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The Privacyless, Freedomless Smart City of 2030 the Elite Are Engineering

The Privacyless, Freedomless Smart City of 2030 the Elite Are Engineering

Truthstream Media has a video about the Elite’s Vision of the future. It is not a nice future, at least for the 99% of us. Of course the 1%, the Elite, will live in luxury; after all, they deserve it because… well, they are the 1%. I call what is being planned the New Feudalism. There will be the common people (serfs) being ruled by the Elite (masters). There will be no freedoms for the commoners. You will be watched every way imaginable, and you will toe-the-line or be re-educated. It is George Orwell’s 1984 on steroids.

The Elite at Davos, and other meetings of the Elite, have it all planned. It is Agenda 21, which became Agenda 2030 and is now morphing into 2050. It is staring us in the face. What the Elites bill as Utopia is, in reality, the worst nightmare imaginable.


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Shorty Dawkins




    As a still in recovery survivor with Celiac Disease of the American Holocaust by chemical culling, and as a retired sworn Oathkeeping Peace Officer, I have a duty to the American people I swore to protect from “enemies foreign and DOMESTIC” to call for the peaceful arrest and prosecution on genocide, treason, crimes against humanity, and crimes against the environment charges for the evil murderous psychopaths who took over our food supply, and the criminal traitors who support the psychopaths in US Government agencies they control.

    Until the psychopaths in the Biotech, Big Pharma, Big AGRI, Chemical, Food Industries, and all involved in the American Holocaust and Chemical Culling Death Machine, and the traitors in US Government Agencies who support them are arrested and prosecuted, I also have a duty to peacefully protect the American people from the psychopaths and their deadly poisonous toxin filled fake food garbage, and that is why I made this video for beginners, and those wishing to help their families and children survive the psychopaths and the American Holocaust by chemical culling. I hope you enjoy and learn something that helps your family and children in the future, thank you and God Bless you all. Please comment and I will answer any questions you may have!!!

    Ronald L Ahrens III%
    Sworn 1979-1984 US Military Police
    Sworn 1984-1997 Contractor Security/Corporate Mercenary US Military
    Sworn 1997-2011 Reno Police Department, Reno Nevada

  2. This comes as no surprise. Just take a look at the hollywierd elites coming out in opposition to Trump. Obama hands them Presidential medals of freedom like they were candy. Please tell me what Ellen degenerate, Bruce Springstien or Robert Danero have contributed to freedom. Strikes me those medals should have been handed to those who actually earned them. OUR VETERANS…!!!!
    I sincerely hope Trump can manage to DEFUND the UN…..Im guessing that was just another empty promise.

  3. Right on Mr Ahrens sir.
    Monsanto is our enemy and don’t forget that Clarence Thomas on the supreme court was a lawyer for Monsanto for many years. The deck has been stacked against us.
    I sincerely hope you win your fight with celiac disease. Running on only one kidney myself.

    1. Thank you flinter for being a true Patriot and I implore you and other victims of the American Holocaust and Chemical Culling to step up and file charges against the genocidal psychopaths who destroyed your health, and your children’s health, freedoms, and future at coming Citizen Tribunals for the monsters. Clarence Thomas, former Attorney for the treasonous genocidal psychopath controlled Monsanto Corporation, is one of the reasons to hold Citizen Tribunals for the psychopaths: who destroyed our good gut bacteria(GENOCIDE) leaving the population dumbed down and disease ridden, and the good bacteria in our soil(ECOCIDE) forcing more Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals to be added, which the population is forced to consume. Of course over a long period time the “cumulative effect” of all those toxic chemicals results in the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF UNHEALTHY disease ridden toxic dump obese Americans victims we see today . There is NO OTHER REASON FOR THE DESTRUCTIVE TREASONOUS MURDEROUS ACTIONS of these psychopaths, who took over our food supply decades ago-other than POPULATION CONTROL. The corrupted treasonous US Supreme Court and corrupted US Government Courts can no longer be trusted to protect the health and welfare of the American population, so Citizen Tribunals similar to the Nuremberg Trials are the only PEACEFUL resolution and solution left for those who care about their children’ HEALTH, FREEDOMS, and FUTURE!!!!.

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