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Oath-Breaking Cops Join Gun-Grabby Gabby to Push for Citizen Disarmament

Oath-Breaking Cops Join Gun-Grabby Gabby to Push for Citizen Disarmament
“Common sense” as defined by Opposite Day “progressives”… (Americans for Responsible Solutions Facebook photos)

“Gabby Giffords’ gun-control group gets new law enforcement allies,” USA Today reports.* “[She] and her husband, retired astronaut Mark Kelly, have some new allies in their fight to end gun violence. And all of them are armed.”

That would make them classic examples of “Only Ones.” The category gets its name from hapless DEA agent Lee Paige, who told a group of school kids he was “the only one … professional enough” to carry a gun, and then proceeded to, well, here, watch it for yourself if you haven’t already seen it….

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

I routinely feature such accounts on my blog, The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance, with this explanation noted in the sidebar:

The purpose of this feature has never been to bash cops. The only reason I do this is to amass a credible body of evidence to present when those who would deny our right to keep and bear arms use the argument that only government enforcers are professional and trained enough to do so safely and responsibly. And it’s also used to illustrate when those of official status, rank or privilege, both in law enforcement and in some other government position, get special breaks not available to we commoners, particularly (but not exclusively) when they’re involved in gun-related incidents.

Oath-Breaking Cops Join Gun-Grabby Gabby to Push for Citizen Disarmament
Hands in your pockets, Mark?

But back to Mark and Gabby and their Americans for Responsible Solutions group. They’ve already recruited some high-level military oath-breakers, and politically ambitious/career über alles LEOS have also always been a perfect fit for the gun-grabbers. Their “advisory committee” is made up of 20 LEOs who have no problem infringing on the right of the people to keep and bear arms in spite of their oaths. Naturally, they present their infringements under the banner of “Law Enforcement Coalition for Common Sense.” And predictably, they’ll be relying on emotion-ginning propaganda optics, such as laying a wreath at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.

Here’s what they say they’re after – for now:

[The] coalition … will help them oppose gun legislation pending in Congress, including a bill that would lift restrictions on firearm silencers and another that would require states to accept concealed carry permits from other states, even from states with weaker requirements.

Advocating for such nonsense are Kalamazoo Chief Public Safety Officer Jeffrey Hadley, and former ATF agent and coalition “leader” Dave Chipman.

Hadley complains it’s easier to get a driver’s license than a concealed carry permit, and “doesn’t understand why an everyday American needs a silencer, which he said could make it harder for officers trying to locate where shots are being fired.” First of all, his understanding and approval of either aren’t required. And if any of Kalamazoo’s myriad crime problems are caused by out-of-state CCW holders or suppressor owners, you’d think Hadley would be cluing us in.

As for Chipman, it’s interesting to note he says it’s “risky … to talk truth to power.” Whistleblowers exposing the Bureau’s Operation Fast and Furious “gunwalking” criminal enterprise found that out firsthand. It’s telling to see him use “progressive” terminology in characterizing the coalition as a “safe space” and also to note, in addition to being a Bloomberg/Everytown “advisor,” he was a mucky-muck with ShotSpotter (making him not exactly a disinterested party to weigh in on suppressors).

What’s also curious to consider is how the “safe spaces” don’t always extend to cops who believe the Second Amendment applies to all, and who face real risks if they stand up as Oath Keepers and declare they will not obey orders to disarm the American people. That includes making such sentiments known while off duty or on social media.

And it’s especially “risky” with groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center including Oath Keepers in its “Hate Watch” category and the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness smearing Oath Keepers as “militia extremists” (thankfully that has been removed from their 2017 report).

So here are my questions to those of you who are LEOs and Oath Keepers: Understanding that there are appropriate workplace conduct rules that all must abide by, what additional precautions must you take in recruiting fellow officers to learn about what Oath Keepers stands for and why? Is it something you feel you need to keep a low profile on, and watch what you say in all circumstances? Can you relate any examples of discouragement, suppression or retaliation you believe were over-reaching and threatening?

And what do you do when you encounter one of these “True Believer” oath-breakers, like Gabby Coalition members? Do you think your advocacy is as beneficial to your career opportunities as theirs?

Please share your experiences in comments, taking care to maintain anonymity if that’s important.  And if it’s all good where you are, share that too, so the rest of us can benefit from what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.


*  The headline was changed. Note the inadvertant honesty in the url, calling them an “anti-gun group.”


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David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.


  1. Not a real street Cop among the bunch. They are a disgrace to the badge and do not speak for the men and women of law enforcement.

    1. If you are in LE and work the street and you subscribe to the propaganda…they have a saying at least when I was in uniform working the streets. Don’t bite off more than you can chew…remember calling for backup at your own risk

    2. Good point, they are in fact all simply bureaucrats and union shills at that level, which could be called management, in many law enforcement offices all across the land. But it is no different in nearly all agencies of out government in both state and fed, as we are seeing being exposed since Trump has come along and they are working against him for all to see. I am NOT saying he exposed them or is the sole cause of any form of knowledge. I am saying he simply is the source to openly stand against the massive corruption and usurping of our laws on every level to include 2nd Amendment. I have been writing about the massive corruption for years within our government and the bureaucracy they have created to feed on itself. It is all completely interconnected as we are seeing play out before us and the election of DT simply puts it all in focus and under the spotlight for all to see. Realize this ” every level of our government and all of its agencies to include every level of judicial, law enforcement and many spook agencies like CIA, FBI, DIA, NIA, NSA are all infected with left leaning control freak types who would gladly infringe on many of your rights, not just the 2nd Amendment. And there is no question it is all very deliberate and largely sponsored by the democratic party. Our entire system of governance is corrupted and infiltrated from top to bottom with saboteurs, partisans and provocateurs and shills like the men and women in this group willing to carry the control freak democrat story line on every issue not just gun control. These people happen to be the front line of LEO left leaners who are aligned with the Schumers of the world.

      One issue that never makes an ounce of sense to me is many of these control freak politico’s still go on nat TV and say “we need background checks” as if those background checks are not in place and have been for many years ? I see this happen very often and none of the pundits ever seem intelligent enough to simply say, “we have had BG checks for at least 2 decades and they get more stringent all the time , so that is a completely bogus thing to say ? a complete red herring, as a political stunt” But none ever have the presence of mind to do this. I have seen Oreilly do this numerous times, as well as many others. And by NOT speaking out what they do is to give traction to such bogus comments so that many people think we need BG checks and don’t have therm in place. This particular point always shouts at me, because these pundits do not seem to have a clue what they are talking about or they are simply going along with the false narratives being presented. I believe many of them simply do not know themselves and have fallen for the BS as in Oreilly’s case. Either way it is pathetic to continue letting these false narratives flow freely. The false narratives are exactly how the control freaks have created the monster we see before us and it is certainly not just about the 2nd amendment. Here is how they do it all very easily

    1. …if you like no gun zones move to Chicago. There is no solution for the anti gun agenda, it’s their opinion of the 2nd Amendment that is skewed intentionally to disarm while they retain their armed security against us. If the people keep on the current path the traitors in this article will succeed. Personally, the anti gunners should be deported to countries like Mexico, North Korea, China, Somalia, Iraq etc. See how long they last where only the bad guys, cartels and governments have guns. We patriots will retain our defensive rights regardless of any laws or regulations. Just like the bad guys.

      1. “There is no solution for the anti gun agenda, it’s their opinion of the 2nd Amendment that is skewed intentionally to disarm while they retain their armed security against us.”
        I know that Dr. Edwin Vieira is prominently featured in films with Stewart Rhodes, and has even commented here. So When someone states “There is no solution for the anti gun agenda”, I’m convinced that we’re either completely blind, or we don’t actually want to end the struggle and win the battle.
        Perhaps the “Body Snatchers” have taken over a good segment of the population who are no longer capable of seeing anything but what they are fed through some mind control device.
        Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15 – “to execute the Laws of the Union…”

  2. Please tell me this video is a farse. This retard is no more professional than a first grader sitting on the supreme court. If he is representative of those serving with the DEA, then I would say we as a nation are in serious trouble. My 92 year old mother can handle a gun better than this reject. Perhaps he should go back to gang banging and leave the real banging to those who actually have a clue. I can see why the audience was opposed to anyone on that panel putting their hands on another weapon.

  3. It would seem there are certain LEs suffering from short term memory loss. Just a short 6 months ago (or so), a good Samaritan with a CCW shot and killed a man who had shot an Arizona State Trooper and was beating him with his pistol. The Good Sam is credited with saving the Trooper’s life.
    Perhaps, they would do well to either stop drinking the Obama KoolAid, or resign their positions and head to Jonestown for the final swig of elixir.

  4. Heavens! The woman in the picture has almost as many stars as General MacArthur, along with almost as many stripes on her sleeves as a French admiral. Seems that conceit is a strong suit among these people.

    1. People like her are of the type with “CRACKLING BELT Syndrome”, the walk with that crackling gun belt and think they’re better than the common people. Somehow their education is so lacking they CAN’T read the U.S. Constitution or LACK the necessary common sense to understand “The RIGHT of the PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”–there is NO “legaleeze” in there to enable any “coulda’, woulda’ shoulda’, maybe or might be” to allow a loophole–doesn’t require too much common sense to UNDERSTAND: The Founding Fathers GUARANTEED that RIGHT and PROHIBITED ANY member of Congess, ANY Congress, ANY President, or ANY Supreme Court to ALTER or CHANGE a single word or GUARANTEE contained within. Since the Constitution IS THE LAW OF THE LAND—THAT RIGHT SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!!

      1. The founding fathers did not guarantee that right, please read the papers regarding their statements, the right was already guaranteed as it was provided to us by the creator, they merely enshrined it as a DO NO TOUCH with the bill of rights.

      2. Problem is they are trying to alter or change the law of the land by creating such a huge bureaucracy, like all of these people are part of, that feeds off itself and is self perpetuating via your own tax dollars used against you 24/7/365 ! The bureaucracy supposedly gives credibility to their false paradigms and that allows many people to believe their distortions and false narratives going forward. At least it has in the past and that does seem to be changing for the better in many ways and means. But the battle of common sense and truth is still very much alive as is obvious via the many attacks on DT and crew from within our own government entities and agencies.

  5. Unbelievable! Did this idiot even lose his job over this? Can you imagine what would have happened to one of us had we discharged a weapon in the city limits, much less in a school classroom in front of the kids? I can’t imagine a situation where such an occurrence would be remotely possible. This idiot is unfit to serve in any sworn position.

    1. And he either got several promotions after this or is retired with an insane lifetime pension and working in some other lefty mind control capacity or all of the above ! How special hey , here in USA today .

  6. Not only is the 2nd Amendment well written, the type of repercussion for those who might attempt to infringe on that God given right, is also well written.

    Like trying to steal a trap, by grabbing the bait.

  7. “WE THE PEOPLE” will NOT let them take our guns. People forget those 3 words. The first words in the Preamble to the Constitution.

  8. “Coalition for Common Sense” should be redefined to it’s proper meaning. That really means “Coalition for Communist Sense”

  9. What would you expect from a profession of criminals that thinks that the war on drugs is somehow in the Constitution?

  10. Will these folks guarantee that everyone will abide by a law that requires you to turn in your firearm? And will these folks be the first to disarm themselves? To set an example? And oh by the way, there are many more people in the private sector that have much more training and are far more responsible then those that think they are, in law enforcement or government!

  11. Everyone has a right to self defense, with what arms they can afford secure EVERYONE. These are scums and paid operatives from within . They are traitors all of them drunk with themselves some with power .

  12. Big city chiefs (actual name of their organization) are very liberal/progressive. Just another organization like the International Association of Chiefs of Police who are also very liberal. They are supported by the Joyce Foundation. The Joyce Foundation is anti-gun.

  13. Same thing is going on in the State of California. This is an issue that requires mass, Civil Disobedience in EVERY State in this country, BUT, here in NY, I can’t get people off the couch! The government and its Mainstream Media have so effectively brainwashed the masses to be “Afraid” of retaliation for refusing to obey unconstitutional laws, that even the most outspoken , so-called “Patriots” are too intimidated to stand for their rights! Until we manage to get people involved in large numbers, we will never win this fight.

  14. It is common knowledge in Dallas Texas that Lupe Valdez is a homosexual latina who gets elected because of her mexican heritage. And yes, she does not trust anyone other than LEOs to carry a gun.

  15. I want to see president trump meet with Stewart Rhodes about how much the oath keepers means to our country and set the fake news media’s straight on who our heroes really are in these last 8 yrs.i never took an oath .I never served in any type of oak situations in my life but I’m an American and I want to be an oath keeper in texas.i live out side of Houston texas and I’ve trained in the I.D.P.A
    For 2 yrs and I’m pretty good at my shooting and not gun happy at all.i want to help our state and country when I can.i would love for someone to assist me with the right contact in the Houston Texas area. Oath keepers or 3percenters

  16. June 16, 2016 Supreme Court Ruling: Police Have No Duty to Protect the General Public

    However, did you know that the government, and specifically law enforcement, does not have any duty to protect the general public? Based on the headline and this information, you might assume this is a new, landmark decision. However, it has long been the court’s stance that, essentially, the American people are responsible for taking case of their own personal safety.

    Aug 21, 2016 Just Say No: Don’t Federalize Local Police!

    Some people want you to think that the solution to problems with police is to get the federal government more involved. But they’ve got things completely backwards.

  17. The reason why Chiefs of Police join the liberal Nazi anti gun legion is a simple one. Most cities are run by liberal Nazi anti gun individuals. They most often hire a Liberal Nazi as their Chief of Police. These very same Chiefs of Police kiss the ass of their Mayor and bring down the professional ism within the Police Dept. I have witnessed it first hand.

  18. To many chiefs of police are getting to involved in political matters that don’t involve Thier department. Plus if you have a liberal mayor then chances are the chief will follow suit. When I was an officer, my chief would spend time on the streets so he didn’t forget where he came from.

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