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Critical Security Advice for March 4 Trump Event Organizers and Participants

We are posting the below security advice now because of the many “March 4 Trump” events across the country tomorrow.  Please pass this on to anyone who will be attending those events.   However, this advice will also prove useful for future events.  Oath Keepers will have members and teams from local chapters at many of these March 4 Trump rallies and marches tomorrow to help keep people safe (our members and chapters have full discretion to help anywhere they can, and also have full discretion to do so covertly, overtly, or in a mix of overt/covert, as we did in Washington DC on January 19-20 for the Inauguration and surrounding events).   Organizers and participants in the March 4 Trump events need to understand that we can’t be at all of them, and we can’t guarantee their safety even at the ones we will be attending.   Your safety is ultimately up to you, as the below advice makes clear.

American patriots have got to come to terms with the reality that the far left is becoming increasingly unhinged and prone to violent terrorism, and you will need to expect the worst and prepare for it.    And that means you need to be your own “bodyguard” and guardian over your family and friends, as the Founders expected us to be, as members of a true citizens militia.   Do NOT rely on the police to protect you, or anyone else.   They cannot be everywhere, even when they are allowed to do their job to their best ability (which is sadly not always the case, as is explained below).

The following threat assessment and advice was written up by NavyJack and John Karriman.


Most organizations that are involved in protests against the policies of the current administration are non-violent. The organizations that have used violence in recent protests include the following:

  1. Antifa (short for Antifascist Action)
  2. Anarchist Black Cross
  3. Refuse Fascism (closely related to the Revolutionary Communist Party USA)
  4. La Raza and affiliates
  5. BAMN (By Any Means Necessary)

The Antifa, Anarchist Black Cross and BAMN organizations normally rely on the presence of protesters from other organizations to mask their activity in a larger group. The percentage of actual violent protesters, when one of the groups listed above intercedes, can be lower than 10%. This presents a significant issue for law enforcement personnel attempting to stop or contain violent activity. There are numerous ways to identify the violent protesters, including:

  1.  They cover their faces with balaclavas or bandannas to mask their identity.
  2. La Raza and affiliates carry the flag of Mexico and/or Aztlan.
    Critical Security Advice for March 4 Trump Event Organizers and Participants
  3. Antifa carry battle flags with their group affiliation.
    Critical Security Advice for March 4 Trump Event Organizers and Participants
  4. Anarchist Black Cross carry square black flags.
    Critical Security Advice for March 4 Trump Event Organizers and Participants
  5. Refuse Fascism carry “NO” signs, flags and posters.
    Critical Security Advice for March 4 Trump Event Organizers and Participants
  6. BAMN carry red signs with their logo.
    Critical Security Advice for March 4 Trump Event Organizers and Participants
  7. Antifa and Anarchist Black Cross like to dress in all black.
    Critical Security Advice for March 4 Trump Event Organizers and Participants

The Antifa and the Anarchist Black Cross see themselves as the vanguard of the protest movement against the current administration. They actively train in self-defense and hand-to-hand combat. They carry weapons, although usually not firearms unless in an open-carry State. They wear backpacks and normally bring the following items to a protest:

  1. Firecrackers, including M80s and bottle rockets.
  2. Hammers (to break glass)
  3. Long metal pipes with end-cap fittings (to assault people)
  4. Heavy wooden poles (used to display flags and assault people)
  5. Lighter fluid containers (to start fires, burn hats/flags, create micro-molotov cocktails)
  6. Lighters
  7. Spears (made from PVC and used as weapons)
  8. Gas masks
  9. Eye protection

La Raza and Refuse Fascism have not been noted to bring incendiaries or other weapons to their protests at this time. It should be noted that the Revolutionary Communist “Red Guard” are frequently integrated with the Refuse Fascism protests and can be a source of violence.  Red Guard members, like the Antifa wear distinctive face coverings and clothing.
Critical Security Advice for March 4 Trump Event Organizers and Participants

All of the violent groups communicate via twitter using localized accounts and spur-of-the-moment “hashtags”.  Large events are normally posted on Facebook or emails are sent to the members of these organizations via list services (Google, Spokes, WordPress).  They have learned to not post their activities more than 24 hours in advance to avoid law enforcement detection.

Refuse Fascism, La Raza and BAMN tend to have large numbers of protesters that are reluctant to initiate violence. If they are stopped from achieving their goals (blocking a road, blocking access to a venue, shutting down a government office or place of business, etc.) they escalate until they achieve their goal or are suppressed.

The Antifa and the Anarchist Black Cross are by far the most violent of these organizations. They tend to infiltrate protests already in motion and immediately escalate to violence once integrated. Previously non-violent protesters get caught up in the melees and join in.

While there are many other protest organizations, including Black Lives Matter, the Huey P. Newton Gun Club and the New Black Panthers; their involvement to date in the violent anti-administration protests has been minimal.


PROVIDED BY JOHN KARRIMAN (Missouri State Police Academy Instructor):

Should you plan to attend an event that might be the target of one of the above listed groups; we offer the following suggestions:

1) Take your physical health and mobility into account. If you are in poor health or cannot break into a sprint for thirty paces, consider avoiding the event. More and more, less is being done to ensure the safety of attendees. From stand-down orders from globalist-minded administrators to Law Enforcement personnel to poor planning on the part of event coordinators, more and serious injuries are being seen. Weigh the exercise of your 1st Amendment against your safety and well-being.

2) Travel to and from the event is when the greatest danger exists. If you have identifying markings or stickers on your vehicle, you may be targeted before ever arriving at your destination. Bad guys are headed to the same event. You are in traffic with them. Once in the area; are you wearing identifying hats or shirts that are observable from a distance? Nothing wrong with identifying with a particular sentiment/ideology unless you are travelling through a sea of hate to get to your appointed destination. Drawing attention to yourself without superior numbers is suicidal. Don’t think you will become the exception to the rule. Rioters who have assaulted people have been released without charges, given letters of APOLOGY and been PAID for their trouble. Welcome to Opposite Day.

3) Do not expect help from law enforcement, even if you can make it to their position. The very group tasked with protecting and serving has been routinely dropping the ball when it comes to the safety of the public. Recently in Berkeley, a young woman who had been maced and beaten by the crowd was not allowed in to the very venue she had come to attend! Police would not respond to her beating on the door despite her obvious distress. She had left her husband for dead in the street when they were surrounded. She saw him go down from having been struck in the head with a metal pole. She and her husband wore NO identifying clothing, but were singled out because they were seen in the area of an event the crowd disagreed with. Both wore kevlar under their clothes. Although he survived his attack; he suffered a concussion and several broken ribs… through the kevlar vest.

Lack of crowd control is a decision made on high and has happened repeatedly in cities sympathetic to unAmerican causes or where dissenting opinions are not tolerated (funny coming from the same group preaching tolerance).Take the demographics of your particular area into consideration when planning to attend an event.

4) Do not get involved in debate outside (or inside, for that matter) with dissenters. It is a common tactic to distract while another ambushes from the side or rear. Liquids and objects are often thrown. Consider bringing an umbrella to keep paint, urine, blood, feces, acid… from making contact with your eyes or skin.

5) Avoid hot spots. Where you have people masked-up and being whipped into a frenzy by someone with a bullhorn; you have a volatile situation. Attempting to walk through their midst without looking like and acting like the crowd is a recipe for disaster.

6) Strength in numbers. Coordinate your coming and going with a larger group. Pairs are as vulnerable as singles. Link up with other smaller groups and move together. Put your smaller people inside of your pod or away from the crowd. This NO place for children. We have seen children and the elderly attacked by these animals.




Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.



  1. I’m very new to all of this this seems very disturbing but I’m glad to be on the right side thanks for being here

    1. Thanks OK. Denver will be a mess, I predict. We’re ready. Supporting President Trump is paramount. Let’s roll.

  2. These are the foot soldiers/useful idiots of the enemy. Pay close attention to your surroundings. These leftists are well funded and have their marching orders. They are not limited by laws or common decency.

  3. Excellent information and advice. Never depend on the police or anyone to protect you. My wife and I carry everywhere. Being in my 70s I know my limitations and avoid these types of situations. Period. I am proud to be an Oath Keeper since 2009 when they were organizing.

    Sadly, it is just a matter of time when before shots, lots of shots are fired. I strongly urge parents of young children to avoid these situations.

    1. Spoken well for an old coot, but how did you get the handle most of us other old coots already had?
      Can no longer run and there are few places to hide, but when push comes to shove, me and mine prefer to have the hardware at hand.
      Wish we were able to do more, but articles such as this when shared allow us to at least help some. Thanks Stewart. You are well appreciated.

  4. If these anti-Trump protesters were set down at a table, given a pad of paper and a pen, and asked to give a clear and concise definition of facism, odds are high they couldn’t. If they were asked to give three historical examples of political repression, odds are they coild not. If asked to give examples of writers who explained the nature of facism sociologically, odds are they would look like deer being jacked, staring at bright lights in the wilderness. What does this all add up to? This. These protesters are unemployed ideologues, on the payroll of high rollers who are attempting to exert influence.


  6. Most of my years as a LEO I worked uC my question is has there been any discussion or thought to have certain members go UC and infiltrate or try to infiltrate any of these organizations.
    If we could get people inside and get the info they have planned out ahead of time and to the right people they could be stopped before they even got started. Many of these people can’t think for themselves and are followers so if a deterrent was put in their way before they got to where they planned whatever it is they planned to do most of them wouldn’t know what to do and would just forget their plan as a failure.
    I guess it’s just my thoughts of infiltration and yes it would be putting yourself in grave danger if you were to be found out so I wouldn’t suggest just anybody to try this you have to know every in and out of doing this type of operation and keeping your stories straight.
    Just my thoughts!!

  7. I understand the warnings , however, the reality is, hiding from these thugs is not the answer. We cannot tremble and run in fear, if we do they have already won. Law abiding citizens must arm themselves , know how and when to use their weapon of choice to defend themselves and we must present in a united front. These domestic and foreign terrorists must be stopped and there is only one way to do that.

  8. I have a bad feeling about this weekend’s events around the country. all it would take is for someone to mess with the wrong guy, his brother, his sister, his dog and peace time is over. That would really suck, really bad

  9. I’d say there is a good chance they (poor losers and useful idiots) will be overwhelmed by our numbers. Call me optimistic.

  10. So far,none of these incidents have occurred in Indiana. I would encourage everyone who can to carry…everywhere they go…all the time. With a 25% chance of being shot…on-the-spot….most criminals stay away from such areas. If you are not prepared to take a life….stay away from idiots and fools. Do not venture into trouble spots. I carry and I WILL shoot anyone who threatens me or the public safety.

    1. Agree — Indiana seems to have dodged this particular bullet (pun intended) so far. I’m getting ready to head into the Trump event in Fort Wayne in a few minutes. I hope Chip is right about overwhelming numbers. I guess we’ll see.

      Most excellent piece of firearm advice I’ve ever gotten is, never go anywhere WITH a gun that you would not go WITHOUT a gun.

      1. Well, the event in Fort Wayne was pretty much of a bust. About 30 people showed up to Support Trump and about 30 across the street to oppose Trump. I was peaceful, though, and a reporter from the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette spent over an hour interviewing the pro-Trump crowd. He seemed shocked when he asked me what I thought about the anti-Trump protesters, and I replied that I had served 24 years to protect their right to peaceably assemble, and that their views were irrelevant as long as they were peaceful.

  11. Interesting that they chose the rune of the SA, sturm abeitlung. A group eary active in WW2 Germany. Translation : storm troopers. Irony much?

  12. Just got back from a March 4 Trump event. Local militias sent some guys for security. They were great and acted professionally.

  13. o-Trump event in Manhattan. They weren’t many of us. Maybe 17. I’m thinking maybe we really are in the minority.

    1. No. The Left is concentrated in the large urban areas AND gets all the press coverage from the liberal media. Plus, the Left has more Soros-funded ” professional ” activists. Most conservatives are too busy working for a living and don’t have the free time to go to a political rally or demonstration.

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