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Counter-Protest Driving-Gabe Suarez-Part 1

Counter-Protest Driving-Gabe Suarez-Part 1

We see them all the time now.  Americans kicked out the communist government last November and began taking steps to make America great again, and the left is catatonic.  It is like an unending Rodney King Riot in some places.  And everyday we are informed of militant leftist terrorists or militant race terrorists acting out with violence against those whom they perceive as the enemy.  Some well respected authorities have even suggested that while we have been in a sort of “cold civil war” for some time, this is the beginning of a shift to a “warmer” version.

One of the left’s tactics is the blocking of roadways in some hope of somehow causing those who voted out communism to recant in order to shorten their commute.  In reality it is creating more and more antipathy for the left by true Americans.  But let us discuss some points of Counter Protest Driving.

I can’t wait to get hate mail from the snowflakes.


Third is Getting Your Mind Right.  Getting your mind right involves the previously discussed material plus what you intent to do.   I am reminded of Connery’s role in the Untouchables.  “What are you prepared to do?”  Figure this out right now, not when a hoard of anti-Trump savages are overturning your Prius.

In order of escalation:

1).   Avoid the road where any protest is planned.  Some times this will be easier than others.

2).  If the police are there…its their gig.  Stay out of it.

3).  Your safety and that of your vehicle surpasses the importance of traffic laws.

Counter-Protest Driving-Gabe Suarez-Part 1

Now a little more relating to the “You Are Stuck There And it Was Not Avoidable”.  There is a difference between being delayed by the antics of these “flower children”, and being attacked by a mob. It is important to not over react.  but also important to not be stuck on stupid when they flower children turn into a legitimate riot with you as the focus. Above is an image of Reginald Denny being physically pulled from the vehicle he was driving.  Do you think that truck would have had any issues breaking through any barricade?  Here is what he looked like afterwards.

Counter-Protest Driving-Gabe Suarez-Part 1

1).  Don’t be afraid to drive on the sidewalk to avoid having to drive over people.

2).  Don’t be afraid of damage to your vehicle. The car can be repaired, you cannot be.

3).  Carefully use the vehicle to advance through.  It is very hard for anyone…no matter how much they want to, to stop a motor vehicle moving steadily forward even at 5 MPH.  In fact, simply take your foot off the brakes and let the car coast through their line.  If one of them decides to lay across your path, that sounds like suicide to me.  Understand that when you try this, they may escalate.

4).  We hear all sorts of stories about people en route to the hospital with an injured party…or an ambulance en route with a critically sick person being delayed in one of these impromptu blockades.  So again I ask you, what are you prepared to do?  If you are transporting an injured or sick family member and their survival depends on a timely arrival at the hospital, drive right through their lines.  Do not allow the blockade to keep you from your mission.

5).  Once attacked, and you will know when that is, step on the gas and drive right through their lines – 15 to 25 mph.  At that point the only people that should matter to you are the ones in your vehicle.  Don’t get Reginald Denny’d because of fear of action on your part.  And don’t be emotional about it, and get out to confront just one of them who spit on your windshield.  No matter how strong you are, or how many guns you carry, your vehicle is far stronger and far more effective.

Sun Tsu suggested studying your enemies.  I suggest you take his advice.  Read and watch reports on these events as studiously as you study the tactics of the Jihadists.  Specially in your region.  What has happened in your area?  Who was responsible?  How did the police respond? All of these details will give you a clear image of what you may expect.

Finally, understand that we have been at war with the Jihadist in America for 17 years or more.  And that is an active and ongoing war.  But what we are seeing now from the left suggests that the “cold war” between the right and the left is heating up and will continue to do so.

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