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Neo-Cons McCain and Graham Both Given Sunday Air Time

Neo-Cons McCain and Graham Both Given Sunday Air TimeNeo-Con Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain appeared on separate Sunday news interview shows. Lindsey Graham appeared on Face The Nation and John McCain appeared on ABC This Week. Both of them, quite naturally voiced concerns about Donald Trump, as both did everything they could to prevent Trump’s winning first the Republican nomination and then the General Election. Neither is a supporter of Trump. They both claim to be conservatives, but they are not. They are Neo-Cons, the same as George HW Bush and George W Bush. In other words, they are part of the swamp.

On Face The Nation Graham said: “I Don’t Know What America First Means”, which is understandable, since he doesn’t place America first. He has no belief in America First, and never has. He purposely alluded to the possibility that America First could mean isolationism, which to the Globalists and their Neo-Con wing is anathema. They can’t grasp that non-interventionism is not isolationism.

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McCain, on ABC This Week, said: “I Do Not Know’ If I Have Confidence In Trump”, which, again, is not surprising given his intense dislike of nearly everything Trump voiced during his campaign.

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That both men appeared, on the first Sunday after Trump’s inauguration, on Mainstream News (Fake News?) programs is not a matter of coincidence. The Mainstream Media continues to push the “illegitimacy” of Trump’s administration meme. McCain and Graham are two RHINOS who love to voice their opposition to Trump and his America First Agenda.

I wonder why anyone with an ounce of grey matter bothers to pay attention to the Mainstream Media, Graham or McCain.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. Doesn’t surprise me, Songbird McClain, and Lindsey the homo drunk, both are part of “The New World Order” More than likely they’ve probably been offered positions in the the NWO. I don’t trust either one of them. For this reason I don’t vote for incumbents.

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