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Republicans Unclear on Concept of ‘Protester’ Threat

Republicans Unclear on Concept of ‘Protester’ Threat
Guess who the fascists, national socialists and other not-so-innocent garbage are referring to when they project their descriptions onto conservatives? Guess who they want to physically pummel into submission or worse?

“Republicans, Staff Fear Violence against Them as Opposition to Obamacare Repeal Intensifies,” The Washington Free Beacon reports. “House Republicans and their staff face may face violence as the protests against the Affordable Care Act repeal intensify.”

“[Former County Sheriff David] Reichert suggested having an exit strategy at town halls, maintaining a police presence at the town halls, and replacing glass doors with a heavier alternative,” the story explains.  So far so good. He understands there’s a physical threat, not just to property, but to life. The next bit of advice invites challenge:

He also told them to be friendly and nice to protesters because of their First Amendment right to protest what they don’t agree with … During the meeting the Republicans went over strategies of engagement towards Democratic activists to make sure that they feel like their opinions and concerns were being heard by the other party. It was said that interactions should be conducted in a “‘congenial’ manner.”

Read the complete story here.

I posted my reaction to it on The War on Guns blog:

Republicans Unclear on Concept of ‘Protester’ Threat

Everyone is clear on who they’re calling “fascist” and on who they want dead?

There’s no reasoning with domestic enemies who rely on violence, there is only avoiding them, repelling them or stopping them. Assuming Republicans are unwilling to halt political activities in the face of threats, that means they must make sure they are conducted under appropriate physical security. It also means individuals must either be protected from attacks or be prepared to protect themselves.

It’s not a matter of interacting with Democrats who believe in using the political process. Every election for the past several years I’ve worked as a Precinct Election Official, and we work in teams consisting of two Republicans and two Democrats.  We’re able to interact just fine, with cooperation and courtesy (and no politics).

Republicans Unclear on Concept of ‘Protester’ Threat
It would appear they’ve forgotten the first rule of Fight Club.

The reason you need to replace glass doors at what should be political events is because of Marxists, and so-called (but not really) “Anarchists,” and screaming Social Justice Warriors of various stripes, and masked ANTIFA fascists,  and national socialists calling conservatives Nazis while offering “clinics” to “Bash the Fash.”

Here’s who they really mean to bash:

 “This event is open to everyone and anyone, EXCEPT REPUBLICANS.”

We’re talking about It’s Going Down fanatics, urging:

All this is to say, to strike is to disrupt in whatever ways we can, the smooth functioning of the systems of domination we find ourselves surrounded by. This can be a railroad blockaded, a freeway shut down, a police vehicle overturned, a neighborhood barricaded to prevent ICE or BP from so much as entering, a caregivers’ strike, or a baseball bat to a klansman or rapist’s kneecap. We echo some distant accomplices when we say, BE THE FIST YOU WANT TO SEE IN A FASCIST’S FACE.

And guess who they mean when they say “klansman” and “rapist” and “fascist”?

There can be no peace with such as these. They will not allow it. Ideologues who pave the way for totalitarians never will, and those who believe “It” can’t happen here are whistling past the graveyard of history.

Do you think you can offer any “compromise” to satisfy them? That works in Nature, right, when surrounded by a pack of jackals? Just throw them a scrap of meat and they’ll be sated and on their way?

You want to know what they want us to do? Here we go, art imitating life:

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=”″]

“Interact congenially” with that. Lest you think this is an overreaction, scroll back up and look at that banner again.

Everybody realizes that beatings aren’t like on TV, right? Per the FBI, Significantly more people are killed with blunt objects, fists and feet than with rifles. If attacked by an “unarmed” assailant, you’re more than justified to use whatever force is necessary to stop it, but you can’t do that if you’re not prepared — with the tool, the ability and the mindset.

Obviously the best outcome is to avoid trouble if you can. If you can’t, then pre-plan ways to ensure safety, including traveling in groups, scouting, assessing before proceeding, keeping apprised of police scanner chatter, making sure communications channels are established and working, and exercising your right to keep and bear arms — with the obvious caveat that you’d better know what you’re doing and be prepared not to make things disastrous for yourself or for non-attackers.

Republican activists need to wake up and acknowledge that reality, or the domestic enemies will get their wish.


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David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. We’ve reached the most dangerous moment in time where the old labels no longer apply, and only serve to confuse. “Republican” Paul Ryan and his establishment posse took Soros money! We are patriots, or domestic enemy. Period. Anyone who disagrees with this fact is simply avoiding (in their mind) the conflict they have already welcomed.

    1. What we are seeing is a reaction to the election and the downfall of many of the insane policies BHO and crew have created and were intending to hand off to Hillary. They are trying to do anything possible to undermine DT and crew in any way possible. There are two fronts before us. One is the paid provocateurs to try to create violence and chaos at public events or even create those public events like BLMatters protest and such. The other front is a more specific political front that is entrenched within our own government agencies, courts and entire legal apparatus. The second front includes their true source of power, PRAVDA/MSM. They can create any narrative or dialogue they deem necessary or at least they could until Trump came along and called them out, for who and what they are on a grand scale. But they are still very powerful, let there be no doubt, and they still need to be defeated completely. In many ways they are shooting themselves in the foot and not realizing why DT was elected. But they are also capable of doing a lot of damage going forward and they are trying to do exactly that on any front they can create.

      Hopefully we will see a new DOJ take action to prosecute people like Soros who fund many criminal acts. The only reason he has not been prosecuted is because BHO and his DOJ were in charge, just like Al Sharption paid no taxes for 8 years and nobody bothered to go after him. Instead he was invited to the WH for counsel on how to ramp up racial animus. So we should see the rules change abruptly in favor of legal acts and prosecutions for those that pay to create violence and chaos deliberately. As well clean up some of the other agencies that have been perverted and polluted with BHO holdovers intent on creating as many problems as possible !

      By and large the Reps have proven themselves to be very weak and ineffective on many fronts and they need to grow a pair and start enforcing just the existing laws. We do not need any new laws. Here is how PRAVDA/MSM works

    2. Chip…….Bulls eye dead center…..add, subtract, multiply or divide it any way you wish…..I can see no way to avoid the collision and it is on the immediate horizon…..this is indeed “the most dangerous moment in time”……

    3. With the “liberals”, the root problem is “words don’t matter”. They change the meaning of words to fit their ideology / political ambition. Since the USA is based on a document of words, liberals have been destroying the Constitution and the USA for a long time.

  2. The sub-humans inciting and promoting violence against any American must be arrested, fined, imprisoned and not allowed to roam free anywhere in America. It is ridiculous to suggest peaceful Americans going about their daily business or attending ‘town hall’ meetings with their government representatives should have to prepare to defend their lives! Shut the violence down now. Do not bend to their fear tactics. Do not allow them to dominate the news. Do not allow them to have their desired ‘fame’ or spotlight. Ignore them at every chance in the media and arrest them for every violent act they do. Criminals do not deserve attention or freedom.

    1. I call them Lefty-Fa, which is pronounced Lef-TEE-fah 😉 I call them that because they are leftist-fascists. They truly are the new “Brownshirts” and are acting just like actual fascists, in that they assault, beat, and attempt to kill people who merely hold opinions the lefty fascists don’t like.

      It is so perversely ironic and sad that they are behaving precisely like what they claim to be fighting. And that goes for being abusers of women too. The lefty-fa are the ones who are assaulting and terrorizing women in the streets while they claim to be defenders of woman’s rights. Frankly, any man who hits a woman in the head with a metal pole should be shot on the spot. And that is what will happen in short order. Someone is going to pull out a gun and defend themselves or another person against deadly force assault (being struck in the head with a metal pole or pipe is deadly force) and they are going to empty their magazine into one of these fascist sacks of crap who like to beat and terrorize women. And I will simply laugh and play that on a loop for about an hour.

      They are fascist thugs and terrorists. And they are driving this nation toward a brutal civil war.

      1. I hope you are wrong in regards to your prediction, but I fear you aren’t. One of the riskiest things that can be done is to seriously frighten someone. Sooner or later someone who has been frightened, but has the means at hand to stop the threat, is going to have to hurt some folks. I just hope if it happens it’s for a legally and morally justifiable reason. May God have mercy on us all.

      2. Yes, they are far left and hate our guys and all that we stand for. We cannot reason with or make them comfortable with our way thinking, because they do not care what we think. The is pushing civil war and if the cops do not protect me and mine, we will protect ourself with extreme force.

  3. It is beginning to look like there might be an insurmountable problem; if we could somehow arrest them, are there even enough jail cells to hold all the jihadists, all the illegals, and all of the Soros-paid American violence-lovers?

  4. Nothing has really changed over the long term here. Nazis were socialists with a progressive leaning. Hitler lifted most of his ideology from America’s progressives. Indeed his striving in Eugenics was purely an American Progressive ideology, along with his whole concept of elitism. Get real people – the “left” claims some amoral superiority, when in fact, as anyone with open eyes can see, they are murderous thugs at heart who simply demand their own way about virtually everything, regardless of the consequence. Firstly, all influence from George Soros and his multitude of groups and sycophants must be disposed of – absolutely removed from the public discourse.

    1. Good point about the common ground between the Nazis (National Socialists) and the American “Progressives” (just a cloaking term for communists). It was only because we went to war with Germany, and because Germany attacked the Soviet Union, that the American “progressives” supported war against Germany (while Stalin and Hitler were under a mutual non-aggression pact, American communists opposed U.S. involvement in the growing war, but when Hitler attacked the U.S.S.R. they suddenly demanded we get involved). and it was only after eugenics got a bad name because of Hitler, did the American left drop eugenics, at least openly – don’t forget that Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, was a eugenicist, and low and behold, it is black babies that are aborted more than any other race in abortion clinics across the nation.

      The “left” in this nation is now dominated by Marxists. That is the ideology of the modern so-called left, whether they cloak it by calling themselves “progressives” or socialists, or social-democrats, or even if they call themselves “anarchists” they all go back to Marx as their ideological fountainhead. The “classical liberal” strain of thought that used to be considered “left,” in the days of Jefferson up to John Stewart Mill, is now only found among libertarians and minarchist constitutionalists.

      So, why don’t we just call the “leftists” what they really are, which is Marxists? The shoe fits.

      1. Stewart, you know enough to write a book or at least an outline to more fully inform patriots how it has come to this point and who is behind it. One thing that everyone needs to understand, the term Globalism is simply a politically correct and more obscure term to replace the term New World Order that gathered so much resistance from the little people (that’s us).

  5. They are salvaging the pieces of Their Plan on the fly for now. I wondered what happened to all those voter-booth club wielders from 2008, and expect they have been trained now and organized. (note the WaPo article yesterday, claiming obama heads up a 30,000 strong “organization”.) My strategy is to engage every one of these feeble minded neighbors, understanding all kinds of crap has been done to their thinking and decision-making. I detest acting in a predictable fashion, as Americans tend not to know exactly what they will do until they find themselves doing it. And we do it very well.

  6. Watch the video of the Breitbart guy in Oregon pull his weapon to keep a mob from beating him senseless while he retreated, and then read the results. He stands to be convicted and could get up to 50 years in jail just for brandishing. Be ready; be alert, and stay out of the communist state of Oregon.

    1. It’s mostly just Portland that is the liberal cesspool of Oregon. Most of the rest of Oregon is sane. Even Salem and Eugene are safe, but still wise to carry there and watch your surroundings everywhere you go as always. Stay away from Portland.

    2. Yes, what happened to Strickland needs to be considered by all of us, and we need to be sure that if/when we defend ourselves, that we do it in a manner that minimizes the chance of us being persecuted for doing so.

      He made a grave mistake when he did not immediately leave the area after having drawn his Glock. Instead, he reholstered it and then stepped onto the sidewalk and gave an interview with some journalist about why he had just pointed his gun at the crowd. That cut against his defense that he had acted in self defense, out of fear for his life, since the people he had pulled the gun against were still standing there, while he gave the interview.

      I am not saying he deserved to be convicted. Just pointing out the bad “optics” he created by doing that interview instead of immediately leaving. Once you pull a gun out and point it at people, you expose yourself to a criminal charge unless you do everything right, and that means leaving so long as you can do so safely (and he could) and immediately reporting it to the police.

      He also pointed his gun at the entire crowd, sweeping it back and forth, rather than keeping it down at a low ready or “sul” retention position, which would have been far, far better optics and better for his defense. The gun should not go to eye level at that distance, pointed in on someone, unless you are ready to fire. I know people can/will disagree, and insist that he was right to point in on people in that situation, but when you are dealing with the fact that you will be filmed by others, and comfortable jury or judge (Strickland waived his right to jury trial and let a judge decide his fate – big mistake!) will judge you after the fact, I think it is better to default to NOT pointing in until and unless you have decided to fire. The difference in reaction time from low ready or “sul” position to firing as opposed to pointed in is a fraction of a second. Point it down, obviously not pointed at any person, and you are far better off. Then act as if everything you do will be picked apart by an evil prosecutor who wants your head, because it WILL.

      And that means leave. It doesn’t mean stick around and give interviews, or engage in arguments with people, which is what he did, and that made it easier for “them” to make an example of him.


  7. Ladies, if you can’t carry a gun – always carry a knife and pepper spray. NEVER be unarmed or unable to defend yourself. It has reached the point we must be ready to stand and fight.
    To the folks in charge of the company store: you need t-shirts and jackets for women, sizes S through 3X.

  8. Progressives are the new Nazis. Either our law enforcement will do what it takes to STOP rioting mobs from succeeding in shutting down opposition, (As of now law enforcement has stood by and allowed them to succeed) – OR THEIR WILL BE MASS GENOCIDE IN THE STREETS. At this point, between progressive politicians, judges, and violent rioting mobs in the streets – our country is UNGOVERNABLE. For all the republicans gave Obama, FOR NOT WANTING TO APPEAR BEING THE CAUSE OF SHUTTING DOWN THE GOVERNMENT – PROGRESSIVE SUBVERSION IS NOW ATTEMPTING TO TAKE DOWN OUR WHOLE GOVERNMENT. This must be portrayed as the communist overthrow that it is.

  9. Never-point a gun , unless , you intent too use it , or , you real be arrested , ” For Asualt , with a Deadly-Weapon” , it’s a very serious’ felony ; You must fear , for , your life , before , you use a gun to defend , your self , or , when , your trying to save another life ; Once , you , point a gun at someone to save another life , you have know choice but too shoot , or , you will be charged , with “Asualt , with a Deadly-Weapon ” , although , in front , of a jury , you , maybe found innocent , other word’s pulling a gun and , not using it , is very riskie , the Court- System frown’s apron a person pointing a gun at another person , even , if , your scared , for , your life the police will still arrest and charge , you , with Asualt , with a Deadly-Weapon and leave , it , up to the Court-System to determine , your-fate , not a good Idea to point a gun at someone else , although in , my opinion a feel the law is too cut in-dry , if somebody , is in fear , of their life and they point a gun at someone , just to back them off but their intent , is not to shoot them but too scare them away , that , is a oxymoron in our justice-system ; Gun’s are , not toy’s and , not too be taken lightly ; Based , on , that adage I personally , would , never point a gun , at another person , unless I feared , for , my life and , my intent would be too shoot , with the intent of saving , my life , that’s , just the way , that the system work’s , like-it , or not ; Steward I would , like , your personal opinion , on , my take ?

  10. I have had enough. I suggest our congressmen and women and senators hold townhalls via Skype, youTube, email, etc. They don’t have to put up with this anarchy and shouldn’t. I say #ResisttheResistance.

  11. ..and if Congress “does nothing” (leaves it alone), it will die on its own and take several with it. It must be repealed and replaced. We are way past the “just repeal” stage — too many people rely on govt for their very health and lives, nowadays. Honestly, I’d prefer no law at all. Everyone should simply be responsible for their own health. Enough of this Nanny State crap… It’s bankrupting everything. Nanny State has removed incentive to be healthy and are we surprised we are here now?

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