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Education Secretary Betsy Devos Assaulted By Black Lives Matter Protesters During DC School Visit…

Source: The Conservative Treehouse

Education Secretary Betsy Devos was going to visit a Washington DC Middle School earlier today when a group of left-wing and Black Lives Matter protesters mounted a blockade. Secretary Devos was physically blocked from visiting the school. The radical leftists cheer their victory.

Democrats have a long history of blocking school entrances going back to Democrat Governor George Wallace and his stand at the schoolhouse door to stop desegregation efforts.

However, perhaps the most disturbing part of the event was witnessing the Washington DC Police units stand down and support for the law breaking protest groups. As you can see in the captured videos below, the Washington DC police are willing to allow political violence.  Then again, the Tuscaloosa local police stood with George Wallace too…

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  1. These idiots are part of a funded socialist fascist movement. This needs to be shut down without fail. If allowed to fester, it will grow and become much more difficult to contain.

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