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Canadian Prepper – Why Society Fears Preppers

Canadian Prepper - Why Society Fears Preppers

Why does “society” fear preppers? Globalists, mainstream media and governments continue to denigrate preppers. Why? Canadian Prepper gives his reasons.

The act of prepping, of being prepared, is a rejection of the status quo, whether you realize it, or not, for the status quo says “society” will take care of you. All you need to do is follow the rules, and pitch in for the common good and all will be good. By prepping, you are rejecting one of the core tenets of “society”. You have made a conscious decision to take responsibility for the protection and preservation of your family.

From the video description:

The perfect citizen by modern standards is the one most dependent on the grid, any deviation from this is suboptimal from the perspectives of the powers that be. Preppers, survivalists, homesteaders and anyone who wants to exercise a measure of control and responsibility over their lives is ultimately a drag on the system… Its no wonder why there is a stigma against preparedness…

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