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Limbaugh Rips Deep State, Fake Media In Rare Interview

Trump supporters believed USA done if Hillary won, radio host says.

| – February 20, 2017

Rush Limbaugh appeared on Fox News this weekend to defend President Trump and explain what’s happening in the war between the Trump administration and the mainstream media/deep state alliance.

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Host Chris Wallace opened the interview with a question regarding Limbaugh’s assertion that the establishment, comprised of the “left-wing courts,” “left-wing media” and “left-wing bureaucracy,” are working in concert to “sabotage” Trump and thwart his attempts to wrest control of the nation from the death grip of the globalist elites.

“It’s driven by two things,” began Limbaugh. “The first thing that’s going on, Chris, in my view – it is preposterous to believe that the Russians had any effect on the outcome of voting in this country. It is absurd; there is no evidence – zilch, zero, nada. The New York Times has run two stories that are basically propaganda on this… and both stories clearly say ‘no evidence.’ Nobody they’ve talked to has any evidence whatsoever to suggest it.”

“The second thing I think that’s important for people to remember: People that voted for Donald Trump, people who support Donald Trump, really, really believed that they were going to lose the country if Hillary Clinton won.”

“This is not an idle thought; it’s not an exaggeration,” he continued. “They really believe that the country, as founded, was up for grabs.”

“It was over if Hillary had won, if the Democrats had another four or eight years to do what they do with the judiciary and so forth.”

Limbaugh stressed the importance of those two elements as keys to understanding Trump’s mission, and why his supporters are behind him unwaveringly, despite the nonstop onslaught of propaganda, criticism, and outright hate being leveled by all who oppose them.

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  1. The left narrative is division, casting aspersions and lies. And they know the youthful unemployment that they created are swallowing their hate and delivering it to our streets. Rush is spot on with the swell of rejection to that narrative that put Trump in office. The country has a long way to go to fix generations of an acceleration into true dictatorship. The left is desperately taunting for a civil war. They are a breath away from their victory. No resting for us!

  2. Rush Revere Rides Again!! Next to Schempard Smith, Wallace is the biggest Putz on FOX. Saw him lie straight-faced to a black person he was interviewing over the weekend. The interviewee asserted the truth about the great number of professional and paid protesters being bussed into all these anti-Trump events. Wallace ridiculed the assertion. I wanted to throw my shoe through the TV screen.

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