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Harvard going Orwell, protecting students from conservative websites

March 13, 2017 – By Thomas Lifson

As someone who spent almost two decades at Harvard, first as a student and then as a member of the faculty and officer of the university, I am ashamed at how far an institution that proclaims “Truth” (“Veritas” in Latin) as its motto has fallen away from that mission.  The Harvard University library system is now in the business of warning away students from polluting their minds with dissident information that might raise uncomfortable questions in Liberalville.  Can’t have the youngsters questioning the orthodoxy of the left!

Thus, we have the spectacle of Harvard librarians rating political websites and warning away students and faculty, lest their minds become confused by viewpoints that might disturb the liberal mindset.  (For instance, remembering that when Bill Clinton fired all the U.S. attorneys, it was a normal “replacement,” but when Donald Trump did the same thing, it was an outrageous “ousting” of dedicated crime-fighters.)  Harvard undergraduates, too young to remember the Clinton firing, must be protected from viewpoints that might confuse them.

Harvard going Orwell, protecting students from conservative websites

“When in doubt, ask a librarian.”

…because librarians are sophisticated consumers of political news, and because they have exhaustively researched each of the hundreds of websites they “rate”?

I am sorry, but this is dangerous nonsense.  I was grateful for the help that the staffs of several Harvard libraries (there are dozens of libraries at Harvard) gave me in my years there.  They knew what their collections contained and how to get a hold of even the most obscure items.  But they always knew they were in a service role, not in the role of determining what sources I should rely on.  That was my job!

How about, when in doubt, read what they have to say, read others, and make up your mind?  That was what I always did.

Consider this: the Harvard librarians do not trust students to make up their own minds.  Instead, they find certain viewpoints dangerous, and want to make sure that youngsters are warned away from viewpoints dissenting from liberal orthodoxy.

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