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Speculation of Civil War over Brexit Leaves Open the Question of ‘How?’

Speculation of Civil War over Brexit Leaves Open the Question of ‘How?’
Would you? Would what they were fighting for (and against) make a difference?

“Will there be civil war if Brexit isn’t delivered?” the UK’s SKY News asks in a Monday Sky Views piece. Senior News Correspondent Michelle Clifford decided to do a human interest story on sentiments in at a fish and chips restaurant in Burnley, a “Lancashire town, where 67% of residents voted to leave the EU.”

“Oh, there’ll be mass riots. There’ll be hysteria,” proprietor Liz Pugh told Clifford. “There could even be a civil war.”

Of course this is pretty much hyperbole, speculation put together by Sky News because stoking emotions draws in readers.

No doubt feelings are intense, and no doubt the UK’s overwhelmingly Eurocentric leadership — and a substantial percentage of the citizenry (subjectry?) — have upped the odds of kingdom-wide uprisings. But chances are acts of insurrection won’t originate from hard-working people being squeezed out of their ancestral homeland. It will more likely initiate from within the foreign replacement population being brought in and embedded by globalists intent on erasing national borders.

When it does, the questions for people like Ms. Pugh would be “How will you resist?” and “With what?”

Because aside from some tightly-controlled “sporting arms,” your average Brit is essentially defenseless.

Per, a project of the Sydney School of Public Health (that partners with globalist gun-grabbers, but nonetheless has a good database of disarmament laws from around the world), “The regulation of guns in the United Kingdom is categorised as restrictive.”

That’s an understatement. Here’s the gist of it:

Speculation of Civil War over Brexit Leaves Open the Question of ‘How?’
So bottom line, the people are dependent on the same government selling them out to protect them from threats to sovereignty and freedom, and if that government instead partners with enemies foreign and domestic against them, they don’t have the means to force an alternative outcome.

Every few years I ask readers a question based on an old WWII ad that asked readers to “Send a gun to defend a British home.” Overwhelmingly, the answer is not only “No,” but an emphatic “Hell no!” followed by the correct observation that they’ve squandered the freedom Americans died to secure for them and brought their sorry state upon themselves.

This time around let me add a follow-on question to those not feeling enough sympathy to help out:

Would UK patriots fighting to ensure sovereignty against Eurocrats and globalists change your mind?



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. Americans are a generous people. I cannot imagine not sending arms to those who needed them…anymore than I could imagine not donating food or money to those in need. Their masses are probably no different from our masses. It will be the remnant in both cultures who will save the day…if it is to be saved.

    1. Hopefully the Irish Republican Army still has their arms smuggling from the US in place. This would expedite and increase the success of the project. Any Irish Oath Keepers from Boston out there listening.

      1. I am proud to say i have ancestors who were in Irish Republic. Grandmother was from County Cork and spoke proudly of those men. They kicked butt good in N.Y.City too by way of Ellis Island!
        I cannot imagine being unarmed! I wish them God speed.

    2. Fool me twice, shame on me. They not only squandered their freedoms, but when the war was over, they took all those freely-donated valuable guns and crushed them or threw them overboard. Thats not just the height of ingratitude, that’s insulting.

      If they want guns, let ‘em dive for the ones we already gave them.

  2. Odd how my Irish neighbor is all for guns, booze, freedom of speech, and our constitution, but he is left of left, always condemning the USA and all the people he should be supporting. A brilliant person in most respects but a full fledged fool.

    1. You are so right WGP. I was there for the first time in 1984. They LOVE America…but they don’t “get” America. And they still haven’t dried their JFK tears…but God help me I love ’em still.

      1. I’d take JFK over Johnston, Carter, the Bush’s, the Clinton’s, Obama, etc. Why? Because he was ending the Federal reserve – the administration serving with put out money that was BACKED BY GOLD AND SILVER; ending the CIA, changing the FBI, doing away with a forbidden permanent military and calling for a Militia of the people, etc, etc. Maybe not following the US Constitution as closely as he should have, but he was moving this nation in the correct direction away from the control of the “elite pile of sh-ts”; and he was so much closer then any person who has served within our government at any level except Ron Paul.

        Since his MURDER with a magic bullet that when so many places and took many twists and turns, etc.

        The Secret Service was involved in his murder – not all who served within it, but enough at the top. Took the Military Industrial Complex, banking, CIA, FBI, etc – why? The people allowing his death to go on BS fed to them by the “mainstream media” – and I personally remember what was said immediately after his shooting, and the changes made a few hours later – are ALL TRAITORS to our nation, our legitimate government.

        I believe that we have had very few, if any, who have not been at least a Domestic Enemy of our nation, if not an outright Traitor to it, serving since his murder and the murder of those like him in the 2 years following his death.

        EVERYTHING that has happened in our nation is OUR fault. We let major crimes like Treason, First Degree Murder, *Terrorism, etc continue by those who SERVE WITHIN our governments without removing them, charging them with the crimes they have committed.

        Carter, you know the poor old peanut farmer who knew nothing about government? He filled the federal government with CFR.

        Under Bill Clinton is when the worse degradation of our soldiers; our family members happened, when the Clinton regime decided it was a great idea to fill them with drugs to sell here in the USA. Today they have our military guarding the drug fields. We have pedophiles in every branch of our government (Hastings got it for paying blackmail – not a crime – instead of pedophilia and murdering children as he should have been charged so that he would not rat the rest out.

        Johnson placed the guy JFK fired in charge of his investigation – and the people did nothing. We still do nothing. We do NOT stand for those who kept their Oath and let us know of the criminal actions of those who serve within our governments. We do not stand when the feds murder people to take their land and to shut them up about the US Constitution.


        Then we get to the person who is NOT a US President, can NEVER be a US President, etc Obama. What has he done but destroy our nation, admittedly he is really great a divide and conquer; but who among you spoke up when he gave himself “assassination powers”? Was that because you do not know what your Oath means? Had not read the US Constitution? Did not understand that there is NO SUCH THING as assassination powers here in the USA, that it is First Degree Murder? Who here does NOT understand that there is also NO SUCH THING as “emergency powers” or “martial law”? Again, never read the US Constitution to which you are Oath bound? Read Dr. Vieira’s books, they are short and explain well why they are NOT lawful here at any time, under any condition.

        Sorry all, guess I am still angry that a man was shot in the back for following the laws of his state. Took a stray in to Animal Control as he state law requires; refused to show ID as the law says is his right (backed by the US Constitution and the state Constitution. So the AC called cops, and it ended up with a lawful, unarmed citizen being murdered by cops – yes, it is murder.

        Then here they moved the homeless and took their stuff; tents, clothes, sleeping bags, etc, and those cops burned them. They already had everything taken from them by other unlawful acts and in winter some “cops” thought it was okay to destroy what little they had left. Those are the same kind of cops that are going to line up people in front of ditches mass grave sites and shoot them in the back.

        So where am I heading? They are showing us that they will not say “NO” to unlawful orders or keep their Oaths. All I could think was we already have the monsters from Nazi Germany, Stalin/Lenin’s Russia, Mao’s China, ETC in place.

        Where stand you? Because the Oath makes YOU personally responsible for your actions while serving. Are you standing for your nation, your legitimate government as is required of you by the position you occupy, the Constitutions – US and your own state’s, and the Oath? Or are you going down in history as one of those monsters? Because you are supposed to be a American; and here, we do NOT do those things listed above – none of them.

        God Bless and Stay Safe All!

        If there were never intended to be action to defend the Constitution from those who are domestically attempting to destroy its power and authority, why would each Oath require it of those who take the Oaths?

        Chief Tecumseh: “When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.”

        1. CAL, your reply here is awesome. Chip’s reference to “JFK tears” was not an intentional “dis” of JFK, the man or his presidency, I’m sure. Nevertheless, it triggered your reply. I wish that your reply had been placed in the artcle concerning communist opposition to trump. Why? Because you revealed some true history that we all should take careful note of.
          JFK and America were the tip of the spear in opposing communist expansion throughout the world. He was well aware of the communist menace and the need to stop it. Us “old guys” remember the Cuban missile crisis. We lived through it. We participated in the drills. We took shelter under our desks and/or move quickly to shelter in the inner hallways as practice for a nuclear exchange. I remember the bomb shelters; both public and private. It was a scary and serious time to be a child in America.
          When JFK was assassinated, the American conscious went immediately to place the blame on communists. But you and I know that it was not the communists who assassinated JFK. The perpetrators were conspirators whose ideology was far removed from the ideology of communism. Their ideology was globalism. These were men embedded within American society and mostly embedded within the American government. Most held high positions within the government. Most had taken the oath. So why would these men conspire to do such a thing?
          JFK also recognized and opposed another enemy of liberty. This entity posed a far greater threat to America and the world than even communism and JFK was actively engaged in stopping them. When JFK announced his intention to do away with the Federal Reserve, that was the red line.
          So you hit the nail squarely on the head, CAL
          I believe that the same enemy who assassinated JFK happens to be Trump’s greatest enemy. They are the globalists embedded in our own government. They are the great threat and not the communists. Contemporary Americans should not make the same mistake again to focus on the communists as the great American threat. Neither should we look to radical Islam as the greatest threat to America. While both are threats, they are not the greatest threat. Our greatest threat are the globalists embedded within our own government.
          I now offer up two articles that merit the attention of all Americans.

          This is an attempt to hide some very bad things. What exactly do they not want the American people to know? I believe it is massive corruption. I believe it is heinous acts of treason. And the attempt to cover up is not being made by the Democrats. It is being made by members of the GOP. If the lid is ever lifted, think we will see outrage and a massive investigation into the matters that would make Joe McCarthy proud because what is being hidden from us is truly “massive un-American activitiers”.

          1. Good read on that Yoda. And I concur with your hat-tip to Cal on the history lesson. Amazing stuff. Thanks for the articles too. This is all so surreal…90% of the people I spend 90% of my day with have NO CLUE about any of this!

          2. And I think you are largely preaching to the choir here (at least when it comes to our leaders and active members, but not to the public in general. For the general public, your observations are correct). We are fully aware that the greatest threat is the globalist cabal. As I said to Greg in comments on another article:

            Domestically, the globalist cabal manifests in the Federal Reserve, the “Deep State” intelligence/spying national security state (CIA, NSA, DHS) that never goes away no matter who is in the White House, and only gets stronger each time, and the neoconservatives/globalists in both major parties.

            That “deep state” domestic manifestation of the globalist elite is the most dangerous enemy, since it is always running in the background, here at home, inside our wire, whether the current Admin is “left” or “right” and whether the Democrats or Republicans control Congress. And it is always getting stronger and more entrenched. It is like a parasite that burrows deep into the host, unseen for the most part, as people focus on the symptoms on the surface. The globalist elite attempt to use both communism and fascism as tools to grow its power. Hence, all Oath Keepers should watch BOTH of James Yeager’s excellent films on this, Cultural Marxism and Corporate Fascism, as well as Fiat Empire and Original Intent, as all combine to show how the globalists pull the strings long term. And then watch the rest of his films for some solutions.

            I also highly recommend Cleon Skousen’s excellent books:

            The Naked Communist

            The Naked Capitalist

            The Naked Socialist

            As I said to Greg K in the other comment exchange, the globalists are currently focused on using both the Marxist left and the Islamic Jihadists as their force multipliers, since all three major movements are very similar – they are all world movements that seek world conquest, and a world government of their own making. All three desire the destruction of Western Civilization as well as the destruction of any other independent culture. They all seek world conquest, and they all think they are using the others as “useful idiots.” And whichever will come out on top, for the people of the world, it will mean slavery, starvation, and massive genocide of all who resist. The globalists will also use a fascist regime for its goals, just as they used Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo. Any totalitarian form of government will do, wither “left”, “right” or theocratic, like Islam. And black nationalism, white nationalism, and brown nationalism also serve nicely to divide and conquer us.

            And this is a worldwide war.

            But, none of this means that the communist clowns such as Bill Ayers, Cornel West, or all the many “progressives” out there who have been taught to hate their own nation and to support the destruction of our Republic are not a serious threat. I see it as a three way “Axis” against us, which must be addressed as a whole.


    2. It is an absolute truth: There is NO chance for Liberty as long as the federal reserve system is in place. The people that operate it are demigods. They have unlimited power over us mere mortals. “How?”, you ask. They create ‘money’ from nothing and ‘earn interest’ on it. That is unlimited power. Those same internationalists control central banks of almost every nation in the world.

    3. Are you sure he’s not condeming our government? The United States that came up with the ACU army uniform design, the bridge to nowhere, the Cash for Clunkers, Obamacare and all the MANY, MANY boondoggle that wasted billions and even trillions of dollars of American taxpayer money?

  3. In transit through London Heathrow in November of last year my wife was nearly arrested for the 6 inch pink, plastic ” Kubotan” on her key ring. A full report was eventually filed and her Kubotan confiscated with a severe warning. She now has a police record in the UK for a six inch piece of plastic… The Brits are seriously over the edge.

  4. I will support them with ammo. My requirement is that Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan deliver the ammo – personally!
    Oh, one other stipulation: He will be given one cartridge at a time and must return with a receipt signed by the receiving organization. Think of him as my Barney Fife courier.
    LoneStarHog (Hog)
    Life Member 140
    Note to Brits: So, do you still want to ridicule us so-called “Gun Nuts” in all the various venues where you troll?

    1. Great plan!
      Those Brits can’t even defend themselves from the rock and club wielding muslim hordes that their own kabbalistic government deposited in their midst, but they call us gun nuts, because we have not abandoned our warrior culture like they have. They are effeminate panty-wastes.
      Much love and respect to you and all Oath Keepers,
      OK Life Member #80.

  5. I believe that the average British person is not to blame for his elite globalist politicians bringing in foreign replacements for him and his family. I imagine the average Brit is just as sick of it as we are.

    But remember our sweeps of the House? And how they didn’t stop or even reduce the importation of replacements for us, and didn’t slow the invasion by illegal aliens?

    I think the Brits have the same problem: Generally, no matter who they vote into office, the destruction of Great Britain by the elite globalists continues.

    So I’m for helping the average British victim of globalist elites, if we can.

    1. You are correct that many of the Brits (as well as most other Europeans) are powerless in the fight against the internationalists, a.k.a. communists. But i have talked to several Europeans personally, and to a person, they are very (((liberal))), to the point that i think they have been indoctrinated from their youth. That is what happens when the enemy has control of the media, the schools, the government, and, especially, the money-creation.
      At least 50% of Americans think just like they do. They have been taught to hate their own culture and their own ancestors.

  6. In answer to your last question – A RESOUNDING YES! A global problem requires a global defense.

  7. We must remember the antichrist cannot arise until we have a one world government. Resist all you want, global government will come to pass. Let’s fight the good fight and take chief Tecumseh’s admonition. Greetings to all the choir.

  8. Under the present circumstances and the addition of what David added to the question, yes, I would send a firearm. Anybody that has the backbone to step up to the plate and fight tyranny and oppression against an armed assault deserves our support.

  9. Hard to have a civil war if you are not armed. The elitists and bureaucrats knew what they were doing when they disarmed the people. Lesson learned TOO LATE.
    America. Don’t make the same mistake.

    1. Which country are talking about, Green Giant? The British have not been ‘disarmed’ – as an internet search for gun dealers in Britain will prove.

  10. Frankly, David Codrea, I expected better than this regurgitated BS from you. Quoting from Sky TV and as though they were reliable sources, FFS??????? How would you like it if I trusted HuffPo and the NYT to give me the facts about the US? Get a bloody GRIP, man – and try checking the facts, which are all in the public domain!!

    OK, let’s commence with the hatchet job here:
    “In the United Kingdom, the right to private ownership is not protected by law.”

    That’s true – but the the law in this country is very clear: an individual is entitled to protect themselves or others; they may inflict violence and/or use weapons to do so; the level of violence may include killing the assailant; and an individual may even act pre-emptively and still be found to have acted in self-defence.

    “The law on the use of force against someone committing a crime is very similar to that on the use of force in self-defence. However, unlike the law on self-defence, it has been set out in statute. The Criminal Law Act 1967 states that an individual is entitled to use reasonable force to prevent a crime being committed.”

    As the barrister (attorney) makes clear in her article, reasonable force includes lethal force. The word ‘reasonable’ runs throughout English law, and recent court cases have interpreted it like this; if you shot a 6 year old who was trying to steal sweets from a shop, that would not be allowed as ‘reasonable force’. If you shot armed criminals who were threatening yourself or your family, that would be seen by the courts and the police as ‘reasonable force’. Not quite as defenceless as you thought, eh, David?

    You describe us as being limited to ” tightly-controlled sporting arms”; the way that comes across is though there are only a handful of guns in Britain – actually, there are three million rifles, shotguns and handguns in private ownership. As for being ‘tightly-controlled’ – do you know how difficult it is to get a firearms or shotgun licence in Britain? Unless you have criminal connections, or mental health problems, it’s no more tedious or time consuming than getting a first driving licence – and a heck of a lot cheaper.
    The ONLY reason that so many Brits do not own a gun is because they don’t want one – and certainly not because our laws make it that difficult to get one – let alone impossible.

    I’m baffled as to why you seem to think that “if it ain’t a semi-auto, it ain’t worth crap!” Hunters in England find bolt-action rifles lethal against red deer and wild boar – but why don’t you put it to the test, David? Get someone to shoot you with a .270 bullet, fired from a bolt-action rifle, or a .44 magnum fired from a lever action rifle (both of which are routinely sold in England) and see how non-lethal you find it.

    You quote to the effect that we are not allowed to possess semi-automatics or handguns (pistols or revolvers) in the UK. Oh, yeah? Then tell me what these are, David?

    As for our rights to the private ownership not being guaranteed by law – correct me if I’m wrong, but I have read on US websites that the majority of US states will only allow concealed carry if you get a licence from the state government. Further, that you cannot get a concealed carry permit at all in such places as New Jersey, NYC, Chicago and Washington DC. So much for the Second Amendment, about which so many Americans constantly brag, which ‘guarantees’ that “the right to bear arms shall not be infringed”. Tell THAT to the families of the US Marines murdered in the USMC recruiting office in Chattanooga, who were forbidden to have their issue sidearms with them!

    As for sending us guns, I suggest you send them to places like Cook County, Illinois – whose need is far greater than ours.

    And, with regards to the likelihood and likely outcome of civil war in Britain, try reading this piece, written by someone who – UNLIKE YOU – is well informed:

    And stick to writing about America.

  11. I’m a Brit inTexas. Took me a few years living here to “get it” and realize what a brilliant document is the US Constitution.
    They are naive about the right to bear arms. Remember they have the same rights as we do, but liberals in power suppressed them a century ago.
    Some of my Lee Enfields we’re made in the city where I was born. Yet I can only keep and bear them here in America.
    Deactivated weapons cost more in England than the functioning ones I can buy and own here.
    The few British gun magazines cannot show photos of handguns on the cover. The content is all airguns and paintball.
    The U.K. Police were just given the option of receiving firearms training (personal choice)
    Once you could go to the Army and Navy Store and buy a Webley-Fosbery.
    Yes, when the time comes we may well have to send them arms again.

  12. My answer to David’s questions are Yes, and Yes. It would make a difference if I knew it was to fight for their independence and sovereignty, and I would send them arms and ammo. Damn straight. I happen to have a couple of good ol Enfield SMLE .303s that will still do some good work for Brits with the nerve to use them. I also have a couple of Ishapore Enfields in .308 salted away as “givaway” rifles that will also serve. No need for semi-autos. Those bolt action battle rifles with ten or twelve shots of a .30 caliber bullet will do what needs done.

  13. I would gladly send them a few guns.
    Understand this: I have NO PROBLEM with immigrants who chose to come to America legally and chose to complete the things needed to become an american citizen.
    I DO NOT like and will NOT respect forced Diversity and Globalism, I reject it completely.
    It is NOT up to leftwing nuts or Presidents to artifically install diversity in my city, state or town just b/c it is not liberal enough to win elections. When this happens, those people need to be ran out of town or on the federal bus they came in on.
    Progressive Liberalism/communism is a sick friggin disease that No one with any sense that hasn’t been brainwashed or indoctrinated wants…..
    I have lived around different cultures and people all of my life and enjoy traveling to different parts of the world. However, having a sorry azz President or a bunch or rich elitist tell me that I MUST have there sorry azz value’s is laughable. They DO NOT have any value’s, that’s the problem. ALL of them could care less about any of these people. They see them as Votes and housekeepers ONLY.

    1. Every wave of immigration since 1800 has been harmful to traditional Americans and the freedoms left to us by our Founding Fathers. Close the borders, we do not need any new immigrants. There is no such thing as magic dirt.

  14. I assume the flyer at the head of this article is authentic. It’s very interesting to me because I remember hearing my dad talk about a gun drive or collection for the Brits before the US became involved in WW2. I have never seen evidence of it until now. It is a wonder to me how you can send desperate people guns for their protection who then end up giving them away within a generation!

  15. The most interesting Brexit political issue will be the future of an uncharacteristic EU friendly Northern Ireland. Brexit could be the turning point in the increasing and beneficial economic situation between Northern Ireland and the EU-enthusiastic Republic of Ireland. Maybe Northern Irelanders will cast historical religious issues aside and work to keep Northern Ireland in the EU by abandoning the UK. Scotland aso, but unlikely?

  16. OK, I will kick the big smelly poop stick here. The reason to help the Brits (or anyone seeking sovereignty) is simple; There’s about to be a raging battle for World dominance. You all know that. Knowing that, you also instinctively know that we need to form alliances. Some may even be unholy, but this thing will start in the US and UK. As such we will need to create as much of a barrier between arms manufacturers (on our side) as possible. Exchange of arms and personnel is as old as time itself. BTW so is deception…….use it!

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