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California Sheriff calls out his own Government!

Says what everyone else is thinking!

Sacramento County Sheriff, Scott Jones, turned to social media to express some concerns he has about his own state government, and how hypocritical they are now that they need Trump’s help. From his facebook page: I find it ironic that the Governor and Democratic Leadership is asking the federal government for disaster relief… It’s like a teenager telling his parents that he hates them, he won’t follow their rules, and for them to just leave him alone… and then turning around and saying, “Hiiiiiii mom and dad, I love you, can i have some money for gas?” Make no mistake about it, I hope that the federal government does the right thing and provides assistance, but doing the right thing–like any relationship–is a two way street.

Sheriff Jones’ facebook post:

California Sheriff calls out his own Government!






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  1. This is a heads up. I’m admin on OK Facebook pages in California. When this article was posed on our pages, we were called out regarding this sheriff’s past indescressions.

    This is the same sheriff who was implicated in illegal survailendce of citizens cell phones useing a stingray..

    While I agree with his stand against sanctuary status of cities, we also have to make sure his track record is known.

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