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Bunkerville Defendant is FBI Informant

by Shari Dovale

The Nevada Bunkerville Protest Trial heated up today when it was unintentionally disclosed that defendant Greg Burleson has been a paid informant for the FBI since 2012.

The prosecution called FBI Agent Michael Caputo and FBI Agent Adam Nixon to the stand and, in an unusual move, the court instructed the jury that this testimony would be used only in reference to Defendant Burleson.

The prosecution attempted to be careful of how they questioned the witnesses, however, they did ask a few questions that raised eyebrows. The only defense attorney that was allowed to cross examine the agents was Burleson’s attorney, Terrence Jackson .

Jackson gave every impression that he was not aware of his client’s true status. He questioned the witnesses until they made the admissions. Over multiple government objections, and amid several small conferences with the other defense attorneys, Jackson continued to hammer at the agents with questions until they admitted to Burleson’s status as a Federal Informant.

Burleson has worked with the FBI on other cases prior to the Bunkerville Protest. Towards the end of 2015 Burleson initiated contact with the FBI. It is believed that this was the time that the scheme to plant Burleson in the prison was hatched.

Burleson has been kept apart from the other prisoners, it was said, due to medical problems. It has been reported that he has gone blind, is in a wheelchair and suffers from Diabetes. Complaints of lack of medical care have been made throughout the time of his incarceration.

Burleson was not taken from the courtroom after the shocking announcements, and no motions were requested for a mistrial. Though, this seems to be a likely case to be declared a mistrial.

As one of the defendants, Burleson had access to all pretrial conferences and defense discussions. All investigations and other evidence would have been completely available to him, and therefore, to the FBI and prosecution, as well.

What will the government do next? If this case does not get thrown out, it will indicate just how deep this corruption goes.

From REDOUBT NEWS (There is an update video at this link.)

This is a youtube version of the facebook video in the original article.

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Published on Mar 22, 2017

A Defendant is an informant !
Bunkerville Defendant is FBI Informant…

Greg Burleson motion to seal…

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    1. I think we need to pressure the Trump Admin and Sessions to put a stop to these prosecutions. But how do we do that? There is a White House petition, which I signed onto, to set people free, but not sure it has gotten much traction.

      How do we build enough momentum?


      1. Lock and load comes to mind. OK, maybe a little over the top. I have a gut feeling the jury is going to solve this problem just like they did in Burns, OR. Absent that, the tyranny advocates are going to cross a line at some point, and all kinds of hell is going to rain down on them.

      2. Spook and 175 are not far from truth. By that I mean the Real Truth. We are witness to the very same “Intolerable Acts” that the Declaration was written for. In fact, it points out the “Shifting of Justice” for prosecutorial reasons, on a case by case basis.

        You asked, “How do we build enough momentum?” We need to reach across the aisle and point out how, when a judge starts “mitigating” misdemeanors rather than allow for proper jury trials, sooner or later the same cannon can be pointed in their Collective direction. Clearly, a violation of Due Process, and in Oregon/ Washington you can receive some of the same punitive punishments for misdemeanors as you can felonies. Trespassing is one of them.

        You know how I feel about starting anything that may lead to a civil war or revolution, but it may be time to write a new “Declaration of Independence.” I am also curious if anyone has contacted the ACLJ? We may still have cards to play, but we may have to put ourselves in harm’s way.

    1. I believe you’re asking when Greg Burleson worked with the FBI as an informant. According to this video explanation of the proceedings, Burleson had worked for the FBI previously, starting in 2012, on other cases. The relevant part of the video starts at 3:00. Both speakers on the video, John Lamb and Andrea Parker, are attending the trial.

      1. Thx. No time 2 watch video yet. Knew him decades ago – feel like a duma$$ for believing in him.

      2. Got to listen to quite a few – turning Constitution backwards struck me as Satanic and I am left pondering how often do most Americans actually get to realize that they are living out their Constitution granted freedoms? Especially the comment about being able to confront your accuser caused me to remember that most workplaces are run with terror – TPTB levy false allegations of wrongdoing from anonymous complainant in hopes of acquiring information about co-workers. I always refused to play. Would state that I was uncomfortable with the integrity of the process – it’s always a gang-bang of 6 – 10 board members or upper management vs. little old you. Mucho hours & dollars wasted that way. Yes the first time I referenced my constitutional right to confront my accuser because I had absolutely no idea what they were talking about. So I think that most people spend most of their waking hours in a situation where their constitutional rights are suspended in exchange for a paycheck. They believe that this battle is petty nitpicking of wealthy folk. They either just don’t get it or they are hoping that if they keep their heads down and blend in with the crowd maybe the terrorists won’t touch them.

      3. Plus most employers force you to abdicate your Constitutional rights in your contract as terms of even getting your foot in the door.

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