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Trump to Launch Investigation Into Voter Fraud

Trump administration to expose long-practiced election fraud.

even, those registered to vote who are dead (and many for a long time). Depending on results, we will strengthen up voting procedures!





  1. Because of Google’s new rules initiated by the “Ministry of Truth” under the State Department, the issue of illegal aliens voting is one more rotten apple in the pile of news reports WE have to TRY and decipher.

    However…I recall Obama stating to a news reporter, in a clever evasive way, that confirmed (in his statement) illegal aliens would not be arrested at a polling site, if they vote.

    In 2012, Las Vegas (Clark County) activists confirmed an estimated 5,000 illegal aliens voted…..

    Since the “Dream Act” controversy was and still a major concern by the Hispanic community….the push for everyone to vote was bigger than ever this cycle.

    Just prior to voting this past year, Homeland Security (“accidently”) gave 850 recent refugee arrivals citizenship(s). OOOPS!!

    There is no doubt in anyone’s mind of those active in border security issues, the ease by which illegal aliens can vote, without any identification and in states that require only a driver’s license, THEY VOTED !

    The low ball estimate is approximately 3 million, but that number could rise dramatically if and when the Trump Administration makes the effort to investigate several states.

    Watching Trump handle the FakeStream Media….as he did with the bogus 8:20am picture of the Washington Mall January 20th compared to a 12pm picture of Obama’s inauguration attendance in 2012, the media will be eating dust again soon enough. Letting them (first) bury themselves, then Trump will hit them where it hurts.

    I like his strategy and we can sit back and watch FakeStream Media make fools of themselves over the illegal alien count….

    “In Nevada you never have to prove you’re a citizen to register to vote or cast a ballot. Forget about showing government-issued photo identification at the polls, as several states now require. You don’t have to show a photo ID at any point in the process. The immigrants I met could vote Tuesday just by showing a Culinary health insurance card and a power bill.

    “One would establish identity and one would establish residence,” Clark County Registrar of Voters Larry Lomax said of state standards. “Just like every other voter in Nevada, they will not be asked to prove citizenship.”

    Obama statement and Wikileaks email to Podesta


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