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US Vows To CRUSH Russia as ‘2017 Will Be Year of the OFFENSIVE’ Against Putin

US Vows To CRUSH Russia as ‘2017 Will Be Year of the OFFENSIVE’ Against PutinNOTE FROM STEWART RHODES:

And now we see the traitors McCain and Graham showing their true colors, yet again, in service of the globalist agenda, and also in service of the Marxist left agenda, by doing all they can to start a war with Russia as well as drum up more fear of Russia as the boogie man of the day. Note that both of them also joined in with Chucky Schumer in a “united front” to demand Senate hearings on “Russian hacking of our democracy.”

I consider it a good sign that these known traitors are attacking Trump and taking the side of the globalist Obama/Hillary/DNC/Mainstream Media push to tie Trump to the Putin boogie man. That means that to them Trump is at least a political “Molotov Cocktail” as Michael Moore described him, and they are trying to contain him. The degree to which Trump is being attacked by such globalist scum cheers me and gives me hope that he may not be just another globalist shill, as many in the liberty movement contend. We shall see.

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by Patrick Christys

VLADIMIR Putin has been warned he is doomed to failure in Ukraine and that 2017 will be a year of anti-Russian aggression.

Top US senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham travelled to Ukraine’s frontline in Shyrokyne to proclaim to a crack team of marines “2017 will be the year of offense” and vowed to defeat Putin on battlefields of Eastern Europe.

If Putin claims victory in Ukraine then he may go on to invade, annexe and conquer other parts of the world, warned former Republican presidential candidate and prisoner of war in Vietnam John McCain.

Fellow Republican Mr Graham also issued a damning statement to Mr Putin, saying: “I admire the fact that you will fight for your homeland.

“Your fight is our fight – 2017 will be the year of offense.

“All of us will go back to Washington and we will push the case against Russia. Enough of a Russian aggression.

“It is time for them to pay a heavier price. Our fight is not with the Russian people but with Putin.

“Our promise to you is to take your cause to Washington, inform the American people of your bravery and make the case against Putin to the world.”

Mr McCain added: “I believe you will win. I am convinced you will win and we will do everything we can to provide you with what you need to win.

“We have succeeded not because of equipment but because of your courage.

“So I thank you and the world is watching and the world is watching because we cannot allow Vladimir Putin to succeed here because if he succeeds here, he will succeed in other countries.”

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Trump’s not a “Globalist Shill” at all. His heart/mind is in the right place. Problem is the fascists. This Globalist/Corporatist/Feudalist group are playing their cards in the proper order, so to speak. They know he will have to yield at some point to their demands, or continue his lone champion quest. The main problem I see is; he has surrounded himself with very successful folk. Great thing, right?!

    These people are used to being successful and as such, may not know when to say when. Some “Nationalism” is a good thing right now, but how much is too much? These scummy socialists have altered our course so thoroughly, we may not truly know where the dividing line is at this point. Worse yet, it will probably be defined differently for everyone.

    Have believed for some time now that, the jerks Stewart mentioned (and many more) are going to start a “Civil/World War” simultaneously. All this victimization, disarmament, and the global apologies leads to that end. Progressives learn to lie to themselves first, but their Achilles heel is their hypocrisy. That said, I believe the table is already set. Question is, who’s coming to dinner?

    1. I agree Greg, and especially with this:

      “Have believed for some time now that, the jerks Stewart mentioned (and many more) are going to start a “Civil/World War” simultaneously. All this victimization, disarmament, and the global apologies leads to that end. Progressives learn to lie to themselves first, but their Achilles heel is their hypocrisy. That said, I believe the table is already set. Question is, who’s coming to dinner?”

      The stage has been set for a “civil war” here among Americans, but that will really be but one theater in a world war (ironically, just like our first Revolution was in fact a civil war among Americans, pitting patriots against Tory “Loyalists” to the Crown, but that was also just a theater in a world war between England and France).

      In this new “civil war” in America, on our side it will actually be a war to restore the Constitution, and on their side it will be a war to destroy what is left of the Constitution, once and for all, and if we fail to save the Constitution, then it will be a war to at least preserve liberty in sovereign states, as we had under the Articles of Confederation, before the Constitution was ratified. But on their end, they likely will never accept a “divorce” and going our separate ways. Their ideology will not accept anything but total worldwide conquest. Which ideology is that? All three:

      1. Globalist/fascist/corporatist oligarchy. The jet set “untouchable” international elite who have no loyalty to any nation, and who see themselves as new royalty to rule us all. They will not rest until they control every inch of ground, every grain of wheat, every drop of water, and every man, woman, and child is under their iron boot. And they use the “useful idiots” in the other two major groups to achieve their ends, but ultimately, they imagine themselves as being at the top, as always.

      Domestically, the globalist cabal manifests in the Federal Reserve, the “Deep State” intelligence/spying national security state (CIA, NSA, DHS) that never goes away no matter who is in the White House, and only gets stronger each time, and the neoconservatives/globalists in both major parties.

      2. Communists/socialists. First of all, they are all communists. As Mike Vanerboegh (a former communist) put it, a “socialist” is really just a communist who hasn’t found his AK yet). The American left likes to call itself “progressive” but that is merely an attempt to be more acceptable to the American people. What they really are, with few exceptions, are Marxists, and that means communists. They can try to spin it as being “socialism” or “democratic socialism” or “participatory democracy” all they want, but it is all really just rehashed Marxism, warts and all. And that is why you now see Bill Ayers, Cornel West, and other old time communists crawling back out of the woodwork to now lead the left, yet again. And all communists strive for a worldwide communist victory, and that means a worldwide communist dictatorship (they claim that at some magical point in the future the “dictatorship of the proletatiate that they deem utterly essential will somehow just wither away, but history shows that never happens. Whether it is Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, Kim Jong Un, or Chaves, the dictator sticks around for life, and the only question is who will be the next dictator when he finally dies, to carry on “the people’s revolution” on behalf of all the slaves under his heel. But the immediate goal of communists is a worldwide dictatorship that then purges and uses mass murder against any and all who resist it. Sound familiar?

      3. Islam. Yes, there are some sincere moderate Muslims who seek to “reform” or modernize Islam, and truly want to “westernize” it to be compatible with our western concepts of freedom of religion and non-establishment of a state religion, but they are in the distinct minority, and the great mass of practicing Muslims the world over do prefer sharia law (which is a theocracy) and Islam itself, much like Marxism, is inherently a “revolutionary” religion that demands jihad and the spreading of the faith by means of the sword, and demands world conquest. And the character and factual behavior of the Prophet himself is the standard they are told to emulate, and his character and behavior was clearly that of a mass murdering, raping, looting, and slaving sociopathic pedophile. Just a fact, and we need to be willing to say it. Does that mean no Muslim can be a loyal American? No, but I do believe that to do so, that Muslim must distort and willfully “update” his or her religion to be something other than what the “Prophet” intended. And for those who want to argue with me on that, and say I am wrong, I say that the burden of proof is on you, and also that the majority of the Muslims in the world also disagree, as they see their faith in a far more fundamentalist view. The moderates are in a distinct minority. While I support their efforts to remake Islam, until they are somehow successful (likely generations from now, if ever) I will treat Islam the same way I treat communism (I will take the founder’s word for it).

      So, to sum up, we are in a worldwide war, to the death, against the globalist elites and their minions, and also the proxies and “useful idiots” they use, which consist primarily of the Marxist left (socialist, progressive, or communist), and also the now resurgent fundamentalist Islam that the globalist help spread throughout the world by various means, but most especially by immigration and resettlement, and the intentional destabilization of the entire Middle East just helps that.

      Of course, the Marxist left thinks they can use the Islamacists as a weapon against the common enemy of Western Civilization but still remain in ultimate control, ad still ultimately be in charge. And the Islamacists in turn think the same thing – they are using the left, against the common enemy Western Civ, and that they, the Islamacists will ultimately be in charge.

      And the globalist elite think the same thing. They all hate Western Civilization, as well as hating any independent people, anywhere in the world, not under their control, and they each think they will be the ones to come out on top in the end.

      For us, it really doesn’t matter which one is ultimately in charge, or how long they end up fighting among themselves after they kill us. We will be dead and our children will be under one flavor of world dictatorship or another, or at least under a national dictatorship.

      There are other players, which are used by the globalist and by the Marxists, such as the black nationalists, the Chicano nationalists, and even the white nationalists, since they all help to divide and conquer the west along racial lines. But ultimately, those are the three main players, and our three main enemies.

      At least, that is how I see it.


      1. Spot On! Obviously you’ve done your homework Stewart. I noticed you referenced this on another post, and I believe everyone should read this particular thread. Your description of the Islamic problem is of great interest to me. Personally, I include them in the “Useful Idiot” domain. Additionally, I include the Domestic Gangs in that group as well.

        The current Muslim Extremist and Domestic Gang Member have much in common. In fact, they both got their roots from Prostitute Mothers. As luck would have it you described those mothers in the first two groups. Will be brief on this juxtaposition (I could go on for days).

        Let’s use Detroit. We all know Detroit was thriving metropolis. We all watched as it became a gang infested hell hole. We watched as manufacturing took a back seat to welfare, however few paid attention to the mechanisms of the rise of the gangs, and the erosion of our rights as they arose. It appears to be a test case for that World Order folk talk about.

        The gangs are a product of the welfare state. After all, when the government creates a “Fiscally Kept Society,” jobs become less important. All that is left, is for the biggest, baddest on the block to go after said finite government resources by hook or crook. Ultimately, through BS regulatory restraints and an unwillingness to break the bonds of Institutionalized Voter Slavery, the systems within those city limits made a cultural shift. In this case the problem was somewhat isolated, or was it?

        Look at all those houses/properties that had their copper pipes looted, and the corporate folk bought on the cheap. Those gangs just simply moved out across the landscape like locusts just as soon as the resources were dried up. I believe this is going to happen on a much grander scale very soon.

        Most important of all, we watched our rights eroded at break neck speed. There are several examples, but I always use “Civil Forfeiture” as a direct infringement on our rights. Screaming about this 30 years ago always got me a, “you must have something to hide then.” As you know, the cannon got pointed in every direction but the gang members’, and the list incrementally grew in knee jerks. I know that you Stewart are aware of the similarities with the Radical Islamist movements, but will expand for anyone who leaps to this thread to read my tripe.

        Putting aside the various wars and our adherence to our few allies in the Middle East, the Muslim Extremist of recent was born in the very same fashion. Every time we set up shop in the Middle East (and other poorer countries), we pay admission with forms of assistance. In fact, our corporations are Legally Obligated to do so, so as to get approval by the State Department. Problem is, it breaks down said countries ability to keep Ma and Pa Muslim’s business open. It’s damned hard to compete with free. In other words we are creating the same abject poverty and dependence on an International scale. As luck would have it, “biggest and baddest on the block” will secure those finite resources by hook or crook. Hook being the impetus of religious ideology, and crook being the direct overthrow of government. Even more astounding is the arming of certain groups, disarmament of others as a means to an end. Now that should hit home for everyone on this site. Even more telling is the hard core erosion of our rights through agencies, and Unconstitutional Regulatory programs. The fact of the matter is, we have all the solutions we need in the Constitution. If these two groups were to be controlled, they would have used the disease control method; “Isolate, Immunize, and Eradicate.” Believe this, “They” know that!

        I could go on for days, but will leave it there. Don’t even get me started on 1850 – Present. The Pinkerton Agency, Confiscation Act, Sedition Act, National Guard Act (I forget the name on this), Prohibition, !934 Firearms Control, Wickard V. Filburn, The Administrative Procedures Act. The Genesis is fascinating We’ve been screwing up for a very long time!

        Will add this; I have been using Nationalism, where I should be using “National Sovereignty” and “National Pride.” I’m no NAZI, but got accused of it on another website. This is one of the rare occasions where I find decorum in the form of PC, may be warranted.

        Thanks for the illumination Stewart. Great Synopsis.

  2. Putin does not play ball with the globalist agenda; consequently we get traitor murderers like McCain, the ultra globalist and others like his filth, John Kerry traitor and queer Lindsey Graham, to drum up fear of Putin as a path to a war. Apparently the industrial military machine is looking for more gold and a war with anti-globalist Putin is just the method. Ever notice that the skum bags never sue over all the defamation of character thrown at them? That’s because it is all true those things pointed out about Hitlary, Podesta, McCain being guilty of war crimes and liar traitors like Kerry and boy rapist Grahams.

  3. We have a record 95 million not working. Many are youthful candidates to be drafted. What a better way to eliminate the under and unemployed than start a war over false flag rhetoric. Make ready the caskets and body bags.

    Bathhouse Barry the impostor in the rainbow house et alia will gladly start such a conflict. A cocaine boy brain with not an ounce of civil consciousness.

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