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Gluten-Free Survival Foods – Sources

Gluten-Free Survival Foods - Sources

If you are like me and are gluten intolerant, I have put together a few sources for Gluten-Free Survival Foods for you. These are not the only sources available, they are merely three sources you may, or may not, be aware of.

Gluten-Free Survival Foods - SourcesWise Food Storage Gluten-Free sells their products in large and small buckets, with individual serving packets inside. They have a reasonable assortment.


Auguson Farms – Gluten Free

Gluten-Free Survival Foods - SourcesAuguson Farms sells their products in #10 cans, or in buckets. They also have a reasonable assortment.

Gluten Free Emergency Kits sells their products in small quantities, or in bulk. They also have a reasonable assortment.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. It’s not gluten, it’s the glyphosate in the Roundup they use when harvesting wheat in the US!

    1. JC,

      From what I have learned, you are correct about the glyphosphate initially causing the problem, however, it changes your metabolism such that you cannot process gluten any more and messes up your ability to ingest nutrition through your digestive tract.

      Shorty Dawkins

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