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Tucker Dismantles WaPo ‘Media Critic’ Over Reporting Bias, Russia Hypocrisy

WaPo makes money off Russian propaganda ads on site!

| – February 15, 2017

The latest victim of Tucker Carlson’s scorched earth takedowns is Erik Wemple, a ‘media critic’ at the Washington Post.

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Wemple appeared on Carlson’s popular Fox News show to discuss the unrelenting barrage of disinformation and blatant lies from the mainstream media designed to delegitimize Donald Trump and his fledgling administration – and tie them to the Russian government.

Carlson wasted no time exposing the raging hypocrisy of Wemple and the Post, pointing out that they regularly carry “native advertising” sponsored by the Russian regime, while simultaneously accusing Trump and a wide swath of independent American media outlets – such as Infowars and The Drudge Report – of operating on behalf of the Russians.

Native advertising is defined as, “paid advertising where the ad matches the form, feel and function of the content of the media on which it appears.”

“The Washington Post, for many years, has literally carried paid propaganda from the Russian government – a section called ‘Russia Behind the Headlines,’” noted Carlson. “It looks like news, it’s designed to fool readers into thinking it’s real – and it’s pure propaganda paid for, distributed by, the Russian government… Why have you never written about that? How can you attack others when you don’t note that your own paper makes money from taking propaganda from the Russian government?”

He went on to point out that Wemple, a supposed ‘watchdog’ for media bias and hypocrisy, has attacked other publications, such as Politico, for utilizing native advertising, while turning a blind eye to the same practice being employed by the Post as a tactic to subtly fool readers.

Carlson also provided examples of the Post putting forth blatantly fabricated or dishonest stories regarding supposed incidents within Trump administration and Russia “hacking” the U.S. electrical grid.

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