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Top 50 Items To Be Bartered After SHTF

Top 50 Items To Be Bartered After SHTFThe following is a list of items that will be high on the list of items to be traded or bartered in a collapse situation, as presented by Reality Survival. He does not list them in any particular order, as your situation may be different than someone else’s.

On his list you will see some skills included. Skills will be very important, and can be traded for something needed. Can you repair shoes? A skill like that will be needed. Can you create energy? If you can charge batteries for people, or make alcohol or any other fuel, you will find ready trading partners.

It is not only goods that will be traded. Skills and services will be of high value.

What skills do you, or those in your survival group have? Learn something new. Whatever your new skill set is, it will have value.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Totally left out communication and transportation ( other than mentioning fuel ) !!
    If you look at third world countries, bicycles and motorbikes are number one.
    How valuable would it be to know that there is a bunch of bad guys headed your way and they will be here in …………….1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day, or 1wk.? Difference between life and death !!

    1. Ic65,

      The list is for Barter goods and services. Not many people will have extra radios on hand to barter with, though it might be a good item to stockpile. Bicycles are a good idea to stockpile, along with parts for them. Bicycle repair would be a good skill set to learn.

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