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“Where Does This Crisis End?” – Kurt Schlichter Lays Out The Left’s Violent Endgame

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    People it is important to understand that this election was the Democrat Communists last shot… the last opportunity they had to cement Communist and Islamic Terrorist Obama’s damage upon our country to Fundamentally Transform our Country into a Communist Sharia Law hell hole…. they are buzzing like angry bees and I wonder if now upon realization that they may never have another opportunity for a hundred years if in their desperation will try and spark Civil War 2… after all the evil slaver democrats started Civil War 1… :

  2. The hysteria over Trump isn’t unique to terrorist Democrats…

    …after all they went so berserk over Lincoln’s election that they murdered him and then started a Civil War ! ::: paraphrased from Dinesh D’Souza


  3. So far the protests and violent riots orchestrated by the Left have encountered very little pushback, either by LE or conservative groups. The Liberty Movement has shown remarkable patience and restraint in the face of radical and often violent opposition. Sooner or later one of the riots is going to escalate from property damage and minor assault to severe personal injury or even death, either by accident or on purpose, and then we’re going to see just how badly the Left wants to start Civil War 2. They should be VERY careful what they wish for.

  4. I hate to speculate on the 5 F ‘s of who, what. where,.. etc. of any future conflict, but something’s brewing, and wishing it away with normalcy bias, is foolhardy. Most are patient with this mess because they know the Elites are pulling the strings hoping for us to eliminate each other. Many have been relocating forming the Baltic State scenario. Where this all end is anybody’s guess. We have written Law of the Land, and we know who’s violating it. With the Law abiding now in elected position; I say the next move on the Chessboard is to execute the Law forcibly, decisively, and without restraint. Our leaders need reassurance we have their back. After that, all we can do is what we should of been doing all along. Organizing, and planning for any scenario, at our Community level.

  5. I’ve kept my eye on things and have suspected some kind of SHTF since early last year, but where it got serious for me, where it really hit me hard was when I was chatting with a friend on FB. This young lady is very intelligent and one of the sweetest souls I have ever known. I was so sad to hear the leftist infection come out of her mouth. It shocked me to hear her say that “Trump is asking for war for what he is doing.” It’s sad, it hurt because I thought I knew her better than that.
    IMHO the left is looking for something to happen, for the Right to say enough is enough and fight back, or for the police or military to do something, they want to be victims, they want to try the “I told you so” card. It’s sad and it sickens me, BUT I took oaths as a Marine and as a Law Enforcement Officer that never expire. I love my USA and the Constitution is divinely inspired. I will defend both with my life.

  6. The tone of this article is irritating. Lest we forget: The Civil War’s first battles were attended by Ladies and Gentlemen who took their carriages out to watch the battles over picnic lunches. If we get into a civil war here a bunch of folks had better harden up and stop underestimating an enemy who will soon be bolstered by foreign and domestic cadre that are supportive of the direction they want to take this nation in. This will NOT be a cake walk and we’d better not make the tired old mistake of assuming it will be.

    I don’t believe that this nation will fall into a civil war yet. I think it is possibly in our future but not right now. That said, I have made my preparations and continue to refine them. I have my CPT and I have multiple fallback locations that are provisioned and I have been comfortable-enough with my own preps for the last two years that I have begun training others and even stepped into Leadership in my state. That said, I implore all of you reading this to not take this potential civil war lightly. There won’t be any moronic hipsters fighting us with LPs. What we will face is an army younger than we are (overall), with all of the tools of modern warfare purchased by Soros and his satanistic ilk and supplied by any number of nations that see a worry-free path forward under the policies like Obama championed.

    1. Absolutely agree. History can show us a lot about what may happen here in the US very soon. Soldiers on both sides during the Civil War thought that it would all be settled with one small battle and that they would all be home for Christmas. 4 years and 620,000 lives later the war ended. There are a lot of similarties between today’s political atmosphere and the political atmosphere of 1860. I hope with all my heart that the similarities will end before war begins.

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