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McClintock exits with police escort after raucous town hall meeting in Roseville, CA

Facing a packed auditorium and raucous crowd, Republican Rep. Tom McClintock on Saturday defended his party’s national agenda and voiced strong support for President Donald Trump’s controversial executive actions to scale back Obamacare, ban visitors from seven predominantly Muslim countries and build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

“Vote him out,” hundreds of demonstrators chanted outside the Tower Theatre in downtown Roseville, the Republican-heavy population center of McClintock’s sprawling congressional district. Inside the theater, more than 200 people gathered for a town-hall event hosted by McClintock.

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Attendees, some carrying signs that read “Resist,” “Dump Tom McTrump” and “Climate change is real,” pressed McClintock to denounce Republican plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act, acknowledge the science supporting the human causes of climate change, and oppose Trump’s executive order temporarily restricting refugee admissions to the U.S.

McClintock exits with police escort after raucous town hall meeting in Roseville, CA

“I believe that order is constitutional,” said McClintock, one of several comments that elicited boos at the hourlong event.

McClintock’s visit drew hundreds of people, most of whom had come to express opposition to the new administration. Many identified themselves as liberal Democrats and progressives, while party registration in McClintock’s district – which incorporates all or part of 10 counties spanning from Tahoe to Yosemite – is solidly Republican.

“This is really all about resisting the Trump agenda,” said Wendy Wood, chairwoman of Indivisible Sierra Nevada, a local chapter of a political organization formed in response to the election. “Most of us have never participated in political activism of any sort. Something is happening here, and people here are not happy with (Trump) and McClintock. We’re here to vote them out.”

Roseville police and fire officials capped attendance inside the theater at roughly 200 people. Those left outside voiced frustration about being locked out of the theater, some saying they had driven for hours simply to see McClintock face to face.

“We just wanted to be able to ask questions of our representative and share our thoughts on key issues,” wrote Lauren Lake in an email. “I drove hours over a snowy pass to be there … we were told that the venue was at capacity and no one else would be allowed in.”


The event also drew Trump supporters, including David Ramsey, who said he volunteered for McClintock’s 2008 campaign and gleefully voted for Trump in November.

“President Trump is doing what he said he was going to do,” Ramsey said. “I like what he’s talking about – securing our borders and vetting immigrants. Hopefully, he’ll lower taxes and reduce big government and regulation. Tom McClintock is a conservative who believes in those same principles.”

McClintock left the theater at 11 a.m., immediately after the town hall concluded, escorted by police as he waded through a thick crowd of protesters who trailed him, shouting, “This is what Democracy looks like.”

McClintock exits with police escort after raucous town hall meeting in Roseville, CA

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Photo credit: The Sacramento Bee

Note from Nancy:

Roseville, California was my home from 2011-2014. I attended several of Rep. Tom McClintock’s Town Halls which were always well-attended, peaceful, educational, and enjoyable. He always stayed afterwards to answer additional questions and is an absolute gentleman. I am appalled at the way Rep. McClintock was treated on Saturday.

The crowd shouted, “This is what Democracy looks like.” Well, actually, we are a Republic. Democracy is often referred to as “mob rule”. Case in point.

McClintock exits with police escort after raucous town hall meeting in Roseville, CA






  1. I love the red head in the Rep’s face, 2nd to last image. All she needs is a Viking Helmet. This isn’t “what Democracy looks like.” This my friends, is what CRAZY looks like. Where were his Republican supporters? My biggest worry in so much of this, is too many Republicans don’t engage…or aren’t as ready to engage in the public square…which is exactly where this is headed.

    1. I agree, that is what crazy looks like. And no, we are not a Democracy, that is what totalitarian governments like to call themselves…we are a Republic. I think most conservatives don’t engage them because these type of people aren’t going to hear what you say no matter what. The only way that they should be confronted is in numbers. A large group of Conservatives/Republicans could counter their protests with logic, equally large, don’t think it would matter, tho…they are totally brainwashed and have no idea what they are actually asking for. I say in numbers because this type of mob would attack a small number of people and things would get out of hand quickly, especially since most police departments hands are tied.

      1. This is a solidly Republican/conservative town and county. There were four Tea Parties within driving distance when I lived there, and I attended meetings of all four. I think Republicans were blindsided by this mob. There’s usually a few Democrats at Rep. McClintock’s town halls, but they were civil.

        A good, very knowledgeable friend of mine arrived too late to get in. So, she did a long facebook live video interviewing the protesters. She was not confrontational and just asked questions. I am astounded at the ignorance and misinformation in the protesters’ answers! I was also impressed with her patience in not correcting obvious errors.

        FYI: My favorite photo is at the very end. Note her hat. She either attended, or is sympathetic with, the pro-abortion women’s march in D.C. Looks like she is also trying to emulate Ashley Judd’s “nasty woman” speech at that event.

      2. They are professional parrots. The ones that stayed home are unprofessional parrots. But they do the same thing: Parrot. Laughable, but very dangerous.

      3. You’re right Nancy…that last photo captures the portrait of Liberalism perfectly…they are the most angry, bitter, and unhappy people of all.

      4. Hi, Chip and all, I was wondering like you were, where are all of the Republicans? Get off of your butts.
        I have written the President twice, I did not give him OKers name, but I did offer my services and told him there are many people that like myself, that would back him up in the legal and constitutional militia. I asked him to look into what that meant or to contact me. I was hoping if he did write I may turn him to E.V. or some one one like C(*p that could tell him and explain what is really at his disposal.
        I believe that unless the $$ was dried up for the guns for hire from the likes of Soros that this is not going to stop and is getting real bad. I believe the the militia with military experience could squash this rebellion quickly.But I also see that CA,OR and WA. states are going to go the same direction.Please don’t get me wrong East OR,WA and CA. including the area of Jefferson are A.O.K. and they should also be called out for service. We also need Jefferson as a seaport.I may sound like a simpleton,but mark my words unless these demonized maniacs are squashed we as Patriotic Americans have a very tough row to hoe.
        For the Republic.
        CB . .

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