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‘Progressives’ Fantasizing about Civil War like Children Playing with Fire

‘Progressives’ Fantasizing about Civil War like Children Playing with Fire
Have those cavalierly proposing such scenarios as the appropriate response to Donald Trump considered all the likely factors?

“Chicago ‘scholar’ claims militias would be ‘toast’ if resisting military coup,” I posted last month. A “progressive journalist” was enamored of a “progressive academic,” both presuming the military is as predominantly subversive as they are. It would not only help them depose President Trump, the delusion goes, but would do all their dirty work for them.

And as for the fate of us “bitter clingers” and “deplorables”? They did their best to convince their echo chamber we’d be made short and effortless work of.

This presupposes those who support and defend the Constitution are the enemy. And the whole fantasy seems painfully unaware of the myriad factors that would rise to the surface and compete for dominance once disincentives against them were weakened or removed.

“I stumbled across this 9 minute blog cast from 2016, I think it’s dead-bang on,” “Enemies” trilogy author and former SEAL team member Matt Bracken advised * in an email linking to “Former Red Team Planner For The Federal Government Talks about Civil War Scenarios.”

Bracken’s brief endorsement means a lot in terms of credibility. Simply put, he’s more qualified to offer such an assessment than many, certainly more so than the eggheads calling for toast.


While no one has a crystal ball, the video Matt shared offers as possible an array of potentialities as any, and is consistent with much of the speculation we’ve discussed over the years in terms of foreign enemy opportunism, infrastructure vulnerability, what fractured military and government departments/agencies are likely to be doing (especially when factoring in Oath Keepers and other loyal Americans who would not obey treasonous orders), and what roles an armed citizenry might play. Let’s take a few moments and watch it [Warning: there is some occasional off-color/NSFW language peppered throughout]:

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

What do you think? Do you disagree with any of this? Is there anything you’d add?

How much thought have you put into such possibilities? And how much preparation?

More than coupthirsty “progressives,” who are all for a military dictatorship providing they are in no way inconvenienced and emerge after the smoke clears, take over the reins of power, and rule like the Philosopher Kings they presume themselves to be?

*  ADDENDUM from Matt Bracken that pretty much covers my sentiments as well:

I tried to upload it using the comment box. Basically I wanted to say that my approval of the podcast’s message wasn’t unqualified, that the author’s contention that the .gov sphere wouldn’t instigate a CW does not mean a CW won’t happen, there are many other routes to CW.


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David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.


  1. I have watched store shelves be emptied because of a snow storm . This happens in the cities miles away from me . The people clearing the shelves are those that live day to day in the city . Those that live in the ” sticks” like myself always have food etc for at minimum a few months . And we also have gardens and local farms . Plus we have the natural food sources of the wild .Not to forget that the cities tend to be more “progressive” and lean hard left vs those in the urban areas. pretty much those that are taken care of vs those that take care of themselves.

    If there were a civil war , the cites would not last long . Those trekking out to the urban areas would not last long either if they were going there simply to loot . Military would be hard pressed to make any headway against the locals that know and hunt the lands they live on . As in the video , there are many choke points locally , as well as strategic points only locals would know and think about .

    Above all else , if you find a house in my area that is not armed and does not practice both shooting as well as outdoorsmanship , you probably have found one of the few that are from ” away” .

    A civil war is a losing proposition for those that would rule others through government . The smarter ones realize that .

    1. I agree, Paul. A couple of weeks ago the weatherguessers were forecasting up to 3 ft of new snow on top of the usual deep base we already had. Actually on Superbowl Sunday. I went to the only store in town and the depletion was pizza and beer! So, we are peepared with plenty of firewood, a pond for water if necessary, a freezer full of trout, pheasant, elk, venison. Firearms of every description and sufficient ammo. 4-wheelers, snow machines, Generators, fuel, tents stoves, YETI ice chests, sleeping bags, skis, snow shoes, etc, etc.

      Yes, we have things we need to add in the area of non-perishable food and medical supplies, but we have a lot of the equipment basics here in NW Montana.

    2. Paul,

      I think the majority of us in the Liberty Movement are on the same page — that while many of the radical Leftists spout off about violent overthrow of the government, that is not likely doable given their resources. That’s why Constitutional Conservatives and Libertarians are in a wait and see/keep our powder dry mode. The Left is trying their best to provoke us into doing something stupid, and as long as we keep our cool, they’ll just keep digging themselves into a deeper hole. One of my favorite Sun Tzu quotes applies: “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

      Most of the people they hope to recruit to be foot soldiers/cannon fodder either hate guns or are afraid of them. Many of them need a safe space to hide just to get away from speech they disagree with. That is not the makings of a revolutionary army.

    3. Amen! I’ve often said that the military would deploy, but they’d drag their feet in their deployment. They would restrain from fighting, unless attacked…

  2. Interesting clusterfuck scenario. Well thought out. If SHTF like that, very little would be left unscathed.

  3. The analysis is interesting. It is based on several assumptions that may not currently be in play. The primary assumption is government involvement. What we are currently witnessing is not being prompted by “the government”. While it may contain elements of the deep state, the front line “useful idiots” are being recruited from the ranks of disaffected youths and ideological immature (read college students). The funding is being provided by an outside source believed to be Soros and his ilk. I would like to see the current situation war gamed to anticipate likely scenarios.

  4. Any of those things could happen. But the government doesn’t need or want a civil war. The eroding of our rights and government power likely will continue as we are distracted by the media nonsense and fed disinformation along with the chaos the elites are creating by training and releasing these hypocritical left wing terrorist hate groups. It really makes sense that they are funded and organized. I mean since when are young people or people in general so concerned besides something more than themselves, games, TV, sports, porn and stuffing their face.
    And if it’s true about Obama behind funding and organizing “concerned citizens” to flood town halls and spread out in a room to effect the appearance of the majority of what “the people” really want…well I’m not surprised. I see a a lot of bad change happening, just as people will be afraid of countering the culture and being targeted. The video posted today of the Paris riots, someone said if the governorment didn’t want this to happen, meaning the chaos and multi fronts, then they would have had the army sent in. It’s happening here and allowed to go too far. Look at what the police have to deal with here as they often have to stand back and tolerate this nonsense. I’m just surprised and it’s scary to see people who are mislead and so full of hate and anger, and intolarannt of the ” intolerant” against a president who really seems to be doing what he thinks is best for the people and this country. I hope a counter culture starts up amongst the youth that brings some sense of reason back. The youth need a voice to say it’s okay to think different, and ignorance and violence isn’t going to achieve anything. Perhaps oath keepers on campuses can help with this. This country needs prayer and unity of some sorts, what a time it is.

  5. Point of information: As I understand it, boomer sub captains cannot launch missiles without a yes-vote from the POTUS. Ditto for the Russkies. That’s something in the video/audio presentation that is not correct. Now, back in the early 60s, the Russkies actually *did* give their sub captains autonomy on that decision, which we found out many decades later. Puts the Cuban Missile Crisis in a different light knowing that.

    The core of the problem with the USA is the damage done to minds via MSM and public schools over a 50-plus year period, roughly starting with Goldwater’s loss. This will not be fixed overnight.

    1. Submarine launched nuclear warhead missiles are launched after a specific set of procedures are followed: 1. A launch order is given by the “Senior Surviving Authority” in case of a nuclear attack upon the USA ( a first strike); Senior Authority describes the President, Secretary of Defense, chairman of the JCS, NORAD Commanding General, and “certain designated release authorities). 2. The launch order is transmitted via a number of different survivability communications systems to the SLBM Vessel Captain. 3. The Captain, accompanied by at least 5 other “designated launch officers” aboard, open the Two-Man Rule security container – the combinations to which are shared between all aforementioned personnel. 4. The launch message, which contains various authentication materials, may or may not include the actual targeting data (which is programmed into the missile system from the Bridge). 5. The Captain and his launch personnel examine and agree – unanimously- upon the launch message’s validity. 6. The Captain may, at that time, unseal and break open the Emergency Action Key Code devices, which are handed to the launch personnel. 7. If radio silence is not required, a secure message will be sent back to the Senior Authority stating that the vessel is prepared to commence launch procedures. 8. Depending upon the reply received or not received, the Captain orders pre-launch action. 9. The submarine ascends to launch depth and prepares to open the outer missile tube door. 10. The launch crew goes through authentification and arming procedures and confirms the missile and warhead(s) are in readiness and operational. 11. The launch authority personnel confirm to the Captain that they are in agreement and a legitimate launch is authorized. The Captain and another officer, who hold the console lock keys, simultaneously insert and turn the keys to enable the launch. 12. When all is confirmed, the Captain orders the launch, which follows within 2 to 5 seconds. The missile cannot be recalled or destroyed in flight. Depending upon orders, any number of missiles may be expended in this manner.

      1. Too many cooks tend to spoil the broth, but luckily in this case might possibly prevent this catastrophic event from ever happening — if Russia is on the same page. But what about Iran and the twelvers?

      2. The Russians, French, Great Britain and the USA agreed several years ago that SLBMs afloat have their initial guidance and target settings adjusted to open sea areas. The launch procedures described in my previous post require less than 10 minutes. As for the others, all bets are off. The most dangerous scenario is a short range launch from a freighter cruising off the coast lines. That type of launch offers no imi no defensive response time.

  6. I believe this is a fairly good assessment. What I heard in the various scenarios is not new but was put together very well for overall pictures. I do believe, however that existing militias and organizations such as Oathkeepers would be a pivotal adjunct to those of the regular military and almost all special forces and Marines who would be loyal to their oaths and this country. The “rebels” would be better organized than those smaller bands of “loyalist” military members staying with the anti-American government. I also believe there would be more defections from the “loyalists” in fairly short order when they realized they were in the minority. I don’t think nuclear weapons would be used at all– at least not by any US forces on either side. But wouldn’t rule out interference from outside forces (World Order Country/UN sponsored). Whomever might have access to US nuclear weapons would understand the self destruction that would follow. obama armed a lot of formerly unarmed and untrained or poorly trained federal employees who would be no match at all for a trained and loyal military veteran. Someone asked me how I would do anything with no modern soldier’s weapons — the answer is simple — the very vulnerable armory locations are known and the part time guards (if still there) would not be any serious obstacle for determined and trained veterans. In order to avoid a real broad civil war, it is imperative we take down the muslim threat already here in much larger numbers thanks to 8 yrs of obama. It would seem to be useful for militias to have better training grounds and fitness and weapons training camps and initial logistical support plans right now. Of course it would have to be done in a manner to avoid or control the espionage expected from the federal government. Last estimate I saw was that muslims have 22 training camps already working in the USA. Militias could also pick up the pace with securing greater food supplies and safe growing areas. I have great faith that the seasoned leadership is already here for the loyal Americans so that those of us who are trained and prepared to defend will have commanders we trust. Guerilla tactics are not new and while my generation did not train for the house to house combat, we are disciplined and a quick study. Anything a current militia or other civil protection group does now will be spotlighted by the current feds who will undoubtedly have undercover elements placed to report back. My gut reaction is that that would not be difficult to control and feed misinformation for the “moles” . I have to admit that watching the video has caused me to consider the timing as a lot closer than I had originally anticipated. Those in leadership have a much better assessment, but I am now anxious to see things for me to participate and help with right now.

  7. If I may play devil’s advocate for the benefit of my patriot friends who would be wise to guard against a certain cockiness. Sheriff Clarke was one of the first (to my knowledge) to predict an ISIS/BLM alliance. I’ve noticed we tend to imagine the forces we’d be up against as primarily staffed by the hapless and “useful idiot” type…when in reality, we have no idea who is behind the growing sea of ANTIFA masks…and their level of training, skill and arms. They’ve been planning this for quite a long time. And we’ve got stooges like Chris Wallace covering for them…Just saying…don’t underestimate.

    1. I work at the public range here and see many of the people we assume will be doing the fighting, the liberal anarchist types, are usually low on skills (and un-teachable), but high on ideology. They have been so brainwashed that they believe that they are a force to be reckoned with because they all sat down and talked about it. These are the guys shooting AR’s and AK’s at 25 yards as fast as they can and missing. Some bring their A3 AR’s in the box it came in and shoot it several hundred times even though there are no sights on it. They also get thrown off the range regularly for safety violations so they may have problems with self inflicted wounds and friendly fire. We also have to “fix” their firearms for them because they cease to function. By fix, I mean, add oil or take the safety off or help them discover the slide latch. I’m certain that if you can keep a 200 yard distance from them they would be ineffective.
      I propose that the biggest threat we will face here if anything goes south is the Cartels, who are very well organized and trained, but were not mentioned in the video.

    2. Chip, I could not agree with you more. It would be foolish to underestimate the ability of these groups and to overestimate ourselves. We have no idea who they are or their level of training. Everyone assumes it comes from Soros’ pocket, but it could be greater. I served with PLENTY of leftist. While they were clearly the minority, they did exist and did receive training and combat experience. I think our next move should be to OBSERVE and keep our powder dry, nothing more. One thing that is clear, whoever they are, they want us to jump. Let’s not give it to them.

  8. I firmly believe that we ‘right wing nuts’ have the numbers, education, skills, and more to fight any auch inseurrection. I also firmly believe that local and federal governing bodies have already shown their ‘hand’ in so kuch that they currently (and have in the recent past) allowed rioters ‘room to destroy.’ How much more room will they allow should it come down to civil war? I don’t think for asecond that the ruling elite would be dumb enough to enter into a civil war with its constituency (why fight your citizens when you can sit back & wait for them to destroy themselves, thus allowing you to swoop in and ‘save the day’ after critical mass destruction has been achieved?) – The point is, we are probably one lefty loose screw away from pissing off the wrong ‘right wing nut’ on the wrong damn day. If it will be civil war, it will be, in my opinion, neighbor against neighbor and less of government against constituent. I firmly believe that the gov’t will likely ‘sit this one out,’ and why not? In some areas they’ve been doing it for the last 2 years of riots. Oh sure, there has been police presence BUT, remember this my right wing homies, LEOs, by MULTIPLE ‘supreme’ court rulings have stated that a LEO had NO DUTY to serve and protect, only to ebforce the law. If the governing body decides to let looters loot, and rioters riot, then NO LAW is being broken – and it then becomes every person/family/community for themselves. I have to give a sarcastic ‘kudos’ to the obamunist admin – they are the only ‘country’ in history to cause the downfall of the united states WITHOUT firing a shot – but through the simplest and oldest methods in the book – divide and conquer. George Washington prophetically spoke of this in his 1st inaugurational prayer. Damn it’s going to be a looooooong 4 years. I pray that God can bring healing for our nation through the Trump admin. May the Lord our God in Christ Jesus guide our nation through the current governing bodies in all localities and elected authorities, may He be a lamp their feet and cause them to think before they speak, may He give them wisdom on how best to heal the divisions caused by the seditious, insurrectionists and the treasonous. May the Lord grant us the opportunity to bow our heads, bend our knees to His sovreignty that He may hear our pleas, and accept our repentence and heal our lands from the cancer of communism and theocracies. Lord, please judge between us this day, and choose for Yourself what is right and will bring You glory. May we, as a people, be united unto You, Jesus, and may there NEVER be a shot fired of civil war or riotous unrest again. However, not as I will, but YOUR Will be done as You have written in heaven. In the name of Jesus – and all God’s people say…….Amen.

  9. Im a Army Iraq war Vet. and Im a progressive. Not all progressives are wanting a coo just like not all conservatives are brainwashed selfish people happy to bow to the corporate elite Trump calls friends. We’re all Americans and we are all getting screwed by the corporate elite that have the majority of our government bought and paid for. Not sure what Oath some of you took but mine was to defend the constitution, the flag and the American people as a whole. Not just the wealthy and people in power, nor protect their wealth. I learned my lession going to Iraq to help a few get wealthier.

    1. Thank you for your service USWarrior89…wondering what you identify in yourself as “Progressive”? Your comment places Trump in bed with “corporate elite”. Is it possible that just like there is good government and bad government, there could be good corporate and bad corporate. You can’t say that about Globalists…they ALL see Nationalism and Constitutions as their primary obstacle (enemy). If you see Trump as a friend of the Globalist, then you are seeing through eyes much different than mine.

    2. I’m intrigued — what specifically makes you a Progressive, and what makes you think we didn’t all take the same oath you did?

    3. Well, if you believe in “Defending the Constitution” then you’re not a “Progressive.” You may be a real world Liberal, and not the Communist/Fascist class we are witness to these days. Just because you, I, or anyone else believes in the Constitution, it does not mean we can’t progress. Actually, the Constitution provides for our (we the People’s) progression, as we see fit, not by government design.

    4. Although I disagree with your view you do make a good point. I ‘m a Ron Paul libertarian. What I think you have a good sense for is the ‘Corporatism’ that Dr. Paul refers to when talking about the corrupt relationship that our federal government has developed with big corporations.

      Stay focused on the constitution that you swore an oath too and you will do well here but it’ll be a battle. The control addicts that are our federal bureaucrats, federal politicians, Soros, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, etc. all want to do ‘what’s good for us’ because they believe we’re like little children that are too stupid to take care of ourselves. Freedom is for them, not for us and they have the money and the power that goes with it.

  10. I think that this is a very plausible set of scenarios, but the probability of it occurring is much less than if the election had gone to the Clintons.

  11. “Fire is a good servant but a bad master” —
    Proverb first found in 1615 T. ADAMS Englands Sickness 20 “The world, like fire, may be a good seruant, will bee an ill Master.”

  12. Civil War is the name the Federal Government put on the War between the States. As a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and a gun owner. I must ask this question. “Since I am better armed and trained than your average “Progressive”, how do they propose to win?

  13. Unfortunately, we are at war. We do not get to choose whether we are at war if we are not the aggressors. That puts us on the defensive at least to begin with. I spent many years in the Army writing and modifying “Continuity of Government” contingency plans for the possibility of invasion and for the possibility of nuclear attack.

    Our enemy is the younger generations of Americans who have not been taught to understand how government works nor the beauty of our constitution. They have no reverence for our history or the rule of law. “Freedom” to them means there are no rules to obey. They want to be able to do whatever feels good with no consequences despite the fact that they are infringing on another’s rights. Much of what we are facing now is the result of taking God out of schools and governments bad judgement in what is taught in schools. What happened to the pledge of allegiance? What happened to civics courses?

    As for survivability when SHTF, I grew up on a farm/cattle ranch where we raised most of our food and butchered hogs and steers for meat. The kids growing up in 70’s and later have not learned the real lessons of history. Their lack of knowledge concerning how to survive will be a significant factor in their fighting ability as they will be spending a lot of energy fighting each other for the few items remaining on the shelves of food markets. I would think that their general lack of ability in logistics support would be a significant detriment to their war fighting capability.

  14. Hopefully,there will never be another “War Between the States”,as the 1861-65 war was not for a ‘take-over’…but to be left alone. Those who know history understand this fully…un-educated folks do not. But…to the point. Agree that nukes most likely would not be used by anyone in the USA. And the stand-off attitude of the progressive left during riots…with cops told to not interrfer (Fergerson,MO,Baltimore,MD,etc.) will not likely happen in gun-friendly states like TX,IN,TN,KY and most southern states. Hopefully,Trump will reduce the agnst,bring us all together like Reagan did…but it took 2 1/2 yrs for him to do so. Meanwhile,we prepare for the worst possible things that could happen…and pray for the best,peaceful end to the liberal,left-leaning,fools and progressive idiots that have had an 8-yr reign. God help us to heal and save America.

  15. That is excellent; as probable scenarios as I’ve heard. I would just tend to put a little more weight on direct foreign (Russia, China, Mexico) intervention.

  16. What the left does not understand is that with the military being in full support of President Trump (as compared to not being in full support of obama) they and the militias will be on the same side against said left. So this ‘coup’ they keep bring up will not happen.

  17. Regarding the video, Matt doesn’t talk about the insulating effect of the individual states. When the federal government is collapsing, each state governor will have a big impact on what will happen in each state.

    As I’ve said before, by far the biggest problem we need to keep our eyes on is our federal government. An actual or defacto secession brought on by whatever reason is an opportunity to amputate this foul cancer, painful as it might be. We don’t need a federal government to survive

    You can put whatever puppet communist leader or Hillary as El Presidente but the question remains who will be in charge at the state level? I would love to see Kalifornia and Texas secede. I repeat, we do not need a federal government to survive. It has become too powerful and corrupt.

  18. Would like to hear an updated summary now that Trump is in power and the left is on the outside pushing their agenda?

  19. Think of this. The Vietcong had a very good tunnel system. So do we in every city just about. Storm drains. Have to be careful in the rainy season but they can be used for hit and run raids.

  20. Long before civil wars evolve into standing armies massed on battlefields they start as small incidents, guerilla actions (think the Missouri border wars/Bleeding Kansas). It’s the Left that’s best organized and willing to commit such acts: assassinations and ambushing political opponents. Those on the Right must be armed and on their guard. These Leftist bushwhackers are cowards, they can’t face a militia but they will stab, and shoot individuals, set off bombs or commit arson attacks.

  21. I’m a leftist and I really don’t understand why we’re not working together at this point. A lot of you guys hate the Feds, we hate the Feds. I think I probably hate Hilary Clinton more than you. It’s visceral rage. You want to retain your way of life, fine. It’s a lot easier when the people at the very top aren’t hoarding wealth. Just don’t be an asshole to people and let your daughter marry a black lady if she wants to. I think we could probably unite in common cause.

    1. Shannon, No offense meant but it seems you have fallen victim to the disinformation that we are racists and anti-government. We are neither, We are pro-freedom and we honor our Oath to the Constitution regardless of skin color. We are American’s who see each other as individuals who make up a country that needs to reunite as one to defeat the many evils set before us. We have done it before and we will do it again !

    2. So your reasons to go to war are so two women or men can have sex and to deny another’s right to free market?

  22. I’ve mentioned this om other fora before but this seems like a good time and place for a bit of repetition.

    I have made acquaintance with a bank security ‘officer’ who is retired from the police force of a large western city. He has moved to this area and made friends with police officers around here. According to him, if any sort of Left/Right civil war begins, nearly all of the police will side with the “Right”. Since many of the members of the various police forces are also members of the National Guard and/or some other military reserve group he says he can speak for them too and they would support the Right either actively or passively.

    I also have a close relative who is on active duty with the USMC and has well over ten years in service. When the subject of civil war came up he stated that most Marines would follow the lead of their Company or Battalion commanders rather than the more politically motivated upper echelon officers.

    My conversations with this bank guard were held several months ago when we were staring down the barrel at a Hillary Presidential win. I’m sure the Trump victory has changed some of the sentiment regarding possible alliances but the Left vs Right situation hasn’t and I (for one) believe that the police and military will still respond about as he indicated. I hope so but most of all I hope it isn’t needed.

  23. Long Island in NYC can be cut off from the world by a few riflemen, as there are 9 bridges that carry all the traffic into the island – fuel, food, hard goods, all of it. Block the bridges with a few crashed trucks and it’s 3 days to grocery riots. Cut the aqueduct off and it’s hours to water riots. Just an example…, but if the big liberal urban areas go up in flames, well, that’s the liberals strongholds, burning themselves out. Big deal.

    Also, most of us are riflemen. One shot, one traitor. Two shots, two traitors. How long do you think the snowflakes will keep coming before they run for their safe spaces behind Mommie’s legs? THEY think they will keep coming. I don’t, and if they do, well, I did buy a lot of ammo….

  24. Matt did not talk too much about how many deer hunters are here who pride ourselves with harvesting deer every season with one well placed shot. Any enemy of freedom would be a legitimate military target. I pray that we do not have a civil war. All casualties are Americans. Pray for peace.

  25. My comment is while I agree that 90% of this seems accurate and plausible, I would never join any militia or group that aligns with or accepts aid, training, weapons etc. from russian forces and I’m perplexed by the fascination many Patriots seem to have with Russia and Putin as if he’s our ally and his intentions are noble. I say conservatives fantasizing about alliances with russian forces are like children playing with fire! I don’t have that problem! Ask yourselves WHY would Russia state openly that they would back a Texas separatist movement? What’s their angle? What’s in it for them? I think it’s simply a matter of payback/retaliation. Since the USSR broke up over 20 yrs ago, I think many Russians blame and resent the U.S. for their plight and for U.S. culpability in them losing national power. After all, isn’t that resentment one of the main reasons Putin is in power? It ‘s gotten worse since the U.S. led sanctions against Moscow over its annexation of Crimea and incursions into eastern Ukraine. Was that Russian aggression a noble deed? Hardly! I don’t give a fat rat’s ass what their excuses are! Is it our fault their resentment is growing? Not at all! Do I consider Russia an ally? HELL NO! So this weird Russian interest in Texas has been growing over the past few years. Texas, a state where secessionist sentiment never really dies out, and I think that’s the appeal and why numerous Russian voices are speaking out and envisioning an American break-up, so that what? we can become like them? They who don’t understand capitalism? They who grab and take while others try to create? Where there’s pockets of isolated wealth and real disparity and poverty? No thanks. YOU align with vlad and his forces, I won’t.

    1. I do work remotely with Russian almost every day. Life for most is much better since the “Wall was torn down”. They look at what is going on here and the chuckle, but most believe in what Trump is trying to do to bring US sovereignty back. When are we going to learn that it is not the responsibility of the US to police the world?

    2. irons,

      Who would you align with ? John “Songbird” McCain ? Lypsey Graham ? Olympia Snowe ? Schumer ?

      Go Vlad !

  26. Sad to thing that the left would consider another civil war. It was the leftist south that pulled away from the union that started the last civil war. Yes, the leftist south who had slaves and eventually form and implemented the “Jim Crow” laws.

    1. Ernie, I must have had a different education from you. I was always taught that the Confederacy was opposed to federal overreach and favored the decentralized power of the individual states.

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