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Why Is Obama Moving Troops Into Poland And Provoking A War With Russia Right Before The Inauguration?

Why Is Obama Moving Troops Into Poland And Provoking A War With Russia Right Before The Inauguration?This article comes from DCClothesline.

by Michael Snyder

January 20th cannot come soon enough.  Instead of stepping back and trying to ensure a smooth transition for Donald Trump, Barack Obama has decided to go hog wild and use every ounce of presidential power still available to him.  He has been establishing a bunch of new national monuments, he just stabbed Israel in the back at the United Nations, and on Thursday he even took time to give Joe Biden a Presidential Medal of Freedom.  But one of the things that has people the most concerned is his endless provoking of Russia.  Every few days it seems like Obama is doing something else to aggravate Russia, and if he wasn’t leaving office in about a week I am sure that the mainstream media would be full of speculation about a possible war.

Lame duck presidents are not supposed to make risky moves like this once a new president has been elected.  On Thursday, we learned that U.S. troops have been permanently deployed to Poland for the very first time

American soldiers rolled into Poland on Thursday, fulfilling a dream some Poles have had since the fall of communism in 1989 to have U.S. troops on their soil as a deterrent against Russia.

Some people waved and held up American flags as U.S. troops in tanks and other vehicles crossed into southwestern Poland from Germany and headed toward the town of Zagan, where they will be based. Poland’s prime minister and defense minister will welcome them in an official ceremony Saturday.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. I am so glad Obama and his inept regime is leaving in a few days! This man is nothing other than an idiot trained in the use of community organizing, had his law license taken away for lying, was born in Kenya, owned by George Soros and the Globalists. What really should happen is he and his wife be put in prison for treason!

  2. “Why Is Obama Moving Troops Into Poland And Provoking A War With Russia Right Before The Inauguration?” aahh …he wants to be arrested for treason? and sedition? and election fraud? or shot by a firing squad consisting of military patriots?

    It demonstrates he is insanely narcissistic and psychotic.

    Now he is firing National Guard Major Gen Schwartz at 12:01 P.M. on January 20th, 2017. Trump can hire him at 12:01:01

    1. Turns out Schwartz is abandoning his post, leaving his troop in the middle of a mission just to make a political statement. Pathetic.

  3. “Why is Obama moving troops into Poland and provoking a war with Russia right before the inauguration?
    Ummmmmm…. because he is the same dumbass, anti constitution, America hating scumbag he has been since anyone ever heard of him for the first time…??
    Oops….!!!! He just happens to be half black….I guess I’m a racist for having an opinion.

  4. I have no doubt that Obama is moving troops to Poland for one reason and that is because he was ordered to. IMO, the day Trump assumes the presidency, he will be faced with an ultimatum. That ultimatum will be “You must yield to the desires of the global elite”. Is that just a little bit too harsh? Not in my view.
    Here is my assessment of NATO. I have revised it over the last few years and currently I can say without any possible wavering that NATO is the enforcer of the global agenda in Europe. The military of each EU nation works for their government which is a puppet government for the global elites. The Unites States is the tip of the spear for NATO. Their agenda is to destroy all opposition to the New World Order. Their aim is “center mass” on Russia on the European continent. While we focus on the inauguration, the globalists have been busy setting the stage for the ultimatum that will be presented to Trump as soon as he takes his seat in the Oval Office. This maneuver is quite obvious as revealed during the confirmation hearings, MSM reports, press statements, expulsion of Russian diplomats, etc. Navy Jack warned us concerning patriot complacency. At the center of that warning is vigilance concerning movement at the national and international level. I know that Stewart and Navy Jack are fully aware of this situation and will address it as soon as Trump assumes the Presidency. Let there be no doubt. We are at war. Right now the war is taking place within our own government. We have enemies both foreign and domestic. Trump won the election. Do you feel safe? I can guarantee you that what we have faced so far pales in comparison to the warfare we face in the immediate future.

    1. Why is our Congress so adamant about ensuring that the Trump administration declares Russia to be our number one threat? Why do they demand that the Trump administration declare that Russia has committed war crimes in Syria? Why do they stand with the Ukraine in their charging Russia with supporting terrorism at the UN World Court?
      The stage is being set for WWIII and Trump is being pressured to side with the globalists. Does this require our attention? I believe that facing the possibility of WWIII is about as serious as it can get. How sure am I that this is the agenda? About as sure as the turning of the Earth.

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