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Today’s A.F. Branco Cartoon – 2/08/2017 – *Oath Keeper*

Solemn Oath | Political Cartoon | A.F. Branco

By Conservative Byte2017-02-08

Conservative Byte

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  1. The question is when are the left globalists politicos going to start experiencing some consequence for open destruction of our constitutional nation? Still waiting….

  2. First, let’s make sure Trump doesn’t violate it himself. Stop and frisk, use of no-fly lists to deny gun ownership, and asset forfeiture before a person is even tried all come immediately to mind for me as “law and order” powers Trump has supported that violate the Constitution. We need to make sure to call him out too, when he crosses the line. I agree with much that he has done, especially on immigration, but when it comes to the Bill of Rights, he has much to learn.

    1. True that. No free rides.

      Trump needs to be educated as to the Constitutional limits of the Presidency. He is just one branch of government. Not a King. We just got rid on one who thought he was..

      While it’s great to see him take the globalist agenda by the horns, he must also be a statesman and adhere to the laws of the land. If he can learn that, he can be a decent President.

    2. “Stop and frisk, use of no-fly lists to deny gun ownership, and asset forfeiture before a person is even tried all come immediately to mind for me as “law and order” powers Trump has supported that violate the Constitution.”

      These things ARE within the law and order powers!! Get a clue.

      1. Really? You think using the “no fly list” to deny gun ownership is constitutional? You do know that anyone, at anytime, can end up on that list, whether by mistake or by intent of some faceless bureaucrat somewhere, don’t you? And you do know that political enemies of the state also end up there, right? No trial, no hearing, no due process of any kind. Just one of the thousands of different government agencies can put you on the list for whatever reason strikes their fancy. And you will never know why.

        In fact, I AM ON THAT LIST. I can’t fly without DHS permission. I can’t even get a boarding pass or check my luggage at the counter without the ticket agent having to first call up TSA Flight Security/DHS and get approval for me to fly. That usually takes 15 minutes, at least, but sometimes up to 45 minutes, with me and the ticket agent standing there while he/she is on the phone with the feds. Then the ticket is stamped SSSS and I get the “special screening” treatment in security, with the full search of my body, all of my stuff, inside and out, and then testing everything for bomb residue. I get that every single time I fly, ever since summer of 2015. I got so sick of it, I stopped flying. I only flew again to attend the Inauguration in DC, where we did a security operation to protect people from Anti-Fa thugs. And yep, when I flew again on Jan 19, I got the same treatment, and the same SSSS designation.

        The so-called “no fly list” is not just for listing people who cannot fly at all. It is also for listing those of us who can’t fly UNLESS given permission.

        And why I am I on that list? Who knows? You tell me. But I can guess it just maybe has something to do with me founding Oath Keepers. Now that Obama is gone, I’ll go through the complaint process to try to get my name off the list.

        So, you support using that arbitrary list to disarm Americans, no trial, no hearing, just BAM! name on the list? The list that anyone could be placed on, for unknown reasons by any of thousands of wheenie .gov beaurocrats who just don’t like you, or because your name popped up for some other random reason.

        The problem is a lack of due process – as in no process at all, and certainly not a jury trial which is what the Founders would recognize as due process before a fundamental right, like the right to bear arms, is curtailed. It used to be in this nation, back when the Constitution was fully in effect, that it took a jury trial and successful felony conviction to do that, period. Then came the use of simple restraining orders to put you on a list of prohibited persons – that was done by anti-gunners. Then the VA started putting veterans on the “no-buy” list for trumped up crap reasons like supposedly not being fit to handle their own VA financial benefits (again, decided by some faceless bureaucratic weenie behind a computer screen, or by some quack, anti-gun VA doctor). And now, the anti-gunners want to use the no-fly list.

        And you support that? It is you that needs to catch a clue. The Founders listed denial of jury trial as one of the grievances against the king in the Declaration of Independence, because the deprivation of life, liberty, or property without a jury trial was to them a gross violation of that right to be judged by a jury of their peers. And they were right! And then, to make sure it didn’t happen again, they put the requirement of jury trial on the Constitution in not just one place, but in three.

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