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What America Really Needs To Do About the UN

What America Really Needs To Do About the UN

The simple answer is, quite frankly, to withdraw from the UN. It is a globalist organization dedicated to the New World Order. It is the UN which initiated Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 along with many other globalist programs. – Shorty Dawkins

This article comes from PJ Media.

by Claudia Rosett

This week brings fresh reports that the Trump White House wants to slash funding to the United Nations, possibly by as much as 50%. That would be a wise move, and if that’s what actually happens, it would be a good start and a welcome signal — the first from an American president in many years — that it is time for the UN to stop treating Washington as a moronic sugar-daddy. It is way past time for the UN (and Washington itself) to stop treating U.S. tax dollars as a multi-billion-dollar annual entitlement for the bigots and thug governments that so amply populate Turtle Bay. It is time for the U.S. to stop shelling out roughly $10 billion per year for the benefit of a UN in which, for instance, the member states have just elected — I’m not kidding — the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism,  Iran, as head of the largest voting caucus at the UN assemblies in Vienna.

But behind any move to slash UN funding loom a number of questions. What, precisely, might America hope to achieve? Where can this go? If the aim is to reform the UN, is that even possible?

These are among the questions I address in a Broadside pamphlet published this week by Encounter Books, on “What To Do About the UN.”

The usual defense of the UN is that it may be “imperfect,” but “it’s all we’ve got” — a refrain that tends to be accompanied by prescriptions for reforms that either won’t stick, or won’t work at all.

My argument is, if the UN is all we’ve got, then it is way past time to come up with something else.

And while it happens fairly often that columnists here and there (myself included) will call for defunding the UN, replacing the UN, supplanting the UN, and so forth, there is very little in the public domain that actually explores, in serious ways, in detail, with the benefit of real expertise, exactly how America might divorce itself from the UN, and avail itself of arrangements more appropriate to the 21st century.

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  1. I remember when I was a little kid and I would point to the signs on the side of the road that said,”get out of the UN now.JB society” I would ask my dad and mom what it meant, and they would chuckle. President Trump is not a stupid man, he is either a huge actor and deceiver or he really see’s the hand writing on the wall. I think and hope the later.If so he needs to be encouraged to act upon his beliefs, I know Rand Paul would have. This would also pin every one else in the swamp down, and show their true unconstitutional colors and they should be condemned as traitors for such.I believe that the management could speak with other like minded groups and send this type of article to him. Your call.

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