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Schumer and his pals campaigning hard for Trump’s re-election

It’s 1968 all over again.  Violent protesters are filling the streets, lighting fires, vandalizing private and public property, and beating people without knowing what “side” those people support.

February 3, 2017  By Patricia McCarthy

Most likely there was some spontaneity to the protests of the 1960s; college students did not want to be drafted into the military.  Once Nixon ended the draft in 1973, the protests stopped.

This time, it’s different.  The protests against Trump and all things conservative and Republican are organized, paid for, the protesters and vandals recruited and trained by a panoply of radical leftist groups, some of them funded by the odious nihilist George Soros.

He funded the many groups that recruited the marchers for the Women’s “pussy” March that took place the day after Trump’s inauguration as well.  What was the purpose of that march?  Unclear.  There was no stated purpose beyond hating the newly elected president.  Many of the marchers were completely unable to articulate why they were there.  Trump had been president for a day, and they were blaming him for every imaginable and imaginary potential blight upon their womanhood.  The woman who headed up the march, Linda Sarsour, is a Muslim sharia law supporter with a vicious streak.  The women who marched were pawns in a very dangerous game.  They willingly and unwittingly gave their contact information to a communist group.

All of this brings us to the latest rent-a-mobs.  What happened at U.C. Berkeley Wednesday night was appalling.  At the home of the Free Speech Movement of 1964-65, there is no longer even a semblance of respect or reverence for free speech.  Mario Savio is rolling over in his grave.  A calculated riot took place to prevent Milo Yiannopoulos, a young gay Jewish conservative, from speaking.  Protests occur everywhere he appears, and his talks are often canceled for the same reason: militant  intolerance.  These radical leftists are the new fascists.  They have gone so far to the left that they’ve run smack into Mussolini, Hitler, and Stalin on the circle of ideologies.  Hitler’s Nazism was only a hair’s-width different from Stalin’s communism anyway.

Sen. Schumer is playing the pitiful fool in this grand hysterical play.  He thinks that by crying fake tears over a few detained immigrants from nations known to harbor and train terrorists, he will reinvigorate the Democratic Party.  He has never cried over the thousands of Americans killed in Chicago or the hundreds of thousands brutally killed in the Middle East thanks to the policies of Obama or the victims of illegal immigrant criminals.  Like Nancy Pelosi, he is absolutely clueless as to how Trump won, so he is doubling down on what he knows: denigrate, disparage, and lie.  And the more he plays this part, the more people support Trump and his take-no-prisoners style.

Keep it up, Chuck.  Along with all the professional protesters, you are guaranteeing Trump’s re-election just as the protesters of the 1960s guaranteed Nixon’s victory.





  1. Much of the populace is aware that Soros funds these rent-a-mob groups. How then is it that President Trump and company seem unaware of this and/or do not address this treason? Is Soros so powerful that he and his NGO’s in the US are untouchable? Putin solved this problem by banning Soros’ NGO’s in Russia, and I believe Soros himself is unwelcome there. If the funding from Soros is not stopped, then he will eventually ARM the more radical of these groups with firearms and ammunition. Rather than try to address a dozen political issues at once and be unable to gain ground on any of them, Trump should address this most serious of issues first. Without money from Soros, none of the leftist agenda can be advanced.

    1. True enough George..even my dog walk friends are talking about Soros like he’s Doyle’s Moriarty, But we can’t let the crisis of the day make us betray our principles. We are not in Russia, and if we have been fighting all these years to restore liberty in our country, we have to believe in the rights we have preserved with our own bleeding hands. I might ask you : What can trump do, that is. while staying within his delegated powers as President ?

      1. Norton;
        The groups that he (Soros) is funding are advocating overthrow of the US gov. (“Antifa”, and anarchists for example). They are not “protesting”, but causing damage to private property, fomenting insurrection and threatening the life of President Trump (over 12,000 twitter threats against Trump’s life). Soros’ crimes are numerous: treason, sedition, advocating overthrow of the government, recruiting for service against the United States among others all of which violate US code, Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 115. (here is the link to the pertinent law:
        I also highly recommend the following article (it is not too long) if you are so inclined;
        I believe you will find it enlightening. All of these crimes are punishable with considerable prison time.
        By the way, the article that I linked to, mentions among other things, Seditious Conspiracy, which Webster defines as: “The crime of saying, writing, or doing something that encourages people to destroy the government.” Soros is most definitely guilty of this and other crimes, IMHO.

        There is plenty that President Trump can do, and he could start by initiating an investigation into Soros funding activities. If Soros is found guilty, his activities could be put to an end. Soros at this point is known the world over for his “color revolutions”. He is merely a rich criminal, nothing more.

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