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NRA’s Wayne LaPierre to Lead The Fight Against Tyranny?

By Jenn Jacques. On Friday, Feb 24, 2017, Wayne LaPierre will lead the fight against the forces conspiring to sabotage President Donald Trump at this year’s CPAC convention (according to Jenn Jacques).

Photo credit – Slate


NOTE FROM STEWART RHODES:   My apologies to Nancy, but I just had to add a question mark to the title of this post.   And I have to echo some of the skepticism reflected in the comments below.   Wayne LaPierr, of the NRA, will lead the fight against tyranny?   After all the decades of “Weeniewaggon” compromise and giving “A” endorsements to anti-gun politicians?    After consistently endorsing some of the most tyrannical “Big Brother” minded Republicans, such as John McCain, who helped grow the national security police state by leaps and bounds during both the Bush and Obama Admins (the “fuhrer principle” provisions in the NDAA of 2012, for just one example), we are supposed to rely on good ol Wayne?    When it comes to a gun rights org that will actually take a consistent stand against tyrannnny, I’ll stick to Gun Owners of America, who rated McCain a “D” on guns, instead of the “B” the NRA gives him, and supported his constitutionalist primary opponent, Kelli Ward, in her attempt to finally rid us of McCain, thank you very much.   Too bad the NRA didn’t do likewise.  We could have finally been rid of McCain if the NRA had actually fought against tyranny by dumping him.

Yes, I know about all the arguments of why we supposedly need the NRA, since they are so big and so powerful, rather than relying only on more principled, but smaller orgs like GOA, but that doesn’t mean we have to lie to ourselves by calling Wayne LaPierr some great champion against tyranny.   That’s just too much, and invites head shaking laughter in our readers.





  1. Thank you NRA, but your record has not been playing hard ball in saving our 2nd amendment from eroding to what it is today. Of course it takes all of us unified, however have yet to see the NRA blast away that we are armed to protect us from government oppression and tyranny. Protecting my home from intrusion is a side show. I pay someone to do something, then they do not do it, then no more money from me.

    1. Just when I thought I was alone in your assessment. Spot on WGP!
      When they call this house, I simply ask “what are you planning on capitulating to this time?”

  2. LOL…Wayne La Pee Aire fighting tyranny.

    The quisling titular-head of a quisling organization which amounts to ‘America’s Govt Approved Gun Privileges Org’.

  3. All, see the comment I added to the post about my skepticism of good ol Wayne as some champion freedom fighter. Yes, I know I will get an earful from some of you on this (and one who is an NRA Patron Member). I am fully willing to help the NRA be more consistent in their defense of the right to bear arms, and so I am willing to work with them where we can, but frankly, I have to speak out when I see that the “Emperor has no cloths” and dish out a bit of “tough love” to people who are supposedly on the same side. The NRA needs to get its act together to be taken seriously as a real fighter against tyranny. And they can start with doing something real to restore the right to bear arms to the many veterans who have been disarmed by the VA under laws and regulations the NRA helped write and pass. What are they waiting for?

    1. No apologies necessary, Stewart. The video surprised me and I was expecting pushback. I posted it because this is what he says he is going to do. We’ll see.

      When I lived in California, I spoke multiple times as a citizen against bad gun bills at the Capitol in Sacramento. Of the expert speakers from various organizations at those committee hearings, only one impressed me. That was Sam Paredes of Gun Owners of California. I also made it a point to attend every local meeting where he spoke.

  4. Stewart’s comments about Pierre/NRA are spot on. I will send my $$ to those organizations who will actually, and actively ‘push back’ against tyranny. So far, that activism has ONLY come from Oath Keepers – IMO.

  5. OK. I’ll weigh-in in favor of Wayne.

    Didn’t Wayne stand in a group photo with Oathkeepers at a recent show? I’m pretty sure!!!! (SNL tone)

    I live in Arizona and you havta believe I am disappointed in RINO McCain getting a B with the NRA. Maybe Wayne is to. If so then he is no dictator of the NRA whose members include yet-to-be-convinced, hunters-only gunowners. Yep, they’re out there. Many moons ago I actually admired McCain! I was wrong. Will you forgive me?

    Over 20 years ago fellow Libertarians asked me why I stayed with NRA. My answer was I believe in changing from within. I was right. The NRA has come (gradually) a long way toward our view. No longer is it generally supportive of federal government protection and controI. I don’t march in goose-step with everything Oathkeepers does and says either. Should I abandon OK also?

    Wayne LaPierre has come along way. He is a genuine american hero fighting hard for our gun rights. If he’s saying he will fight against tyranny, referring to current affairs, I’ll forgive and forget and welcome him home. McCain not so much, maybe not at all.

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