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Catherine Austin Fitts

Catherine Austin Fitts

Catherine Austin Fitts, of, was interviewed by Gregg Hunter at USA Watchdog. Catherine always has a unique view of politics and the economy, and always makes me think.

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  1. Where Catherine Austin Fitts is incorrect (I believe) is that the American people want to make America great and ignore the pedophilia. Everyone I talk to does not even want governmental peds to get a trial but go straight for the hanging tree. (I fight for a trial)

    America cannot be great when we have compromised people who serve within our government. Worse to most thinking and honorable people are those who prey on children. Take a quick poll of those around you about peds, see what your answers are from the “regular” people. They will tell you that America cannot be great if we let our children be preyed upon. That we need to replace all those compromised who serve within our government, whatever “they sold out” the nation for at all levels.

    She mentions the polls as being “very clear”. Notice that so far there has not been one poll that asked if the peds who serve within our governments should be let off and forgotten instead of jobs brought back. You will find that they want BOTH peds, traitors, and others arrested and prosecuted – including Hillary – and jobs. That Free Trade must be dropped, America OUT OF the UN/NATO, etc. Americans that put Trump into office want ALL that he promised done, and if he keeps doing what he is doing, and IF he “drains the swamp” he will most likely get 8 years – if the CIA, Banking, military, Secret Service, etc do not murder him.

  2. I’m happy to see (I fight for a trial). Sometimes the nature of crime is so heinous and disgusting, it is easy to be overcome with ire.

    Sometimes, it may be difficult to give the benefit of the doubt, but it is the spirit of our nation. An American is innocent until proven guilty. An American has a right to trial by jury.

    There is enough evidence to go forth with an investigation into institutionalized paedophilia.

    Perhaps, there is fear. I believe most humans are of moral decency. Paedophilia is a subject that is far beyond disgusting, and perhaps, on the subconscious level, there is a fear. Not a fear of taking action, but a fear of the rage that would be inspired. For most, if accusations regarding institutionalized paedophilia were to be proven true, it may be that the subconscious mind is terrified of being unable to resist taking violent action. In addition, it would also permanently scar the trust we place in leaders. It may be possible that, for the average person of moral decency, the phrase “You can’t handle the truth.” provides revelation on the nature of the reality they are rooted in.

    If it were revealed beyond any doubt that our leadership is infiltrated by drug dealing, spirit cooking, paedophiles, I can only imagine the outcome. One could wager that if true, it would unite the nation in an unstoppable action.

    Of course we need jobs. Of course we need economic repairs. If there are allegations of crimes against children, they need serious investigation. Parents need jobs to provide for their children, and parents have to protect their children, so if we have bad trade deals and paedophilia all at the same time, we better be kicking with both feet.

    To anyone reading, who may think that it’s impossible for organized paedophilia to exist….that only tin foil hatters believe that kinda thing…. The sound of silence program, when revealed, got people labeled as crazy, and then it was proven. Same with MKUltra, same with the LSD experiments, same with Tuskegee, same with illegal unconsentual radiation experiments, same with water fluoridation, same with air heroin, same with fast & furious….the same thing has been happening for a century. People speaking truth are labeled as crazy, then years later there is an unrepeated fleeting news article with truth revealed. When it comes to organized institutionalized pedophilia, it would be unpardonable to see an article 20 years from now, providing evidence that American apathy was responsible for crimes against children.

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