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Reversing Obama’s Last-Minute Land Grab

Reversing Obama’s Last-Minute Land Grab


Comment from Stewart Rhodes:

“The GOP plans to restore control of more than a million acres to the people of Utah and Nevada.” They had better, and we had better support them 100% in doing so by all means available to us. People out West are sick of being put upon by the weenies in DC and all of their radical environmentalist Marxist “stake holders” (I like to call them “watermelons” because they are green on the outside, but red on the inside, since they really are Marxists who are just using “environmental concerns” as a justification of their desire for the national government, and then international government, to control all resources and land).

Trump and the GOP MUST fix this, restoring control of the land to the people of Utah and Nevada. And frankly, Trump should use his own power to issue executive orders to simply negate Obama’s EOs. He can do that all on his own, even if Congress drops the ball. In fact, Trump should do that with all of Obama’s EOs, and thus wipe out his “imperial presidency” legacy. Rescind them all! Start over with new EOs wherever they are actually constitutionally necessary and proper.

If Trump and the GOP don’t fix this, the people of the West will, through nullification, both at the state and local levels. They will simply start using their land again, regardless of what the feds say or do. But let’s give Trump a chance to do the right thing. Within the liberty/patriot movement, we need to cool the jets of the hotheads at least until Trump is in office and has the opportunity to fix it. DON’T give Obama an excuse to declare an emergency and try to stay in office. Stay cool for seventeen more days and wait till Obama is gone and then deal with the new Trump admin instead. Putin, for example, is smart enough to do that, and is for now ignoring Obama’s clumsy provocations to try to start a war. Putin is waiting to deal with Trump rather than with a lame duck idiot. The Patriot movement needs to do likewise. Stewart Rhodes, Founder and President of Oath Keepers

This article comes from the National Review.

by Alexandra DeSanctis

The GOP plans to restore control of more than a million acres to the people of Utah and Nevada.

In the waning hours of his presidency, Barack Obama has designated more than 1.5 million acres for two new national monuments — Bears Ears in Utah and Gold Butte in Nevada. State lawmakers in the region have for years debated creating these monuments and had yet to reach a conclusion before Obama made his controversial move Wednesday.

The Bears Ears monument will take up an astounding 1.35 million acres, a region bigger than the state of Delaware, and the Gold Butte monument will cover nearly 300,000 acres in an area often referred to as Nevada’s portion of the Grand Canyon. In a statement, the president asserted that these monuments “will protect places that a wide range of stakeholders all agree are worthy of protection.” He also claimed that his administration “worked to ensure that tribes and local communities can continue to access and benefit from these lands for generations to come.”

But many state lawmakers disagree, arguing that this decision puts vast pieces of land into the hands of the federal government alone, removing power from state lawmakers and thus removing control from the people of Utah and Nevada. These new monuments aren’t the first occasion for such concerns to surface, especially in the western part of the country. The federal government controls 25 percent of all land in the U.S., 50 percent of land west of the Rocky Mountains, and 85 percent of the land in Nevada.

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  1. I don’t trust the GOP to do the right thing. I don’t like any president ruling by exec order. ‘We the People’ will have to set things right, one way or the other.

  2. Stewart is spot on. Give Trump and the GOP a chance. If they fail, nullify! Start using the land via the state legislature and or County Commissions Assume management of the land via the legally elected Conservation Districts. Cut off water and electricity to BLM offices, legally, through the County Commissions and local Mayors / city councils. Use zoning laws. Deny building permits, etc We will win this fight.

    1. I have no problem giving Trump a chance. But if he chooses to legislate by exec order then he’s no better than the last scumbag in that office.
      The GOP however, has shown how spineless they are over the last two years.

  3. Here in Washington State there is an underground movement to split off the East side into it’s own new state. There’s a possibility of Eastern Oregon joining in. I thought about pushing this agenda openly and aggressively. Still might do it, however, when you consider the State occupation of lands on this side of the state, we would have to invest huge amounts of money to accrue those lands.

    The DNR and WDFW have scooped up huge tracts of recent. One of our local gun ranges is jointly owned by WDFW and BLM. It’s run by a local gun club. After about 15 years, the State decided they should have been paying taxes for use this whole time, of course after the range was fully developed. It’s to the tune of $100,000, I’m told. Can you imagine how impossible that will be to come up with, not to mention they can come up with a new reason next week, if deemed necessary. Had a personal experience where a game warden told me, “you can hunt on public land, but you can’t shoot on public land.” Who’s form of land use is better than another’s form of land use? Just like Stewart mentioned, “The Marxists have Parasitically inserted themselves into every vestige of our lives.” Stewart I paraphrased that with my own observation included.

    This Central Planning (Home Rule) has gotten way out of hand, and they have seemingly forced everyone to participate in their ideologically driven philosophies….It’s time to go all in gang. Trump could be swayed. We need to make sure that the tracts of land sold to the public are carved up so that Ma and Pa America can get their slice. If the Mega-corps get it all we will be in worse shape than the Government ownership.

    1. @ Gregg, hello fellow Washingtonian, I read about that move in the local lib. rag. They had nothing good to say about it (of course) they hate Matt Shea. If you could keep us posted on that possible move to separate from the west side I would sure appreciate it. I know it has been tried in the past, but these days the difference between E.and W. Washington are too big to deal with.Also were you talking about the S.R.C. gun range? I am a member.Thanks Greg.

      1. Hey Charlie, it’s the TCSA (Tri Cities Shooter’s Association).
        Keep in mind I got that info second hand. Will check it out soon, no matter what by April.

        The article in our “Rag” had a statement from a Spokane Legislator about how the State supports WSU Pullman/Spokane. He was using the Heart Felt response. In other words “what could go wrong. I looked at it as “What could go right.” The plusses seem to outweigh the minuses, but it wont be without pain if we initiate the launch. Unfortunate for that Do-Dah, I was trained by the most vile of the vile in Heart Felt communication. Really do believe we would be way ahead in the long run, and fairly represented in the over all. Right now we have a Central Planner in Everett deciding if we can open land to development or not. They have turned away many large companies here, including Micron. It’s time to do something different. Will keep you posted Charlie.

  4. I agree Stewart.All past exec orders should be nullified also.But,
    Are not all executive orders from the President unconstitutional?

    1. No, US presidents are allowed to write executive orders, and they are binding on those who serve within our governments, but NOT binding on the American people. The US Constitution clearly states in Article 1 that ALL legislation (that means all types of legislation – laws/codes/statutes/etc) that are to be binding on the American people must be created (completely created) by those who serve within the House of Representatives and the Senate.

      Article 1, Section 1: “All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.”

      That word “vested” means that it is a “power” that belongs ONLY to those who serve within the Senate and House (“shall consist of…”). It is/was considered so important that it is the very first thing addressed by the US Constitution after the Preamble. The US Constitution is pretty clear when one just breaks down the words used, as it was meant so that all could understand it.

      Vested means “held completely, permanently, and inalienably; protected or established by law, commitment, tradition, ownership, etc” (

      That authority to make anything legislative that affects the people MUST come absolutely come from those who serve within the House and the Senate in all of its contents or it is not lawful and binding. It also must be in Pursuance thereof the US Constitution – those are the only two requirements by our supreme law of this nation.

      So can an agency make a “regulation” that affects the American people, their property, etc – no, not lawfully, just under color of law, pretend law. That does not mean that the ignorant or the willing domestic enemy of our nation will not enforce it, they will. But that is also a crime on the enforcers part because they are REQUIRED to be Oath bound to the US Constitution, it is the ONLY way they have any lawful authority beyond that of any mafia or gang here in the USA. It is critical that one remembers or learns that the US Constitution requires all who serve within our governments to protect property, freedom, speech, all natural rights written or unwritten in the US Constitution (Amendment 9)

      Ninth Amendment: “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

      That was Madison’s ensuring that those listed within the Bill of Rights was not seen as granting to the people of the United States only those specific rights it lists there, but that ALL natural rights are to be Protected by those that serve within our governments – state and federal.

    2. The President cannot make law, or change law. If an executive order does either, it is unconstitutional. Only the Congress can make or change law, with the signature of the President.
      IMO, the executive order is intended to be administrative only.

      1. Agreed, but we unfortunately have a massive federal bureaucracy that thinks all the piled up EOs are legitimate, and federal courts that also rubber stamp them as somehow being OK, so why not have Trump kill all of Obama’s EOs, by using EOs, to make it clear that they are gone and not to be followed? Get rid of them.

        1. I agree. An EO to kill all the others. That’s not legislating [IMO], thats administrating.
          I just don’t want Trump to think that he can continue the past practices of the previous administrations to legislate by EO.

  5. I was there in Toquop wash on April 12 2014 , Was under the excellent leadership of JoCo Oathkeepers at Sugar Pine, and am one of the seven victorious accused in the Portland Malhure trial. You could say that I have some investment in this issue. My take on this Gold Butte/Bears Ears situation is the same as Stewart’s – Let things pan out. With the transition in DC, It’s doubtful anything will happen for awhile. In addition to this, the district assemblyman there, Chris Edwards, is raising quite a stink, and the whole thing may be derailed through legislation. Comments on his article, ” Wrong Move on Gold Butte” in the Mesquite Local News are 100% against this land grab. There is, however, an issue at stake, one much larger than both of these monuments combined. I could ask : Have the Federal intimidations of this last year been successful ? I guess we’ll find this out, won’t we folks, at the “Next” one ? For myself, the terrible sacrifices made by Ammon, Ryan and Lavoy and so many others are for us to redeem.

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