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Senior Secret Service Agent Suggests on Facebook That She Wouldn’t Take a Bullet for Trump

Senior Secret Service Agent Suggests on Facebook That She Wouldn't Take a Bullet for Trump

It seems pretty clear, from her Facebook postings, that Kerry O’Grady is in violation of the Hatch Act. That alone suggests she should be removed from her supervisory position with the Secret Service. If she “refuses to take a bullet for him” (Donald Trump), then she should have nothing to do with protecting him. Period. – Shorty Dawkins

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by Debra Heine

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A senior U.S. Secret Service agent is under investigation after writing a series of scathing Facebook posts assailing Donald Trump, including one in which she claimed she would rather endure jail time than take a bullet for someone she considered to be a “disaster” for the country.

Via the Washington Examiner:

Kerry O’Grady, the special agent in charge of the Secret Service’s Denver district, oversees coordination with Washington-based advance teams for all presidential candidate [sic] and presidential trips to the area, including all upcoming or future trips by the president, vice president or Trump administration officials.

Despite her senior security role, she has made her disdain for Trump and his incoming administration clear to her Facebook followers, who included current and former Secret Service agents and other people who were employees at the time of the posts. O’Grady’s posts triggered at least one complaint to the office that oversees investigations into Secret Service misbehavior, two knowledgeable sources told the Washington Examiner.

In one Facebook post O’Grady wrote at 11:07 p.m. on a Sunday in October, she endorsed Hillary Clinton and said she would endure “jail time” rather than “taking a bullet” for what she regarded as a “disaster” for America.

While the post didn’t mention Trump by name, it was clear O’Grady was referring to him.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Maybe she is a coward and just scared to take a bullet for anyone and just using her hatred of Trump as an excuse…

  2. Besides the obvious question as to the loyalty to her Country and to the oath she took,….Just how &^%$#@! STUPID can a Federal Agent be to post something like this?? With all the history of Police Officers and other public officials running their gums on public media and getting in hot water over it, she must be a special kind of dumb, as well as a special kind’a disloyal.

  3. Sounds like she is the disaster for this country .I wouldn’t think anyone would take a bullet for her but I’m sure there are plenty that would give her a bullet.

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