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Muslims and Antifa Have Taken Paris

Muslims and Antifa Have Taken Paris

Here are two videos from Paris. The Mainstream Media won’t show you what is happening there, because it belies their stories of a happy welcoming of Muslim immigration and their peaceful assimilation. The joining of Antifa, the communists, (so-called) anarchists and the Muslim extremists has created a Paris that is at war.

Two very different cultures are being forced to co-exist by the Globalists. They know full well they will not meld together, but they are forcing them nevertheless. These riots are one result.

From the video description:

Muslims, Black Lives Matter (France), and the ANTIFA stooges have been waging a continuous battle on the streets of Paris for several years now. This past week, the riots have escalated, and many areas, particularly the 18th Arrondissement, have become no-go zones for citizens, police, and medical professionals. The excuse this time was the false allegation that a Muslim Youth had been gang raped by Police.

This social breakdown is the product of rampant migration by African and Middle Eastern male youth who have come as an army to devastate Europe, along with the Marxist Militants who have allied with them. Left wing governments and the NGOs financed by George Soros have empowered these militia, and the fall of Paris and the rest of Europe is now a foregone conclusion…

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Again, from the video description:

The anti-European and Black blocs continue to clash with police in Paris. Many parts of the French capital see daily violence from these mobs, whose link to each other is the desire to bring down western culture, open national borders, and bring millions of Africans and Muslims to fully eradicate European civilization. Their Marxist ideology promotes world revolution and the elimination of individuality, particularly European uniqueness…

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