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Refugee From Afghanistan Charged With ASSAULT After Blocking Betsy DeVos At School


On Monday Politico reported that a protester who had blocked Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos from entering a school on Friday has been charged with assault for “impeding/assaulting US government cabinet member.”The man has been identified as Bilal Ahmed Askaryar, a refugee from Afghanistan. Politico obtained the police report on the case.

Police report from Politico:

Askaryar, who entered his plea on Saturday in Superior Court in Washington, was given “several lawful orders” to move out of the way of a vehicle, and then pushed an individual identified as “V-1.” Listed as a factor under one of the charges is “impeding/assaulting US government cabinet member.”

Below is the video from the incident on Friday where protesters prevented DeVos from entering the school. In the video you can also see Askaryar getting arrested for committing assault.

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Afghanistan is not currently one of the seven countries on the Travel Ban list but that may be changing in the near future.The Washington Times reports that there are several countries that the Trump Administration is considering adding to it’s list of banned countries in order to keep the country safe. The countries that may be next on the list include: Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Egypt.






  1. You “right-wing-extremists” are all the same! Can’t you see the man was practicing his assimilation techniques?

  2. I see no need for the tax payers to foot the bill for this idiots trial or incarceration. Regardless of his immigration status, He needs to be deported and denied reentry into the U.S.
    He was given the opportunity to come here and make a better life. Instead, he takes up with violent leftist groups and assaults a government official. He had his chance and he blew it. Get out….Stay out.

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