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Perez DNC Win Over Ellison Spells Bigger Danger

Perez DNC Win Over Ellison Spells Bigger Danger
Ellison takes a back seat to Perez, perhaps symbolic of new Democrat interests to pander to a preferred constituency they’re helping to grow — while continuing to take one deemed more traditionally exploitable for granted. [Democratic Party – Facebook video screen capture]
“Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison fell short Saturday in his campaign to run the Democratic National Committee, losing to former Labor Secretary Tom Perez,” NPR News reported. “[T]he next chairman is sure to have a pivotal role in remaking the party ahead of the 2018 midterm elections and a 2020 presidential contest. Democrats hope to feed off large protests and displays of resistance in the opening month of the Trump presidency.

Interesting, admitting they benefit from all  the “unrest” being ginned up. While both are demonstrable domestic enemies of freedom, Perez represents the bigger danger, and the one more likely to be able to push back politically against “conservative” initiatives. That’s because, at least so far, he’s been less of a lightning rod.

True, both he and Ellison have long histories of oath-breaking and subversion. Both are for cultural terraforming of the Republic through “immigration” and “refugee” actions to bring in and embed or sanction existing unvetted foreign nationals. And both are hostile to the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

But Ellison is more vulnerable to exploitable suspicions over his agenda and motives, not only because of his documented racism and sympathies with radical Islamists, but also because of his affiliation with Democrat Socialists of America, who found it in their political interests to (at least temporarily) retire their songs of solidarity:

Perez DNC Win Over Ellison Spells Bigger Danger
Does anyone wonder why Democrat Socialists support what they call “common sense gun safety” (i.e., citizen disarmament) laws?

Those vulnerabilities, I argued, made Ellison the perfect choice to “lead” a party that refuses to accept why Hillary lost, and that continues to double down on alienating flyover America. He would provide constant opportunities to make such inconvenient truths known to the wider public, and thus subject all of his moves to wider scrutiny for unstated motives.

The relatively lesser-known Perez has been more insulated, and will be better able to present his agenda as humanitarian, and as championing of the desperate and downtrodden. And that – being able to appeal to empathy from those who neither understand the underlying issues nor what is at stake – makes his ascendency to Democrat leadership all the more dangerous.

Back before he took on the Labor gig, Perez was an Assistant Attorney General under Eric Holder, heading the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division. He’s the guy who warned states like Texas and South Carolina that their duly-enacted voting laws were discriminatory because they required a state-issued photo ID. As I noted at the time:

If Perez is correct, that lack of state-issued photo ID is 20% more likely to disenfranchise minorities from their right to vote, why would we not also believe it would have a similar effect on their right to purchase a firearm, as is specified on ATF’s Form 4473 requiring a driver’s license or “valid government issued photo identification,” and similar forms as proof of eligibility?

The government can’t have it both ways. By their own admission and actions, they consider a requirement to produce official photo identification as discriminatory, with a significant statistical impact on the enfranchisement of minority rights. Heller and McDonald leave no doubt that the Second Amendment articulates an individual right recognized by the federal government and applicable to the states, and it is the duty of the Department of Justice to ensure that denials of rights are prosecuted.

Likewise, state-issued identification is required to obtain concealed carry permits and to apply for registration/transfer of National Firearms Act weapons such as machine guns, short barrel firearms, destructive devices, AOWs, etc. So the question now becomes why is the head of the Justice Department’s civil rights division tolerating, allowing and insisting on discrimination against minorities in general and Hispanics in particular when it comes to exercising their Second Amendment-recognized right to keep and bear arms?

The danger, of course, involves more than the Second Amendment, which, after all, is a leading indicator for the larger Freedom issue. There’s a reason why the Democrat agenda demands bringing in more foreign nationals and putting them on a “pathway to citizenship.” And that’s something establishment Republicans in general and the National Rifle Association in particular have shown deliberate indifference to.

That’s evidenced by the just-concluded Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), and the prominent roles played by both NRA’s Wayne LaPierre and by NRA darling and Bloomberg “immigration” ally Grover Norquist (although this time once more wearing his competing Americans for Tax Reform hat). Neither will address a simple challenge, preferring to ignore it and hoping the information will not escape a relatively isolated echo chamber:

In addition to explaining the California experience, produce credible data – something that can be independently validated – that “amnesty” and a “pathway to citizenship” for MILLIONS of foreign nationals in this country illegally (and even legally, with current culturally suicidal policies) WILL NOT overwhelmingly favor Democrats and anti-gunners.

Show us your sources and methodologies for determining this WILL NOT result in supermajorities in state and federal legislatures that will be able to pass all kinds of anti-gun edicts. Show us how this WILL NOT result in nominations and confirmations of judges to the Supreme and federal courts who will uphold those edicts, and reverse gains made to date.

Notice I didn’t ask for platitudes or for anecdotes about exceptions to the rule, or about who is turning up in increasing numbers at gun stores and ranges – that doesn’t matter if you can’t point to a corresponding overriding shift in voting trends. I didn’t ask for wishful speculation about how education and outreach programs MIGHT help bring more over to the NRA side. I asked you to show how all credible estimates putting the disparity at over 70% Democrat and anti-gun are wrong (and how the needle barely moves in the right direction after 20 years).

If you think that can be changed, you’re going to need to be specific about how (assuming it can be done, which you’ll also need to spell out), and how by then the damage won’t be irreversible, beyond any kind of beltway insider political “solution.” Instead of opinions, how about some verifiable numbers?

This is what Perez represents, and will base much of his DNC leadership on and the media will happily amplify his voice and ensure their “reporting” does all it can to evoke agreement with it, all the while portraying opponents as xenophobes, extremists and haters. What they won’t focus on are negatives that could call his credibility into questions such as:

Perez Dropped Voter Intimidation Charges Against Black Panthers Who Brought Weapons to a Polling Place … Perez Doesn’t Think White People Are Protected Under the Voting Rights Act … Perez Abandoned a Whistleblower Lawsuit That Cost Taxpayers Millions … He Used a Private Email Address to Dodge Accountability … He Continues to Ignore and Mislead Congress

Lacking some of Ellison’s more overt vulnerabilities and, up until now, name recognition, Perez will arguably be in a better position to advance his radical, subversive agenda. So it wouldn’t hurt to learn more about that agenda, and to share such information with others who would otherwise never hear of it.


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David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. The DNC new look is typical of how far to the Left they have gone. They no longer hide the fact that socialism and communism is their ideology, and for those on the Left too ignorant to figure that out, are still hoping for another Hillary run in 2020 no matter how insane that notion is !

    The DNC will continue to collapse under their own ideology and Trump will be re-elected in 2020 and after that….Ivanka Trump will be the first woman president of the United States in 2024.

    1. What the Democratic Party of America has become(since the “Liberal Elite” took over the Democratic National Committee) is a mismatch of Socialists who infected the middle-rank leadership. The shift started gradually in the 1960’s, and the rate of change is accelerating. The DNC voted idiot Perez as chairman, with his evil sidekick Muslim/Communist henchman Ellison hoping to restore order within the broken DNC. The DNC has transformed itself from “the political party of the common man” to an “organization where ideology replaces interest”; the rank and file are seen as “useful idiots”, using the ideology of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, and Saul Alinsky.
      Those Democrats who favor this ideology prefer to be referred to as “Progressives”, due to America’s ingrained distrust of “Socialism” and visceral hatred of “Communism.” The last eight years it has also tarnished the term “Liberal” in many American eyes, so this term is also disfavored by the Democratic Communists.
      Given the current political climate, this organization will probably be dead within twenty years due because the average lifespan of any socialist government is about seventy-five years, at which time they have spent everyone else’s money. Basically, Americans need to treat these folks as the enemy within because their ultimate goal is destruction of the United States of America as we know it.
      Barrack Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Keith Ellison, Pelosi, Waters, and Bernie Sanders, are all examples of the DNC Socialist /Communist Party Leadership. They will try to over-throw our newly elected, be prepared.

  2. One word, David. Correct! The “Stealth” chairman…for awhile, until he starts his engine and pulls out of the media garage. Then he will be, thanks to the media, the camouflaged chairman.

    1. Perez is a communist front man for The Obamy, who remains President of the Shadow Feral Gov, of Embeds since the Klintons left back in 2000.
      This isn’t going to end well. The Progs, backs are to the wall with Trump as president. They must remove Trump by any means necessary and put our backs to the wall, Literally.
      We can say No.

  3. Valid in all points. One thing the choices of DNC heads shows is that whites are no longer considered full members of the Demorat party, which will alienate white folks, (except those laden with White guilt), and it shows that the Demorats are now openly Communist in their ruling doctrine and looking forward to what Communists do when they take over a country, i.e. mass murder all of the productive folks. Don’t think the Demorats will get much support from their traditional base for either of those planks. Whites still make up almost 70% of the US population and it’s likely they’re not hell bent on suicide.

  4. What the American people (70% Christian by the way) need to understand is the Communist/Muslim/DemoRat Party is NOW the Communist Party of America…PERIOD! If people would just take the time to perform even basic research into these Communist/Muslim DemoRats, like what these MONSTERS stand for, who they are working with, where their funding comes from (Soro’s, Obama i.e. old Berry the fraud, Hitlery Clinton the murdering witch (also Soro’s funded), The NWO Communist Elite, etc.,.!!! These Traitors to our Republic, our Constitution, and “We the People” need to held accountable for all the assignations, theft of “We the Peoples” Tax dollars, destruction of our economy (Jobs lost by the millions by all these fake trade agreements just to load up their pockets with our money), putting together a Police State to round-up and destroy the American Middle Class, working with our Enemies to bring our Nation to it’s knees and on and on it goes..!!! The evil being brought forth by the Communist, Muslin, NWO, DemoRat Party is beyond belief, and yes they have started a Cold Civil War here in our beloved USA, and this Spring they have plans to take our Nation into a Hot Civil War and blame it on President Trump and the Conservative Movement! The Evil of these DemoRat Monsters has no end in sight! They truly live the words of…”Evil is what Evil Does”…true Demon driven Monsters from H*ll..!!! “We the People’ better be ready to fight for lives, and the Communist/Muslim Fed Court Judge just violated the U.S. Constitution and the 2nd Amendment by declaring that Semi-Auto Rilfes are not protected by the 2nd Amendment, which he is completely wrong! I hold JD and have studied the 2nd Amendment and the Courts ruling on the 2nd Amendment down through the years, and this fraud of a Judge, just laid assigned 235 years of the Courts support of the 2nd Amendment, and by the way, NO PLACE in the U.S. Constitution does it even give this power to the Fed or State Court to make such a determination on the 2nd Amendment…NO PLACE AT ALL..!!! A first year Law Student would see that this Judge broke the Law by making such a ruling…he needs to disbarred, and arrest for committing Treason against “We the People” and the U.S. Constitution/Bill of Rights! As I stated earlier, the Civil War is not coming it’s here, so “We the People” better get our heads out of our collective A$$’s perpare…these SOB’s, because of this Fed Judge illegal ruling, will be coming for our Guns (only the Conservatives Guns) and they will use the Communist, Muslim, NWO Riots to justify the disarming of “We the People,” the Conservative “We the People”..!!! This ruling goes right in line with Gun confiscation and the destruction of the U.S. Constitution! You have to be brain dead not to see what is coming…but then the Communist/Muslim/NWO snowflake left are nearly brain dead! Pray that GOD/JESUS/HOLY SPIRIT protects and wakes up “We the People” before it’s to late, and it may already be to late! GOD help us, PLEASE!

    1. “God helps those that help themselves”, so I’ve been told since childhood. I get your words of warning, they are mine too. Still time, for a little while, to store up provisions and keep communicating to others that we care about.
      We can not put this All on Trump’s shoulders either. Generals and Presidents get taken out in any war, cold or hot. We must be prepared to continue.

    2. If they continue to violate our second amendment rights, I hope they have enough body bags to pick up the “hired slimebags”

  5. I believe both of these guy’s were a lose/lose for the D’s. Perez represents the establishment which the extreme left hates. The extreme left won’t support him. The extreme left doesn’t vote much anyway. Now if Ellison would have won I believe the blue collar working class would have left the D’s faster than under Perez. The extreme left will continue to protest and riot alienating the blue collar D’s. I still think at the moment the D’s have a harder time than the R’s. We still have the Rino Establishment to contend with but with Trump talking & tweeting non-stop he keeps the base intact. With the left continuing doing what they do, I think they will permanently move some blue collar D voter’s into Trump’s camp. We have to get rid of the Rino’s, a hard task but, I think that’s our biggest threat. If Trump was allowed to do the things he wants to accomplish, especially creating jobs, that would go a long way in bringing voter’s into his camp. Of course the establishment Rino’s & D’s are going to fight him the whole way. The establishment, the media, the deep state are our main enemy. We just need to keep exposing them for what they are. Of course our education system brainwashing our citizens is a major cause of concern. Yeah we have sh*t hitting us on all fronts, but think where we would be if Trump lost.

    Keep up the good fight, God is on our side and we know what Divine Providence did for us before!

  6. Hopefully this divides them even more, the Bernie side people are plenty pissed at this development , and adding injury to insult was making junior the so called deputy, which they veiw rightly ,as being thrown a bone.

  7. Bernies crew is plenty pissed , they view Junior as Deputy as being thrown a bone , they are desperately divided and capable of anything now .

  8. study-up on the Spanish Civil War, it followed Leninist dogma to the letter and that is exactly what these watermelons are doing as well, they’ve even given-up on Alinsky’s Rules; from here on out it’s pure Che

  9. All I can say is support Trump. He knows exactly what these SOB’s are up to and he is this countries only chance or restoreing our Republic.We need to stay vigilant and to keep our powder dry! .

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