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CIA Screwed Up! – Vault 7 Wikileaks

CIA Screwed Up! - Vault 7 Wikileaks

John, at the Prepared Mind discusses Vault 7 Wikileaks and what it means for us, the Prepper Community.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. There is a couple of ways to look at this, the way he is describing, causing fear, etc. Or it is time we start pushing back at the unLawful agencies and their unLawful actions. Think about this, if every person who took the Oath kept it, there would be no TSA agents at our airports, train/bus stations, on our roadways because nothing they do, even the existence of that agency is against the Supreme Law of our nation (yeah, LAW!). What a major difference to freedom that would create.

    Then we have the CIA, NSA, FBI, etc who are also not in the US Constitution but, and this is the reason those agencies were not there along with NO STANDING MILITARY, are used against the American people, against our nation. We have SWAT teams,. Asset Forfeiture, etc, etc. Once again, these things can ONLY go on here because the Oath takers are Oath breakers.

  2. OR:
    What if the tools of the CIA are really NOT out in the open. What if the CIA can now crash or hack whatever they choose to and blame it on anyone they want to.
    Food for thought folks.

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