NOW…imho

  7. Islam is far more than a religion. It is also a way of life, a set of customs and if not constrained by outside forces an economic AND governmental system. Islam is not compatible with the Western way of life. It is our right and DUTY to preserve our Western way of life.

    I consider Islam as a greater threat to the USA and all Western countries than even the “creeping Communism” of the Cold War era. I fear that traitors within the West may require the implementation of martial law and the start of military tribunals.

    1. “I consider Islam as a greater threat to the USA and all Western countries than even the “creeping Communism” of the Cold War era.”

      Don’t. Why?

      Because what we have now is a version of communism in our nation,. Notice how well we are being destroyed from within? That is deliberate. Notice the “divide and conquer” on all levels going on now, division by color, race, governmental enforcers vs the people, sex, sexual appetites, what one does, education – what little there is of it, etc.

      Right now we are in a fight for our legitimate government, our very lives and the lives of our children. We do not really “own” our homes – they are owned by government, our money that goes in the bank is owned by the bank and we are ‘ALLOWED” to use it until they decide to not let us take it out anymore, etc. Actually with asset forfeiture – which is theft, and that is not an opinion but fact of law – we own nothing.

      Our air, water, soil, food is poisoned deliberately and knowingly. We are murdered and most do not even recognize it as murder because of the DARPA means of weapons. We are at war within our nation solely because of communism, a war that is not recognized because we associate war with normal weapons of war. We are at the brink of nuclear war because those war hawks, and those in what used to be the US military believe the cost is worth it. Instead of recognizing that the planet can be destroyed of all life (and look at our oceans, etc) by those weapons – they feel the “cost is worth it”. If this happens it will be because of Americans who serve and do not understand that under OUR legitimate government they are REQUIRED TO SAY “NO”.

      We do not fight except in trying to educate. We do not bring charges where crimes are not only recognizable, but numerous, by those who serve within our government and those that watch everyone know this and keep for blackmail purposes.

      We are a country that did not just lose its way, but lost its honor and knowledge. The few that kept our honor, kept their Oaths are imprisoned, destroyed, murdered. That can only happen because those who work with them do not defend them, “watch their backs”, do not keep their Oath. Does this happen because they do not know how to recognize a “superior” and “just follow orders” and “just do their jobs”? We are imbedded into every aspect of our lives tools that watch us, our children, etc even in our most private moments. WE let this happen, and WE let it go on. When America falls, it is because of us.

      Under misappropriation of funds we can stop most of this because the authority to use public money is not granted, all powers and authority granted is in writing. But we ignore that supreme Law as if it never existed, we do not use it, or follow it ourselves. Those who misappropriated the funds are personally responsible for replacing them through their own money, holdings, etc.

      Islam cannot hurt us because we recognize it. But this slow creep of communism/socialism/ “isms”/technocracy is here because we did not recognize it and stop it. It is every aspect of your/our lives and do not recognize it anymore.

      Read the US Constitution, it is a short document. IF you do not know what is right for our nation, you cannot recognize the danger to it.

  8. As far as I can tell from the Founding Fathers writings and the Constitution itself, “Religion” exclusively meant the Christian religion. Therefore Islam has zero Constitutional protection. If there is any countering evidence to that I would certainly like to see it.


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