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‘Refuse Fascism’ Organizer Seeks to Overthrow ‘Nazi’ Trump!

Crazed SJW ‘Refuse Fascism’ Organizer Seeks to Overthrow ‘Nazi’ Trump! [Tucker Carlson]

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Sunsara Taylor didn’t like President Bush either:

The Revolutionary Communist Party’s says Trump will enact global genocide.

Like communism, which killed 94 million people?





  1. This stupid tart needs to get a refund from the collage that indoctrinated her. Really folks, Its time to pay more attention to the brain washing centers that call themselves education centers. We have all seen the product of their warped ideology. Lets shut them down and save whats left of our youth.
    I felt bad for Tucker on this one. How does anyone deal with such warped stupidity? So sad that we as Americans have to deal with this generation of brain washed cupcakes.

  2. Useful idiots like her need to be allowed to be out in front of the public as much as possible. The Left is finally taking it’s collective mask off for all to see, which means they either think they’re close to final victory or they’re desperately trying to recapture some semblance of credibility. I’d vote for the latter.

  3. I’m with you Mr. Spook. Let them have center stage for all the world to see. Nails on the blackboard squared to the 10th!

  4. Real Nazis kill their opposition. Real Nazis prevent peaceful assembly and protest. Real Nazis march and organize thugs and finance the destruction of the existing state.

    They were a lot like real Communists, but killed 100s of millions of fewer people than the Communists.

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