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DEEP STATE & the Subversion of President Trump #Vault7

H/T Matt Bracken, “Please, if you watch one video all week, spend 10 minutes and watch this one by the brilliant Black Pigeon.”

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  1. As was pointed out in this video, the real eye opener in the recent WikiLeaks, is that the CIA has the ability to hack anyone, and make it look like it is Russia, China, etc.
    Remember this is how they ” determined ” that Putin and Russia ” hacked ” the election in favor of TRUMP. So, with all that help, how come HILLARY won the popular vote?
    Also, since Putin is strongly against Fracking ( it hurts their energy exports and their economy ) why would he want Trump to win ??

    1. Ic65…are you frigging serious?? Did you REALLY need WikiLeaks to tell you that? If you didn’t know this BEFORE the criminal activity comitted by WikiLeaks, you haven’t been paying attention. Julian Assange comitted espionage against the United States by releasing to all of our enemies the cyber capabilities of the USA, and must be convicted of this crime.

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