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New York Times Authority on ‘Fake News’: Aide to Disgraced Financier Jon Corzine

New York Times Authority on ‘Fake News’: Aide to Disgraced Financier Jon Corzine

“Fake News” and “The Swamp” together in one package. – Shorty Dawkins

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by Joel B. Pollak

The major “business” source for an op-ed published Sunday by the New York Times, encouraging advertisers to pull their support from Breitbart, is “Joshua Zeitz, vice president of corporate communications at the ad-tech company AppNexus.”

Zeitz is presented as a disinterested, authoritative voice within the advertising industry. In fact, he is a Democratic hack who left an academic career to work for former New Jersey governor Jon Corzine. He followed Corzine after his 2009 defeat to derivatives broker MF Global, where he served as chief of staff to the CEO during one of the worst financial scandals since the Great Recession.

During the time Zeitz worked for Corzine at MF Global, from 2010-2011, the company allegedly took money from customer accounts to cover its reserves after making bad bets. Some $1 billion in customer money was lost. Farmers and ranchers were particularly hard hit, as CNN described in 2011, because many used MF Global to arrange futures contracts to hedge against commodity price volatility. “MF Global’s demise has now put business on hold for many farmers who executed trades through the firm and have had their accounts frozen,” CNN noted.

The Times itself reported just last week that a federal judge approved a settlement between Corzine and federal regulators, according to which Corzine has agreed to pay a $5 million penalty and has agreed to accept “a lifetime prohibition from leading a futures broker or registering with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.”

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Shorty Dawkins