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Coffee Company Responds To Starbucks. Pledges To Hire 10,000 Veterans

Coffee Company Responds To Starbucks. Pledges To Hire 10,000 Veterans

Starbucks wants to hire cheap, illegal immigrants to improve their bottom line. Black Rifle Coffee wants to hire Vets. Which do you choose? – Shorty Dawkins

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Shortly after Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz penned a letter in which he promised to hire 10,000 refugees over the next five years in the aftermath of Trump’s immigration executive order, a veteran-run coffee company has issued a rejoinder to Starbucks, promising to hire 10,000 veterans itself according to Fox News.

Black Rifle Coffee Company, or BRCC, which describes itself as a “premium small-batch, roast to order, veteran owned and operated coffee company” responded to Starbucks – or “Hipsterbucks” as they call the global coffee chain – announcing a pledge via Instagram to hire 10,000 veterans. This is what CEO Evan Hafer tweeted on Wednesday.

The company’s announcement was greeted on Twitter, especially by those who viewed Starbucks’ announcement as hypocritical:

Coffee Company Responds To Starbucks. Pledges To Hire 10,000 Veterans


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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Starbucks…another company from the NW center for diseased minds. What patriot would grace their door, or support them in purchasing their crappy over roasted products.

  2. “Liberalism is a mental disorder.” ~ Why would Springsteen, Cher, De Niro, Streep, and this caffeine pushing moron alienate more than half their market? Because (on three), “Liberalism is a mental disorder.”!

      1. Shorty…If Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is not a Liberal, then I am a monkey’s uncle. Perhaps you thought I was referring to BRCC CEO Hafer? Hafer’s a HERO!

  3. I saw the folks on FOX drinking this coffee. I thought it was pretty kool. Any idea where I can buy some in NH…? If its veteran owned and operated, I will support the brand even if it sucks. I hope they have decaf. I cant have caffeine due to heart issues.

  4. Oh well…No decaf and no stores in NH but these guys seem to be sold out of most of their stuff. They are obviously doing very well and have plans to expand. I guess I will buy some as gifts for the coffee drinkers I know.

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